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Armenian Immigration to North America through 1930

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This page allows you to search by death place to find deaths relating to Armenians in North America.

This database table currently represents just a few of the communities in North America where Armenian immigrants can be found. The records abstracted are those where the images of the death registers or the certificates themselves are available online. As more of these images become available, and as time permits, I will continue to expand the scope of this coverage. Volunteers are graciously providing assistance in transcribing records from other Armenian settlement communities.

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ActionDeath PlaceDecedent NameSexDeath DateAge (Birth Date)Death Cause
Duncan, Cowichan Valley Co., BC, Canada
King's Daughters HospitalArslin [Arslanian], ArmanM1924-08-0430y abscess of brain, gangrene of lung (contributory: blow on head, concussion, aspiration of blood into lung, 55 days previously)
Brantford, Brant Co., ON, Canada
Brantford General HospitalAloian, George1917-03-1625y tuberculosis of lungs
Brantford General HospitalApigian, HarryM1919-10-2840y pneumonia following anesthesia for operation
Brantford General HospitalArakelian, CorenM1912-12-0725y tuberculosis
Brantford General HospitalAvedisian, MalkonianM1924-11-0845y new growth in cheek probably cancer (contributory: asthmatis condition)
154 Market St.Baghdasarian, ParseghM1932-02-1678y broncho pneumonia
40 Chatham St.Bazarian [Bisharian], TatosM1926-01-18still born
Brantford General HospitalBazoian [Bozoian], M1930-09-28(b. 1930-09-28)stillborn - from prolapsus . . . difficult birth
Brantford General HospitalBozorian [Bozoian], M1917-09-30(b. 1917-09-30)premature birth
Brantford General HospitalBozoian, JeanF1937-10-085d (b. 1937-10-04)premature (contributory: congenital heart)
Brantford General HospitalBazoian [Bozoian], SaltanF1936-06-2335y (b. 1901-11-05)cerebral embolus due to chr[onic] cholelithiasis
Brant SanatoriumChavdarian [Chavderian], SusieF1927-07-1019y pulmonary tuberculosis
Brant SanatoriumTavatian [Davidian], HachyM1927-09-0748y tuberculosis intestinal (contributory: pulmonary)
40 Chatham St.Dapegian [Depigian], ArtinM1916-08-2675y natural causes
Brantford General HospitalTopikian [Depigian], SamuelM1935-05-021y-6m-2d broncho pneumonia (contributory: rummination)
Brantford General HospitalDardarian [Derderian], F1923-06-06still born, failed to resusitate
Brantford General HospitalDerderian, ArshagoolF1921-05-1540y cancer of uterus
139 Darling St.Dardarian [Derderian], KazarM1936-11-1552y myocarditis (contributory: hepatitis and arterosclerosis)
Brantford General HospitalDerderian, OhannesM1933-05-1849y proliferative lobar pneumonia myocardial failure (contributory: pyloric obstruction)
Brantford General HospitalDardarian [Derderian], PeterM1920-12-2814y exhaustion from haemorrhage (contributory: symphatic leucaema)
Brantford General HospitalDerdarian [Derderian], TahookyF1928-01-2842y inanition (contributory: general carcinomatosis, cancer of lung)
Brant SanatoriumGarabadarian [Garabedian], MarianF1920-10-0935y pulmonary tuberculosis
Brant SanatoriumGavelian, JohnM1928-05-2840y pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: duoclevial ulcer)
Buck's Stove WorksKaladian [Geladian], ArakelM1912-07-1055y fracture of spine
240 Park Ave. Gollydian [Geladian], SaliyaF1918-08-162y instestinal infection
Brantford General HospitalGirgossian [Giragosian], AlexanderM1922-12-1060y parenchymatous nephritis
156 George StGoankolian, JohnM1928-03-0667y abscess of liver
238 Park Ave.Gaskarian [Goshgarian], AdamM1916-11-1514m severe burns
Brantford General HospitalGashgarian [Goshgarian], DavidM1937-07-2146y (b. 1891-05-05)cirrhosis of lung biliary type
Brant Ave. HospitalGashgarian [Goshgarian], PasligF1918-10-1329y influenza
Brantford General HospitalHagopian, NeshonM1918-10-1450y influenza
169 Darling St.Hagopian, NickM1916-08-1245y tuberculosis
Brant SanatoriumHakstian [Haktzian], RobertM1933-04-2135y (b. 1896-06-15)pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: myocardial failure)
Brantford General HospitalHampartzoomian [Hampartsoumian], M1918-05-0121y pneumonia
44 Nelson St.Hampartzoomian [Hampartsoumian], OvakM1908-05-1718y tuberculosis
Brantford General HospitalHampozian [Hampartzian], M1931-12-02(b. 1931-12-02)stillborn-cause probably from fall of fifteen feet the mother had
Emergency HospitalJarayian [Jarayan], 1918-10-28premature birth
Emergency HospitalJarayian [Jarayan], NartoukF1918-10-2728y influenza
Brantford General HospitalKalegian [Kalajian], ArmanooheF1918-03-1326y pneumonia
154½ Market St.Kalagian [Kalajian], EvevantM1913-04-152m marasmus (contributory: exhaustion)
Brantford General HospitalKelegian [Kalajian], Geo.M1935-02-2057y-4m-14d (b. 1877-10-06)carcinoma of bladder, general carcinomatoses
Brantford General HospitalKaloostian [Kaloustian], CharlesM1933-10-2573y cancer of liver
Emergency HospitalKaragavoorian [Karagiavourian], BachigM1918-10-2436y pneumonia (contributory: influzena)
115½ Colborne St.Kazanjian, AgnesF1915-03-1135y pulm. tuberculosis
42 Chatham St. Kiganian [Kekinian], JohnM1916-11-1750y cancer of stomach
Brantford General HospitalKishian [Keshishian], DickM1936-02-1941y (b. 1895)chronic nephritis (contributory: taxsomia, cancer of spine)
Brantford General HospitalKishishian [Keshishian], HamparztM1929-09-1551y pleuro pneumonia
254 Murray St.Katchadoorian [Khachadourian], F1912-11-06(b. 1912-11-06)still birth
254 Murray St.Katchadoorian [Khachadourian], M1915-11-10(b. 1915-11-10)still birth
254 Murray St.Katchadoorian [Khachadourian], SeranooshF1915-11-1026y confinement, post partum haemorrhage
Brantford General HospitalHachigian [Khachigian], HarryM1927-10-2657y (b. )cerebral hemorrhage right hemiplage (contributory: asthenia)
148 Darling St.Glovonian [Klavanian], MirhanM1918-10-1328y pneumonia (contributory: influzena)
Brantford General HospitalKorkigian, KaminieF1913-12-2538y spinal trouble (immediate cause of death: exhaustion)
Brantford General HospitalKarkigian [Korkigian], MamprlM1918-10-0835y pneumonia
Brantford General HospitalKarkorian [Krikorian], HarryM1932-07-2032y uritiral calculus (contributory: post-operative pnuemonia)
Brantford General HospitalKirkarian [Krikorian], VergieF1923-08-239m acute intestinal intoxication
Brantford General HospitalMnoian [Manoian], Morgan SirupianM1933-04-173m-10d (b. 1933-01-07)lobar pneumonia
128 Alfred St.Manogian [Manougian], KeeporM1908-06-2137y drowned, accident
154½ Market St.Manoojian [Manougian], MartinM1914-11-0310d cholera infantum
Brantford General HospitalManongian [Manougian], OhanesM1917-03-1150y emphysema and bronchitis
Brantford General HospitalDer Manuelian [Manuelian], MisakM1927-11-0554y (b. )chronic myocarditis
