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Armenian Immigration to North America through 1930

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This query allows you to search by birth place to find deaths relating to Armenians in North America. Although many of the death certificates simply state Armenia, Turkey, or Russia as the birth place, sometimes they reveal the town or village of birth.

This database table currently represents just a few of the communities in North America where Armenian immigrants can be found. The records abstracted are those where the images of the death registers or the certificates themselves are available online. As more of these images become available, and as time permits, I will continue to expand the scope of this coverage. Volunteers are graciously providing assistance in transcribing records from other Armenian settlement communities.

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Entries found = 48

ActionDecedent NameSexDeath LocationDeath DateAge (Birth Date)Death Cause
Arapkir, Mamuretulaziz, Turkey
Boydjian [Boyajian], CharlesMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1936-01-2550y-2m-17d (b. 1886-11-20)unknown natural causes, collapsed and died
Siraganian, Hovannes M.MSpringfield, Hampden Co., MA, USA1914-10-09(b. 1870)pulmonary tuberculosis
Charsanjak (Peri), Mamuretulaziz, Turkey
Booloodian [Bouloudian], JohnMEolia, Pike Co., MO, USA1950-12-0667y (b. 1883-10)coronary occlusion
Chemishgezek, Mamuretulaziz, Turkey
Bestegian [Bezdigian], TervandaFHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA1925-12-0627y-7m-14d (b. 1898-04-25)pulmonary tuberculosis
Deranian [Diranian], AnnigFHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA1928-12-3127y-2m-3d (b. 1901-10-26)cardio renal
Egin, Mamuretulaziz, Turkey
Arakelian, NishanMHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA1922-02-2736y-3m-12d (b. 1885-11-15)acute alcoholism
Izmirlian, PepronFSt. Louis, St. Louis (city) Co., MO, USA1939-10-2441y cerebral embolism (due to: rheumatic heart disease with mitral stenosis & inefficic.)
Harput, Mamuretulaziz, Turkey
Elloian [Aloian], JosephMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1944-01-1553y-7m-5d (b. 1890-06-10)probable arteriosclorotic heart disease, with acute cardiac failure
Arakelian, TavrigFDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1926-10-0978y appoplexy [apoplexy]
Arzoomanian [Arzoumanian], JakeMHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA1924-02-2849y lobar pneumonia
Arzoomanian [Arzoumanian], Ruth M.FHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA1921-08-0737y (b. 1884)chronic nephritis with dropsy (contributory: valvular heart disease)
Aznavoorian [Aznavorian], GoultaniaFDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1929-09-2861y bilateral lobar pneumonia (contributory: cold)
Chavoor [Chevourian], GeorgeMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1926-12-0468y-3m-24d (b. 1858-08-10)chronic myocarditis
Tanealian [Danielian], GarabedMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1922-09-0958y mitral regurgitation (contributory: rheumatism)
Derderian, CharlesMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1924-04-1415y-9m-7d (b. 1908-07-07)hemorrhage of rectum
Gagoian [Gagoyan], AvadosMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1922-04-1833y cruel injuries to pelvis due to falling off auto truck
Keljik [Geljikian], RichardMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1935-03-0854y-10m-4d (b. 1880-05-04)coronary arteriosclerosis with myocardial fibrosis, coronary thrombosis, cardiac failure
Eskander [Iskenderian], MaryFSpringfield, Hampden Co., MA, USA1913-02-1540y (b. 1873)entero colitis (contributory: tape worm)
Jaffarian [Jafarian], William BedraMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1923-10-1465y (b. 1858)aortic regurgitation (contributory: chronic myocarditis)
Kayarian, KrekorMSt. Louis, St. Louis (city) Co., MO, USA1960-02-0677y (b. 1882-04-12)arteriosclerotic heart disease, myocardial degeneration
De Krekorian [Krikorian], Andre K.MSt. Louis, St. Louis (city) Co., MO, USA1931-01-0669y-3m-18d (b. 1861-09-24)arteriosclerosis and chronic nephritis
Nahikian [Nahigian], Margaret M.FDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1919-01-1457y-2m-22d (b. 1861-10-22)asthenia following chronic nephritis (contributory: terminal pneu[monia])
Narsigian [Norsigian], NazarMWorcester, Worcester Co., MA, USA1900-04-0936y acute bronchitis, hypertrophy of the liver
