Armenian Immigration Project
Abstracts of Primary Source Material for the Study of
Armenian Immigration to North America through 1930

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Destination Date (Port):      
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Passenger Name:               
Age:                           years  months
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Leaving Name:                  (nearest friend or relative in country whence alien came)
Leaving Relationship:         
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Leaving Location:             

Joining Name:                  (whether going to join a relative or friend)
Joining Relationship:         
Joining Immigrant ID:         LSVO-13JUN1908-3-1-0022 
Joining Location:             


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Ship Manifests

  P = Passenger
  L = Leaving - passenger is leaving him/her (nearest friend or relative in country whence alien came)
  J = Joining - passenger is joining him/her (whether going to join a relative or friend)

ActionName (Relationship)RolePassenger NameDestination Date (Port) / ShipBirth PlaceLast ResidenceJoining Location
 Varadian [Vahradian], Melkon (cousin)JVaradian [Vahradian], Katchadour1909-12-06 (New York) / La BretagnePalu, Diyarbekir, TurkeyPalu, Diyarbekir, Turkey86 Douglas Ave. / Providence, RI, USA