Brantford General HospitalMardirosian, BosiaF1933-07-0675y myocarditis (contributory: broncho pneumonia)
Brantford General HospitalMaledocian [Melidosian], AndrewM1923-01-27pneumonia (lobar)
Emergency HospitalMainsian [Minasian], HagabedsM1918-10-1962y pneumonia
Brant SanatoriumMooradian [Mouradian], GarbedM1937-11-2966y pulmonary tuberculosis
Brantford General HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], HarryM1918-05-063d meningitis
Brantford General HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], HarryM1920-03-3138y nephritis (contributory: emphysema)
Brantford General HospitalMuradian [Mouradian], JohnM1918-05-0250y pneumonia
184 Dalhousie St.Mooradian [Mouradian], PeterM1930-02-2170y angina pectoris
Brantford General HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], SarkisM1928-02-2211m-19d broncho pneumonia (contributory: rickets, secondary anemia)
Brantford General HospitalNazarian [Najarian], ApalM1919-05-0426y heart failure
128 Alfred St.Nazarian [Najarian], KrikorM1909-07-1827y heat apoplexy
Brantford General HospitalNaresasian [Nersesian], ArchieM1931-12-2624y internal hemorrhage due to auto accident, fracture of ribs (contributory: hemopneumothorax)
40 Chatham St.Nubarian [Noubarian], CaprielM1904-02-1445y abcess on brain
154 Market St.Ohomesion [Ohannesian], ArtinM1920-08-2065y myocarditis (contributory: heart failure)
122 Darling St.Avgajian [Ovgasian], HayrarM1913-09-304m colitis
General HospitalOvegian [Ovigian], IvanF1927-04-0631y cancer of cervix of uterus
152 George St.Papazian, DickranM1923-02-0448y tuberculosis (contributory: pulmonary haemorrhage)
Brantford General HospitalPaposian [Papazian], DorisF1924-06-202y tubercular meningitis
152 George St.Papagian [Papazian], NazeniM1921-02-133m broncho pneumonia
182 Dalhousie St.Possigion [Parseghian], T.F1915-01-2323d marasmus
184 Dalhousie St.Polligian [Piligian], M1920-02-02(b. 1920-02-02)premature birth-stillborn
Paris St.Prian, M1904-12-13
Brantford General HospitalSarkisian, CharlesM1916-03-3130y pneumonia (immediate cause of death: heart failing)
Brantford General HospitalSarkisian, HarabedM1932-03-2766y pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: laryngical T.B.)
Brantford General HospitalSarkisian, MaryF1926-04-2226y arthritis (contributory: heart failure)
Brantford General HospitalSafarion [Seferian], EsterF1914-07-0465y spinal disease
13 Sheridan St.Saverion [Seferian], LoosikF1912-04-1128y shock-following operation
Brantford General HospitalSefarian [Seferian], SonaF1933-01-0252y oedema following heart failure (contributory: hypertension)
Brantford General HospitalSarabian [Serabian], HazigF1923-11-1238y tubercular meningitis
Brantford General HospitalSarabian [Serabian], SarapM1935-02-0866y pneumonitis following operation for carcinoma of the stomach
155 Darling St.Siroonian [Sirounian], ShnorigF1930-10-252m-9d intestinal infection (contributory: diarrehea)
Brantford General HospitalSiroonian [Sirounian], SiraganM1935-02-2048y cirrhosis of liver (contributory: hemorrage from stomach)
Brant SanatoriumTerinian [Teranian], ApkarM1915-05-0930y pulmonary tuberculosis
Brantford General HospitalTorosian, MinasM1913-01-2426y cancer of bowels
Brantford General HospitalVallian [Valian], C. SamM1922-08-0548y tuberculosis of kidneys
Brantford General HospitalValian, StellaF1928-07-0125y (b. )internal hemmorhage (contributory: etopic)
Darling St.Varoian, GarabedM1908-07-0435y heart dieseas
30 Buffalo St.Vartanian, AnnieF1933-06-2961y acute nephritis (contributory: hypertrophy [of] heart & valvular disease)
Brantford General HospitalEgoian [Yeghiaian], PaulM1936-04-1178y cerebral embollism (contributory: chronic bronchitic asthma and silicosis)
148 Darling St.Egoian [Yeghiaian], PeterM1922-04-2545y murdered
Brantford Twp., Brant Co., ON, Canada
Home of Aged & InfirmAslanian [Arslanian], AvedisM1928-07-2975y (b. 1853)bronchial asthma
Tuscarora Twp., Brant Co., ON, Canada
Balian, SahagM1925-10-1142y angina pectoris
Essex Co., ON, Canada
Detroit RiverGodoshian, HaizewartF1923-10-1416y accidental drowning
Windsor, Essex Co., ON, Canada
Agajeenian [Aghajanian], Theodore WindsorM1936-11-073d (b. 1936-11-04)congenital atresia of esophagus at middle third
Grace HospitalChichegian [Chachejian], JohnM1938-03-2873y myocarditis with acute dilatation due to asthma
Grantham Twp., Lincoln Co., ON, Canada
Asodoarian [Asadourian], ArtinM1923-05-141m (b. 1923-04-14)asphyxia, smothered lying in bed between parents
Bagdasarian [Baghdasarian], JerairM1923-03-041y-2m-19d (b. 1921-12-13)broncho pneumonia (contributory: heart failure)
Boyajian, GeorgeM1929-07-2440y suicide by firearms
Dardarian [Derderian], MakroyF1929-07-0232y (b. 1897)Intestinal obstruction (contributory: Pott's disease of spine)
Donogian [Donigian], NirsisM1915-12-0331y burned to death
Esralian [Israelian], M1931-08-09(b. 1931-08-08)malnutrition and atelectasis
Niagara Peninsula SanatoriumKalaian [Kaloian], ZelrgF1931-12-3124y-1m-2d (b. 1907-11-02)pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: tuberculosis of spine)
Kevorkian, JackM1934-10-054y (b. 1930)drowning - accidental (contributory: fall from bridge)
Kurdarian [Khederian], PirantsianF1923-06-3010m (b. 1922-12-17)pneumonia
Mogarian [Magarian], M1924-05-19(b. 1924-05-19)still born
Mooradian [Mouradian], ChackieF1915-12-1525m bronchitis
Mouradian, MaradM1923-01-1065y pleurisy, angina pectoris
Foroisan [Torosian], F1915-10-07still born
St. Catharines, Lincoln Co., ON, Canada
General HospitalAloian, BogosM1930-02-2840y general peritonitis following attack of appendicitis (contributory: delay in calling assistance)
43½ Carlton St.Andonian, M1936-09-25(b. 1936-09-25)long & difficult delivery, contracted pelvis of mother
Anigian [Annigian], BedrosM1919-05-2235y haemorrhage . . . right lung partly due to bullet wound & subsequent congestion of opposite lung
Aslanian [Arslanian], AramM1913-06-2932y accidental[l]y drowned
General HospitalArtennian [Artinian], DavidM1928-08-0546y fracture of skull and right leg - crush[ed] by motor car (contributory: septic pneumonia)
General HospitalArtenian [Artinian], HomayagF1931-12-211m-3d (b. 1931-11-16)otitis media, diarrhea & enteritis
General HospitalArtinian, SetragM1929-11-2636y (b. 1893)myocardial failure, general paralysis of the insane
General HospitalAvakian, F1926-09-20(b. 1926-09-20)contracted pelvis causing protracted delivery, still born
34 Carlton St.Avakian, M1930-10-22(b. 1930-10-22)difficult position, long delivery, stillborn
257 Ontario St.Avidosian [Avedisian], AristokisM1936-10-1647y-7m-1d (b. 1889-03-15)probably cerebral hemorrhage
General HospitalBedrosian, MardigM1932-05-1340y (b. 1892-08-28)fall on sidewalk, fracture base of skull
Ontario St.Bohagian [Boghigian], ArchieM1911-12-0528y accidentally crushed by freight cars of N. H. & T. Ry.