Sahagian, KhzarMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1920-05-1948y lobar pneumonia
Samourian, Abraham SamuelMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1933-10-2451y-8m-18d (b. 1882-02-06)natural cause, type unknown (cardiac case), sudden death, history of previous attack
Zaratzian [Sarajian], MadelineFHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA1925-08-1823y puerperal sepsis (contributory: dystacea of fetus)
Sarkissian [Sarkisian], KhachadourMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1926-11-0949y-6m-19d (b. 1877-05-10)lobar pneumonia
Sarkisian, MoulkihanFCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1936-08-1256y internal injuries, auto and street car accident (contributory: violence and shock)
Serabian, JosephMPhiladelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, USA1925-06-0537y (b. 1888-08)electrocution from a shock rec'd from a grinding machine at the American Motor Co. (1800 W. Lehigh Ave.), where he was employed
Tashijian [Tashjian], JakeMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1921-08-0656y intestinal obstruction, acute toxemia (contributory: cholecystitis, chronic)
Malatia, Mamuretulaziz, Turkey
Arpajian [Arabajian], RaphaelMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1943-06-2975y-5m (b. 1868-01)probable arteriosclorotic heart disease, with acute cardiac failure
Asadorian [Asadourian], StephenMSt. Louis, St. Louis (city) Co., MO, USA1961-08-0465y (b. 1896-01-16)bronchopneumonia due to pulmonary fibrosis
Bagdasarian [Baghdasarian], GabrielMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1943-11-1064y-3m-20d (b. 1879-07-20)carcinoma of the rectum
Buluckian [Baloukian], HachigME. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1941-10-2261y-8m-8d (b. 1880-02-14)coronary arteriosclerosis, therosclerotic h[ear]t disease, cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation, generalized arteriosclerosis
Dadaian [Dedeian], HarutuneMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1932-07-1841y-3m-3d (b. 1891-04-15)ulcer of stomach, operation-resection of pyloric end of stomach with end to side gastroenterostomy (contributory: bronchopneumonia)
Eminian, SarkisMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1925-03-2558y acute myocarditis (contributory: inflamation of the gall bladder and gall stones)
Kananian [Kanamian], MaryFCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1939-01-1737y-11m-23d (b. 1901-12-25)cerebro-vascular hemorrhage, hypertensive and arteriosclerosis, heart disease, generalized arterial and arteriolar sclerosis
Karoglanian [Karaoglanian], HarryMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1922-12-2240y (b. 1882)found in rear of 7541 Broadway unconscious, fracture [?] temporal and loss of skull locuatra[?] brain (contributory: hemorrhage, brain shock)
Kashishian [Keshishian], TurvanFCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1943-08-0352y probable hypertensive heart disease with acute failure
Hantzian [Khandjian], NapoleonMFlorissant, St. Louis Co., MO, USA1956-05-0679y (b. 1877-04-12)myocardial infarction due to arteriosclerotic heart disease
Kodjabash [Kojabashian], SarkisMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1931-10-0844y (b. 1887)carcinoma of throat, unable to state primary location
Mardigian, SamMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1942-11-2449y-4m-6d (b. 1893-07-18)arterial and arteriolar nephrosclerosis with hypertension & myocardial insufficiency, uremia, nephrosclerotic in origin (contributory: malnutrition)
Melkisetekian [Melkesetian], ElizabethFCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1943-08-0864y-11m-23d (b. 1878-08-15)hypertensive cardiovascu[lar] heart disease (contriutory: uremia)
Odean [Odian], JohnMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1943-05-1058y (b. 1885)lobar pneumonia
De Pilibosian [Pilibosian], SetrakMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1921-07-1637y general peritonitis following rupture[d] ulcer, small intestine, 5 feet from stomach
Sesian [Sislian], PeterMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1926-07-2915y-1m-14d (b. )streptococcus meningitis, septicemia, cause unknown
Tootalian [Toutalian], ElmasFCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1930-09-1740y-10m-2d (b. 1889-11-15)lobar pneumonia (contributory: malarial splenomegaly)
Yranian [Yeramian], ApkarMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1944-07-1149y-4m-21d (b. 1895-02-20)unknown, natural causes

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