Boyajian, ArdeshasF1915-01-151m atrophy
General HospitalBozoian, PaulM1930-10-0127d (b. 1930-09-04)diarrhea and enteritis
Chichakian, M1918-01-2010d (b. 1918-01-06)premature birth
255 Ontario StChickakian [Chichakian], M1924-11-192d (b. 1924-11-17)premature birth
General HospitalDardarian [Derderian], F1924-01-19(b. 1924-01-19)still born
Carlton St.Dardarian [Derderian], GeorgeM1936-06-1576y sudden death due to myocarditis
General HospitalHaktsian [Haktzian], SooltanF1932-08-0442y (b. 1889)acute cardiac dilatation (contributory: port operative choleaplectomy and appendectomy)
2 Carlton St.Hoosepian [Hovsepian], ManasM1929-04-2365y chronic bronchitis and asthma
General HospitalHoosapian [Hovsepian], NectarF1933-02-2841y-9m-21d (b. 1891-05-07)uraemia (contributory: chronic nephritis)
1 Margery Ave.Esraelian [Israelian], M1937-09-16(b. 1937-09-16)born dead (still born)
Ontario St.Israilian [Israelian], DickranM1925-03-275m-14d (b. 1924-10-13)acute indigestion
General HospitalKaldustian [Kaloustian], KhatchadourM1931-06-2360y (b. 1871)chronic myocarditis (contributory: arteriosclerosis)
General HospitalKrekorian [Krikorian], SalveyaF1933-07-1410m-23d (b. 1932-09-21)bronco pneumonia
Welland Ave.Magarian, KhoranM1933-02-1542y-3m-8d (b. 1890-11-02)suicide by cutting throat with razor
Consumptive SanitariumMagarian, MargueriteF1929-06-0834y-5m-25d (b. 1895-12-12)pulmonary tuberculosis
Wellandra HospitalMenoian [Manoian], GeorgeM1923-05-1642y tuberculosis
General HospitalMenorian [Manoian], Hockiefe [?]M1913-04-0425y accident
Maneralian [Manuelian], HarbetiounM1906-08-2523y drowned
General HospitalMatoian, M1927-06-03(b. 1927-06-03)still born
220 Ontario StMalconian [Melkonian], GualvartM1921-10-1730m (b. 1921-09-17)intestinal indigestion (contributory: exhaustion)
General HospitalMelkonian, VerageM1928-11-201y (b. 1927-10-27)septic plurea-pneumonia
General HospitalMerakian [Mirakian], HuosapM1925-05-092m-20d (b. 1925-02-19)malnutrition (twin & never developed like the other) (contributory: bronchitis)
General HospitalMerakian [Mirakian], MekalenM1929-09-244y-7m-5d (b. 1925-02-19)abcess of lung (duration 2 yrs., operation preceded death)
5 Welland Ave.Mooradian [Mouradian], M1922-02-28(b. 1922-02-28)stillborn
General HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], DifrifF1934-08-3063y-4m (b. 1871-04)lobar pneumonia (contributory: had anesthetic for tonsillectomy 4 days before)
General HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], KaramM1937-05-1935y-10m-9d (b. 1901-07-10)pulmonary embolism due to chronic endocarditis & rheumatism
General HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], PeprigF1922-06-2420y (b. 1902)local peritonitis (contributory: abscess)
General HospitalMouradian, SidneyM1928-05-1346y-8m-28d (b. 1881-01-14)broncho pneumonia
General HospitalNazarian [Najarian], GeorgeM1935-04-0342y-1m-16d (b. 1893-02-18)lobar pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
General HospitalOvigian, GarabedM1924-11-2270y double pneumonia
Wellandra HospitalParoian [Paroyan], SolomonM1923-03-0137y-11m-14d (b. 1885-03-15)septic pneumonia
General HospitalParsigian [Parseghian], ArakelM1920-02-2955y carcinoma of stomach (contributory: toxemia)
General HospitalSankemian, DepanM1927-08-28(b. 1927-08-28)still born
Saskerian, HamigM1916-05-2125y pneumonia
General HospitalSarofarian [Seferian], Margaret AliceF1929-07-1224y suicide (veronal posioning)
Ontario St.Tarpinian, ArakelM1912-07-1535y killed by some person unknown (a clear case of murder and murderer not found, yet all Armenians in the house)
Torasian [Torosian], M1916-12-11stillborn
General HospitalTorosian, AlamkesF1932-01-012y-5d (b. 1929-12-27)meningitis
5 Welland Ave.Varchabedian [Varjabedian], MarianF1928-06-0262y (b. 1866)chronic myocarditis
Nipissing Twp., Parry Sound Co., ON, Canada
Bazigian [Bozigian], Phyliss EileenF1910-11-088m-2d (b. 1930-03-06)diarrhea
Galt, Waterloo Co., ON, Canada
Galt HospitalAntraasian [Andreasian], MarderosM1914-02-0245y pneumonia
Galt HospitalAsadoorian [Asadourian], MarderosM1930-02-1972y pneumonia
Asadoorian [Asadourian], MathewM1930-10-074m (b. 1930-06-04)intestinal influenza (contributory: diarrhea)
Galt HospitalAvedisian, VahanM1917-11-111y-3m-15d septic meningitis
163 Francis St.Hachikian [Khachigian], MedzigM1931-08-1056y (b. 1875)cancer of liver
Galt HospitalSahagian, AbrahamM1943-10-1775y (b. 1858)myocardial degeneration due to arterio sclerosis
Galt HospitalShahagian [Sahagian], Harry SetragM1909-08-174m-6d (b. 1909-04-12)acute Bright's with cholera infantum
Sahagean [Sahagian], SetragM1911-02-0735y tuberculosis of lungs, heart failure
Guelph, Wellington Co., ON, Canada
440 York Rd.Jaraian [Jarayan], HarryM1937-09-2747y (b. 1890)coronary thrombosis
Ancaster, Wentworth Co., ON, Canada
Hamilton Mountain SanatoriumOnegian [Annigian], EsrealM1919-03-0833y pulmonary tuberculosis
Hamilton Mountain SanatoriumDerdirian [Derderian], AnnaF1924-05-1420y (b. 1904)pulmonary tuberculosis
Hamilton Mountain SanatoriumHoranesian [Hovhannesian], JohnM1919-09-1935y pulmonary tuberculosis
Hamilton Mountain SanatoriumMooradian [Mouradian], GeorgeM1934-03-1622y-6d (b. 1910-03-10)intestinal tuberculosis
Scropian [Serabian], SakogM1927-04-2847y pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: tuberculosis laryngitis)
Barton Twp., Wentworth Co., ON, Canada
Ontario HospitalHaktzian, MargaretF1934-01-0365y (b. 1865-09)general paralysis of the insane
St. Peter's InfirmaryKorkoian, DickranM1932-10-2045y-2m-5d (b. 1887-08-15)hypostatic pneumonia (contributory: disseminated sclerosis)
Ontario HospitalKopalian [Kupelian], CharlesM1926-08-1252y (b. 1874)cerebral hemorrhage (contributory: Huntington's chorea)
Ontario HospitalMonoigian [Manougian], PaulM1927-06-1348y (b. 1879)exhaustion of general paresisis
Ontario HospitalMarkissian [Margosian], JamesM1922-10-1840y (b. 1840)general paralysis of the insane (contributory: syphilis)
General HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], ArnoldM1931-08-245m (b. 1931-03-28)encephalitis
General HospitalSohigian [Soghigian], AderineF1931-05-05(b. 1931-05-04)premature birth 6½ months
Beverly Twp., Wentworth Co., ON, Canada
Hoshoian, SydneyM1935-09-2248y-5m (b. 1887-04-06)coronary thrombosis due to acute indigestion
Dundas, Wentworth Co., ON, Canada
Hamilton HospitalEkmesian [Ekmekjian], MaryF1914-05-2631y tuberculosis of lungs
Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON, Canada
47½ Earl StreetEloian [Aloian], M1926-09-17(b. 1926-09-17)stillborn difficult labor
Arakelian, MargaretF1907-07-259y meningitis
General HospitalHaroian [Aroyan], CharlesM1926-03-2969y (b. 1856)influenza (contributory: pneumonia)
General HospitalBogosian [Boghosian], HarryM1932-09-0353y cerebral hemorrhage
City HospitalBoghosian, MyrditchM1911-10-1725y pneumonia
City HospitalBozoian, HarryM1914-01-1547y intestinal obstruction
Ontario HospitalDevitian [Davidian], GeorgeM1916-02-0722y exhaution of dementia praecox
City HospitalDonvian, MooshehM1916-10-1030y tuberculosis involving hip & pelvis (immediate cause of death: heart failure)
Erytoschian, Artine1913-08-12stillborn
63 Princess St.Goshgarian, M1913-05-02stillborn premature birth
City HospitalGoshgarian, AndyM1917-08-0413m rickets (immediate: acidosis)
General HospitalHarotonian [Haroutiunian], ParavonM1925-12-0835y (b. 1890)double lobar pnuemonia
City HospitalKalagian [Kalajian], AramM1917-04-2235y pulmonary tuberculosis pulmonary hemorrhage and heart failure
230 Gibson Ave.Kaloostian [Kaloustian], NevartF1927-04-123m (b. 1927-01-17)gastroenteritis (contributory: bronco pneumonia)
Hachikian [Khachigian], Sylvia1950-08-04carcinoma of stomach, secondaries: liver, lymph nodes, pancreas
57 Princess St.Korkoian, F1915-06-03premature birth
43 Princess St.Korkoian, HerantM1913-12-23cholera infant
City HospitalManoukian [Manougian], JamesM1912-06-2327y (b. 1884)tubercular lung and ankle
City HospitalMardian [Mardoian], GeorgeM1915-03-3127y tuberculosis and myocarditis
Mooradian [Mouradian], ChristinaF1929-05-03(b. 1929-05-03)
City HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], MesropM1909-04-0445y p[ulmonary] tuberculosis
233 Gibson Ave.Mooradian [Mouradian], SokomaF1923-08-2143y carcinoma of the cervix (uterus)
145 Princess St.Mossoian [Moushoian], ArthurM1909-12-158m-15d (b. 1909-04-01)pneumonia, heart failure due to disease
General HospitalManooishian [Munushian], BaroonagM1925-10-1435y (b. 1890)Intestinal obstruction due to strangulated hernia
51 Ruth St.Natian, HiramM1920-08-121y-4m-1d (b. 1919-04-07)dysentery
General HospitalOhanisian [Ohannesian], AsadourM1929-04-1445y lobar pneumonia
City HospitalPapertzian, AliceF1922-08-267m (b. 1922-06-23)cholera infantum (contributory: thrush and pneumonia)
Proian [Paroyan], PeterM1923-04-1927y (b. 1896)tuberculosis
City HospitalSaganian, MosesM1916-04-1335y tuberculosis (immediate cause of death: heart failure and asphyxia)
St. Joseph's HospitalSafarian [Seferian], MakarM1917-05-1040y pulmonary tuberculosis
General HosptialSafarian [Seferian], SybilF1932-03-2825y-18d (b. 1907-03-10)hemorrhage from ruptured ectopic pregnancy
59 Earl St.Simigian, MenasM1938-09-2158y-1m-5d (b. 1880-08-16)coronary thrombosis
City HospitalSimonian, PercyM1918-05-2032y tuberculosis (contributory: meningitis)
640 Barton St. E.Stephanian [Stepanian], M1919-05-15difficult labor (contributory: injuries in labor)
General HospitalStephanian [Stepanian], AghaganM1925-07-1229y (b. 1896-07)general peritonitis following operation for gastric ulcer
General HospitalStepanian, MargaretF1925-06-141d (b. 1926-06-13)birth injuries
General HospitalTatoian, StanleyM1922-10-127m (b. 1922-03-04)acute intestitinal intoxication with acidosis (contributory: broncho pneumonia)
City HospitalTorosian, GarigionM1913-06-1440y injured spine & fracturing ribs (contributory: pneumonia)
City HospitalTosohian [Tosoian], HarryM1915-02-2140y carcinoma of testicle (contributory: asthenia)
City HospitalTosoian, HumpreyM1920-01-0829y (b. 1891-07)pneumonia
246 Gibson Ave.Tosoion [Tosoian], MartinM1918-11-1247y tuberculosis
General HospitalOsgerchian [Vosgerichian], LucyF1927-10-0918y (b. 1908-11-23)eclampsia (contributory: pregnancy)
City HospitalApromian [Yepremian], KirkorM1910-05-2345y (b. 1865)disease of stomach, pneumonia
City HospitalAramian [Yeramian], AdamM1918-10-039m acute bronchial condition, intestinal diarrhea
51 Ruth St.Aremian [Yeramian], YasgiaF1919-10-197m loss of heart compensation, acute bronchitis
City HospitalZodorion [Zadourian], GiragosM1913-02-1032y pnuemonia (immediate: heart failure)
City HospitalZadurian [Zadourian], JoeM1921-10-113m (b. 1921-07-03)infectious diarrhoea (contributory: marasmus)
Saltfleet Twp., Wentworth Co., ON, Canada
Barton St.Hagopian, AsleF1937-03-0560y-1m-23d (b. 1877-01-10)an apparent acute cardiac attack . . . found dead in bed
Toronto, York Co., ON, Canada
100 Amelia St.Kouyoumdjian [Kouyoumjian], AnnaF1937-03-0454y (b. 1882-03-09)static pneumonia due to senile dementia
York Twp., York Co., ON, Canada
Toronto Hospital for ConsumptivesAsadourian, AvedisM1932-05-05(b. 1914)pulmonary tuberculosis
Fresno, Fresno Co., CA, USA
Abrahamian, RosaF1902-06-048m intestinal congestion
Alipounosian [Alipounarian], GarabedM1901-08-1155y consumption
Alchuojian [Altgidjian], H.M1902-01-1060y chronic gastritis
Harootian [Aroutian], AnnaF1902-06-153m cholera infantum
Lion [Arslanian], Albert KingM1902-11-013m capillary bronchitis
Babasinian, ElizabethF1899-07-2080y old age
Barsamian, Millisen G.F1900-05-161m-15d nat[ural] causes
Bassian [Bashian], Jno.M1901-04-1864y nat[ural] causes
Boborian [?] [Bebirian], H.M1901-08-1345y tuberculosis
Paterian [Bedrosian], CharlesM1901-07-1928y typhoid fever
Benglian, Virginia J.F1897-03-126y-10m-6d diphtheria
Dervishian, M.M1900-07-0923y pul[monary] tuberculosis
Aminnian [?] [Eminian], F1901-11-28premature birth
Gechanshahyan [?] [Geehanshahian [?]], GeorgeM1890-10-2780y old age
Karagosian [Giragosian], GarabedM1902-12-2934y pulmonary tuberculosis
Yogobian [Hagopian], SimonM1902-12-3027y consumption
Harootunian [Haroutiunian], KurekianM1900-08-2820y crushed in packing house elevator
Joseph [Hovsepian], MaryF1890-03-1119y-1m-8d consumption
Kaprelian [Kaprielian], MinasM1903-01-2146y tuberculosis
Kazangian [Kazanjian], QueenF1902-07-2156y sarcoma
Keoshion [Keoseian], A.F1902-11-1218y pulmonary tuberculosis
Keossian [Keoseian], KrikarM1901-10-1625y tuberculosis
Keshishyan [Keshishian], SeropeM1898-11-2671y diabetes mellitus
George [Kevorkian], JohnM1899-03-2340y consumption
Mahboobian [Mahboubian], JacobM1902-06-2035y catarrhal enteritis
Manoogian [Manougian], F1902-11-052m pneumonia
Mardirosian, SerpoohiaF1901-05-1138y pul[monary] tuberculosis
Michael [Mikaelian], OscarM1902-07-0533y gun shot wound inflicted by the hand of Dick Manoogian
Minassian [Minasian], Jno. G.M1896-08-0725y-3m-6d peritonitis
Movesian [Movsesian], F1898-09-263m cholera infantum
Mosisian [Movsesian], S.M1899-04-2430y consumption
Normart, Isabel G.F1894-11-1718y valv[ular] dis[ease of] heart
Odabashian, OrakelM1900-09-0544y acute catarrhal enteritis
Papasian [Papazian], FrancisF1891-12-1713y-3m-11d typho-malaria fever
Patigian, HovanM1902-08-1028y gangrene of lung
Simonian, AntaramF1895-07-0962y organic dis[ease of] heart
Tarpinian, M.M1894-09-2527y accidental gun shot
Darbanian [Tarpinian], ZanopM1900-12-1013y typhoid fever
Tateosan [Tateosian], MatthewM1891-02-0837y-7m-3d hepatic abscess
Vartarian [Vartirian], Tagawley [?]F1902-12-109m inflamation of bowels
Yezdanian, Rosie V.F1901-02-1618y-3m puerperal fever
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA, USA
Stockton State HospitalKalashian, B.M1925-09-2545y (b. 1880)cerebral hemorrhage
Stockton State HospitalMalamazian, NazelF1936-01-2370y-4m-8d (b. 1865-09-15)chronic myocarditis (contributory: psychosis with arteriosclerosis)
Wallace, Shoshone Co., ID, USA
Wallace HospitalSarkisian, HougasM1957-02-2469y-11m-9d (b. 1887-03-15)broncho pneumonia due to local acute ulcerative and esophagitis & gastritis, hiatus hernia (recent repair by surgery) (contributory: cethraco-silicosis)
Polk Twp., Huntington Co., IN, USA
Nersesian, EdnaF1923-09-145y-2m-6d (b. 1918-07-08)automobile accident
Nersesian, VirginiaF1923-09-1428y-2m-29d (b. 1895-06-15)automobile accident
Seekonk, Bristol Co., MA, USA
Bargamian [Parghamian], GarabedM1907-08-2932y tuberculosis of lungs
Lawrence, Essex Co., MA, USA
141 Newbury St.Marderosian [Mardirosian], VictoryM1913-10-145m-5d (b. 1913-05-09)unknown natural causes
Newburyport, Essex Co., MA, USA
Anna Jaques HospitalAnanian, HarryM1917-05-1170y (b. 1847)carcinoma of stomach
Arakelian, SamuelM1905-10-061m-7d inanition
Salem, Essex Co., MA, USA
15 Crombie St.Tootelian [Toutalian], Carekin D.M1905-12-203y-10m papillary bronchitis (contributory: measles)
Springfield, Hampden Co., MA, USA
Arslan [Arslanian], SanaF1902-01-0860y influenza, uremia, acute
34 Winchester St.Barsam [Barsamian], Charles K.M1915-02-0637y (b. 1877)malignancy with malnutrition, primary sarcoma of testicle, secondary growth of post abdominal glands (contributory: sarcoma of abdominal glands)
82 College St.Barsam [Barsamian], Lulu MargaretF1914-08-1714y-5m-2d (b. 1900-03-15)appendicitis, acute suppurative, post-operative (contributory: septicemia, subacute)
84 Wilbraham Ave.Barbarian [Berberian], TumaW1919-07-1680y (b. 1839)acute cardiac dilatation (contributory: chronic endocarditis)
Wesson HospitalBoyajian, SarkisM1911-03-2036y tubercular meningitis (contributory: pulmonary tuberculosis)
Hampden HospitalDanelian [Danielian], MosesM1917-01-3040y (b. 1877)accidental amputation of right arm, caught in machinery (contributory: suppression of urine)
Camp Brooks #9Khitikian [Gedigian], VeronicaW1918-11-0452y (b. 1866)broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Mercy HospitalGulian, HumagM1918-12-0523y (b. 1895)brocho pneumonia
55 Hayden St.Hovanesian [Hovhannesian], AzadM1914-01-152d (b. 1914-01-13)open foramen ovale (contributory: carbon dioxide)
Springfield HospitalEskander [Iskenderian], MaryF1913-02-1540y (b. 1873)entero colitis (contributory: tape worm)
Isolation Hospital Juskalian, HaroldM1918-04-183y-10m-1d (b. 1914-06-17)dip[h]theria (pharyngeal)
279 Eastern Ave.Kasparian, RaenyoovzM1910-02-283y-8m measles, diphtheria
Springfield HospitalKachadoorian [Khachadourian], Frank K. M1919-03-0847y (b. 1872)influenza pneumonia
Mercy HospitalMardirosian, HagopM1908-09-0130y-1m-5d icterus gravis (contributory: cholemia)
Springfield HospitalMichaelian [Mikaelian], MardirosM1919-02-0435y-11m-9d (b. 1883-02-26)laryngeal stenosis (tubercular)
63½ Monroe St.Mikaelian, ThomasM1918-09-083y-18d (b. 1915-08-21)tubercular meningitis
79 Essex St.Michaelian [Mikaelian], WagoobM1915-12-0328d (b. 1915-11-05)metastasis, septicaemia - possible cord infection
Springfield HospitalO'Martian [Omartian], RushawM1919-07-0838y (b. 1881)septicemia (abcess of lung)
City HospitalPakatzian [Pakhazian], ZodigM1918-12-1938y (b. 1880)broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Springfield HospitalParseghian, KarnigM1918-07-163y-9m-6d (b. 1914-09-10)hemorrhage following removal of adenoids and tonsils
Boston Rd.Piligian, EvaF1912-02-2049y (b. 1863)organic heart & kidney disease, mitral stenosis and regurgitation with chronic nephritis
Health Department HospitalSiraganian, Hovannes M.M1914-10-09(b. 1870)pulmonary tuberculosis
City HospitalDu Stepanian [Stepanian], HougassM1918-12-3136y (b. 1882)broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
147 Wilbraham Ave.Takorian [Takvorian], MaryW1918-04-1551y (b. 1867)nephritis (contributory: uraemic convulsions)
147 Wilbraham Ave.Tashjian, AnnaF1914-07-121m-3d (b. 1914-06-09)septic meningitis (contributory: spina bifida)
Wilbraham Rd.Torigian, ZabelF1912-10-031y-7m-26d (b. 1911-02-07)drowning (accidental)
148 Eastern Ave.Tatoolian [Toutalian], HazelF1912-10-141m-28d (b. 1912-08-18)infantile atrophy
Pecousic StationTulbendgian, HaratumM1914-08-3121y (b. 1893)accidental - struck by railroad train, resulting in compound fracture of skull, both legs, ribs, right shoulder, multiple abrasions, wounds, and bruises
Springfield HospitalYoklijian [Yaghlijian], GaraberM1908-09-2519y pleurisy with effusion (contributory: hemorrhage of the lungs)
Springfield (Indian Orchard), Hampden Co., MA, USA
Chapman Valve Co.Jermagian [Jermakian], BogosM1913-02-0320y (b. 1892)struck by piece of emery wheel (accidental) (contributory: fracture of skull)
14 Clermont St.Kulugian [Kalajian], LucyW1916-07-075m-5d (b. 1916-02-02)pneumonia (lobar)
35 Healy Ave.Shahinian, OsgianM1918-12-1231y (b. 1887)inflluenza (contributory: lobar pneumonia)
Arlington, Middlesex Co., MA, USA
Symmes HospitalKoudyan [Kouyoumjian], JeanM1966-12-2540y severe coronary disease
Stoneham, Middlesex Co., MA, USA
Adzigian, Mugurditch S.M1906-09-1060y acute gastroenteritis
Middleborough, Plymouth Co., MA, USA
101 Centre St.Murmurian, M1920-01-26(b. 1920-01-26)stillborn
101 Centre St.Murmurian, NoovartF1920-01-2622y (b. 1897)embolism of heart, placenta praevia
Boston, Suffolk Co., MA, USA
St. Elizabeth's HospitalAnanian, PhilipM1918-09-2925y-5m-25d (b. 1893-04-04)bronchopnuemonia (contributory: influenza)
14 Harvard Ave.Beshgeturian [Beshgetourian], IsraelM1912-01-0248y lobar pneumonia (contributory: acute dilatation of heart)
14 Harvard Ave.Beshgoturin [Beshgetourian], MaritzaF1911-10-1643y organic disease of heart
St. Elizabeth's HospitalDerhagopian [Hagopian], IgnatiusM1918-09-1930y (b. 1888-08)pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Peter Bent Brigham HospitalDer Hagopian [Hagopian], KhorenM1920-05-1136y (b. 1884)Hodgkin's disease
4 Warren Pl.Casbarian [Kasparian], Margaret D.F1918-09-1828y grippe and pneumonia
Peter Bent Brigham HospitalMergerion [Markarian], HeratchaM1918-09-2433y influenza (contributory: bronchopneumonia)
Minossian [Minasian], JansefF1900-06-2639y pyo-nephrosis, exhaustion
Revere, Suffolk Co., MA, USA
516 Beach St.Kirkjian [Kurkjian], Isadoor G.M1912-04-1855y arterio sclerosis of the cerebral arteries
Northbridge, Worcester Co., MA, USA
Deranian [Diranian], ArshalusF1906-05-0326y hemmorrhage of the lungs (contributory: pulmonary tuberculosis)
Whitinsville, Worcester Co., MA, USA
Deranian [Diranian], Mary LouiseF1903-04-0631y puerperal fever (child birth)
Worcester, Worcester Co., MA, USA
Worcester State HospitalPeter [Bedrosian], HarryM1914-11-2053y (b. 1861)general paralysis of the insane
Narsigian [Norsigian], NazarM1900-04-0936y acute bronchitis, hypertrophy of the liver
St. Vincent HospitalPaloulian [Paloutzian], M1918-10-22stillborn (contributory: pneumonia [of] mother)
St. Vincent HospitalPaloulian [Paloutzian], MaryF1918-10-2536y double lobar pneumonia (contributory: pregnancy)
11 Gold St.Paloulian [Paloutzian], ZarpouheF1916-04-258m convulsions (cause unknown, sudden death)
Rustigian, MisakM1900-08-096m-25d
Lewiston, Androscoggin Co., ME, USA
Sabattus St.Johnson [Ohannesian], SultanF1907-06-0934y haemorrhage at birth of child due to placenta previa
Flint, Genesee Co., MI, USA
Hurley HospitalEvarian, SamM1933-06-2244y-9m-21d (b. 1888-09-01)bronchogenic carcinoma with metastasis to the brain
Monroe, Monroe Co., MI, USA
Monroe HospitalBaudakian [Boudakian], VartanM1938-08-2849y cardiac failure
Ferndale, Oakland Co., MI, USA
Miserlian [Missirlian], SarkisM1932-05-2447y-6m-20d (b. 1884-11-04)lobar pneumonia (contributory: asthma)
Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA
Pontiac State HospitalElesigian, JohnM1927-12-0132y (b. 1895)general paresis of insane (contributory: inanition)
Pontiac General HospitalGrjigian, KaranM1937-05-0750y bronchopneumonia
Sogoian [Soghoian], YogiaM1913-07-2739y organic heart disease
Royal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA
327 Kenilworth Ave.Oulbegian [Elbegian], Ruth AnnitF1936-12-3016y-3m-12d (b. 1920-09-18)pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI, USA
University of Michigan HospitalBaylerian, NishoM1926-07-1361y
University of Michigan HospitalNahabedian, DickranM1924-12-2050y-11m-17d (b. 1870-01-15)chronic myocarditis (contributory: cardiac failure)
Dearborn, Wayne Co., MI, USA
Alexanian, AlexM1937-03-198m-5d (b. 1936-07-24)broncho pneumonia
Arakelian, AbrahamM1935-02-1640y-23d (b. 1895-01-24)traumatic hemorrhage following gun shot wound of chest penetrating lungs & heart
Basmajian, ArsanM1920-11-2435y apoplexy
Ford River Rouge PlankHagopian, HanpartzoumM1930-02-0541y-9m (b. 1888-05-05)acute cardiac dilatation following coronary sclerosis
Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA
Children's Hospital of MichiganAbrahamian, JohnM1924-09-0414d (b. 1924-08-21)malnutrition
Receiving HospitalAdzigian, HelenF1935-08-3058y-8m-11d (b. 1877-01-19)uremia following hemorrhage, chronic nephritis, chronic myocarditis
Agababian [Aghababian], ArdashesM1921-12-081y-3m-9d (b. 1920-08-29)gastro enteritis
Receiving HospitalAkashian [Aghajian], MariamF1939-07-0864y-3m-3d (b. 1875-04-05)mesenteric occlusion with gangrene of small intesting
St. Mary's HospitalAlashian [Ahlijanian], F1924-07-02(b. 1924-07-02)lived a few min[ute]s
Herman Kiefer HospitalAjamian [Ajemian], F1921-07-11(b. 1921-07-11)asphyxia neonatoress [?] polleda [?], still born (contributory: premature prolapsed cord)
Children's Hospital of MichiganAjamian [Ajemian], AlbertM1929-02-278d (b. 1929-02-19)gastro enteritis, pyelonephritis, thrombosis of right renal vein, haemorrhage into ---renal glands
Children's Hospital of MichiganAjamian [Ajemian], Alice|EllisF1928-03-301y-10d (b. 1927-03-20)broncho-pneumonia (contributory: naso-pharyngitis)
Ajamian [Ajemian], KazarosM1930-09-2175y-4m-9d (b. 1855-05-12)asthma, senility
Receiving HospitalAjamian [Ajemian], RosieF1933-12-0512y-8m-21d (b. 1921-03-14)acute appendicitis with generalized peritonitis
Receiving HospitalAkrazian, Mike SenakaremM1940-09-2852y-6m-14d (b. 1888-03-15)cerebro-vascular hemorrhage (other: generalized arteriosclerosis, old right interstitial keratitis)
Alonian [Alemsherian], Peter BarkevM1924-04-222y-4m (b. 1921-12-22)TB meningitis, bronchial pneumonia
Delray Industrial HospitalAmerician [Amerigian], AlexanderM1921-04-0338y septicemia following infection of right thumb from a sliver (contributory: endocarditis)
Receiving HospitalAmroian [Amirian], GeorgeM1937-04-0971y massive cerebral hemorrhage in a hypertensive basis, generalized arteriosclerosis
Andonian, ElizabethF1933-10-0467y-8m-29d (b. 1866-01-05)hypertension, chr[onic] nephritis, myocarditis
1642 W. Grand Ave.Anterasian [Andreasian], PaulM1931-06-1844y acute dilatation of heart
Apkarian, Alexander S.M1939-09-0976y diabetes mellitus (contributory: hypertension)
Afkarian [Apkarian], LouiseF1939-01-1366y (b. 1873)diabetes mellitus, chronic interstitial nephritis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension
Delray Industrial HospitalHaboian [Apoian], CasparM1919-02-1646y broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
38 Louis Ave.Apoeean [Apoian], SolomanM1906-03-0339y (b. 1866)croupous pneumonia
1258 Waterman Ave.Apoian, WartekezM1929-03-153y-7m-13d (b. 1925-08-02)pneumococcic meningitis, acute (contributory: broncho pneumonia, otitis media)
Delray Industrial HospitalArakelian, M1924-12-05(b. 1924-12-05)premature birth
Herman Kiefer HospitalArakelian, KrikorM1924-07-2843y advanced pulmonary tuberculosis
Children's Hospital of MichiganArakelian, QueenieF1932-03-1710m-26d (b. 1931-04-20)unfluenzal pneumonia
8735 Grand River Ave.Arakelian, TavrigF1926-10-0978y appoplexy [apoplexy]
Belle IsleArevian, AlbertM1927-05-1937y asphyxiation by drowning (suicide)
Harper HospitalArevian, DakesM1929-09-2048y (b. 1881)pyelonephritis (contributory: tubercular kidneys)
Receiving HospitalArevian, MariamF1932-03-2271y-10m-8d (b. 1860-05-14)cerebral hemorrhage, apoplexy (contributory: lobar pneumonia)
Delray General HospitalArevigian, KovarkM1937-12-1849y acute dilatation of the heart, chronic myocarditis
Herman Kiefer HospitalHarootian [Aroutian], HripesimaF1927-12-0633y-11m-24d tuberculosis of spine (contributory: meningitis)
Delray Industrial HospitalHooraian [Aroyan], M1923-12-09(b. 1923-12-09)premature [birth] and hyperthyroidism
151 Solvay Ave.Haroian [Aroyan], HarryM1911-08-0721y typhoid and gangrenous appendicitis
Aslanian [Arslanian], M1925-10-26(b. 1925-10-26)prematurity
Children's Hospital of MichiganAslanian [Arslanian], Dorothy M.F1931-02-093y-6m-3d (b. 1927-06-07)rheumatic heart disease
Grace HospitalAslanian [Arslanian], LeonM1929-05-0427y-5m-25d (b. 1901-11-09)Addison's disease (contributory: cardiac asthems [?])
Delray Industrial HospitalArvanigian, KosrofM1919-02-1627y-9m-1d (b. 1891-05-15)influenza & pneumonia
Providence HospitalArzomanian [Arzoumanian], MaryF1938-12-2860y cardiac hypertension, nephritis (contributory: senility)
Astourian [Asadourian], AbrahamM1939-06-1359y-5m-8d (b. 1880-06-05)cardiac myocarditis
Assadorian [Asadourian], Geo. KirkerM1938-07-2860y ruptured dissecting aortic aneurism
Asodurian [Asadourian], LeonM1935-10-1236y-5m-28d (b. 1899-04-14)acute dilatation of heart, chronic myocarditis
Henry Ford HospitalAsadoorian [Asadourian], OhannesM1931-04-2552y-8m (b. 1878-05-25)carcinoma of stomach
Harper HospitalAstoorian [Asadourian], SarahF1930-02-2413y-11m-9d (b. 1916-03-17)acute frontal & ethmoid sinusitis (contributory: orbital abs[c]ess)
Receiving HospitalAstoorian [Asadourian], SarkesM1921-05-0635y internal hemorrhage, gun shot wounds (homicide)
Assadourian [Asadourian], VartranM1935-02-0460y acute dilatation of heart, mitral regurgitation
Asiadorian [Asadourian], ZorabM1924-10-0310d (b. 1924-09-23)premature birth (contributory: jaundice & unable to take nourishment)
Grace HospitalAstikian [Astighian], CharlesM1920-03-1711m-19d (b. 1919-03-27)acute mastoiditis, broncho pneumonia (contributory: acute valvular endocarditis)
Tuberculosis HospitalAttickian [Ategian], HagopM1916-04-2922y (b. 1893)pulmonary tuberculosis
Avadian [Avedian], BogosM1920-05-1555y broncho pneumonia (contributory: nephritis)
484 E. Jefferson Ave.Avadian [Avedian], Geo.M1917-01-1527y (b. 1890)septic peritonitis following perforation (board kicked back in rip saw, hit him in abdomen)
3746 Tyler Ave.Avedian, GeorgeM1933-09-2352y-9m-1d (b. 1880-12-22)cirrhosis of liver
Receiving HospitalAfetian [Avedian], TatiosM1940-04-1352y teratoma of testicle with multiple metastases to lungs
Avedikian, CharlesM1921-08-106m-7d (b. 1921-02-03)cholera infantum
Children's Free HospitalAvdekian [Avedikian], GeorgeM1922-06-146m-26d (b. 1921-11-18)intussusception acute (contributory: partial obstruction)
Children's Free HospitalAvedesian [Avedisian], AronM1922-11-088m (b. 1922-03-08)lobar pneumonia, pneumococcic meningitis
Herman Kiefer HospitalAvdesian [Avedisian], SimonM1924-09-0245y (b. 1879)cerebral hemorrhage, hemiplegia paralysis
188 Hazelwood Ave.Aijian [Ayjian], MableF1916-07-151d (b. 1916-07-14)inanition (contributory: premature birth)
188 Hazelwood Ave.Aijian [Ayjian], MaryF1916-07-14(b. 1916-07-14)inanition (contributory: premature birth)
Grace HospitalAijian [Ayjian], PhilipM1916-08-0120d (b. 1916-07-12)prematurity
Herman Kiefer HospitalAzesyian [Azasian], KrakinM1916-03-0725y pulmonary tuberculosis
188 Solvay Ave.Azmovoorian [Aznavorian], F1913-10-13(b. 1913-10-13)stillborn (contributory: premature)
188 Solvay Ave.Azmovoorian [Aznavorian], F1913-10-163d (b. 1913-10-13)premature birth (8 months)
Aznavoorian [Aznavorian], GoultaniaF1929-09-2861y bilateral lobar pneumonia (contributory: cold)
Children's Free HospitalAznoian [Aznoyan], AsnifF1923-08-0410d (b. 1922-07-24)ileo colitis (2 months)
Babaian [Babayan], ArakelM1939-02-1959y chronic myocarditis, coronary thrombosis (contributory: cardio vascular renal disease)
Baboian [Babayan], HaiganooshF1925-11-2514d (b. 1925-11-11)inanition, probably due to a brain lesion (she had spinal bifida)
Receiving HospitalBabian [Babayan], JarrontM1925-09-051y-6m-1d (b. 1924-03-04)scalded back (accidental) (fell in tub of hot water at home)
Shurly HospitalBabigean [Babigian], NazaratM1925-11-0622y tubercular meningitis (contributory: tubercular kidney)
31 Winder St.Bagdasarian [Baghdasarian], M1917-06-29(b. 1917-06-29)still born
Harper Hospital, Delray BranchBagdasarian [Baghdasarian], AvediceM1916-05-0238y acute dilatation of heart (contributory: lobar pneumonia, mitral insufficiency)
Receiving HospitalBagdigian [Baghdigian], FloraF1938-07-0867y (b. 1871)coronary arteriosclerosis with old myocardial infarction (contributory: bilat[eral] pyelonephritis)
1628 W. Grand Ave.Baligian [Balakian], PuzantM1922-12-2031y-10m-8d (b. 1891-02-12)pulmonary tuberculosis
Balian, EsacM1918-10-2727y pneumonia bronchial (contributory: influenza)
Balian, GarabedM1923-02-1534y-7m-21d (b. 1888-06-25)lobar pneumonia
Delray Industrial HospitalBalian, HargauhiF1925-03-3029y peritonitis following self induced abortion
Delray Industrial HospitalBolosian [Baliozian], AntranigM1923-01-1935y-17d (b. 1888-01-02)double lobar pneumonia
Harper HospitalBardizbanian, MgrdichM1932-12-3043y cardiac failure (chr[onic] myocarditis) (contributory: primary hyperthyroidism)
Harper HospitalBarvizbanian [Bardizbanian], VazkenM1928-07-1516y (b. 1912)generalized tuberculous infection (contributory: myocardial failure)
Baronian, M1921-06-08(b. 1921-06-08)still born
Baronian, AnnaF1925-07-1246y-24d (b. 1879-06-18)asphyxiation by strangulation [by rope], suicide while despondent over ill health
Receiving HospitalBaronian, BenjimanM1923-11-063y-4m-20d (b. 1920-06-17)1st & 2nd degree burns to back & arms due to pail of hot water tipping over
Baronian, SimonM1935-04-0556y apoplexy
Children's Hospital of MichiganBarsamian, AlexanderM1923-02-284m-18d (b. 1922-10-09)broncho pneumonia (contributory: otitis media, malnutrition)
Delray Industrial HospitalBarsamian, HowhanesM1922-10-3163y chronic endocarditis
Receiving HospitalBarsamian, MyronM1940-02-2917y-3m-5d (b. 1922-11-24)acute lymphatic leukemia
St. Joseph's Mercy HospitalBasmadjian [Basmajian], Alvin HatoomM1925-04-2811d (b. 1925-04-17)premature delivery and inanition
Baydarian [Bedourian], EsrialM1920-09-2170y mitral insufficiency
Bedrosian, ArayM1922-06-011y-3m-4d (b. 1921-02-28)second degree burns to right side & arm due to pulling pail of hot water on self accid[entally]
Bedrosian, MikeM1920-08-2655y dropsy plus (contributory: mitral insufficiency)
1374 Iroquois Ave.Berberian, F1916-12-173d (b. 1916-12-14)premature birth
133 Solvay Ave.Berberiean [Berberian], DerukeyF1915-08-066d (b. 1915-07-31)
St. Mark's HospitalBerberian, MikeM1924-07-1736y-1m-25d (b. 1888-05-22)carcinoma of rectum (contributory: heavy x ray treatment)
152 Sherman St.Barbarian [Berberian], PaulM1916-03-199m-1d (b. 1915-06-18)lobar pneumonia
Harper HospitalBezirjian, MirijanM1925-08-3040y-26d (b. 1885-08-05)lobar pneumonia
Receiving HospitalBogigian [Boghigian], JosephM1921-11-2538y fracture of skull, struck by auto
952 E. Congress St.Boghasian [Boghosian], AliceF1916-07-236m (b. 1916-02-07)acute enterocolitis
Boghosian, AramM1920-02-0328y lobar pneumonia
Delray General HospitalBoghasian [Boghosian], JevanM1934-03-174m-24d (b. 1933-10-26)broncho pneumonia (contributory: sore throat, laryngitis)
Children's Hospital of MichiganBogasian [Boghosian], OhcepM1930-05-1012d (b. 1930-04-28)congenital leus [syphilis] (contributory: pemphigus)
442 Clinton St.Bagisian [Boghosian], SteveM1932-05-0250y cerebral apoplexy
Herman Kiefer HospitalBordelian, JohnM1916-03-1623y pulmonary tuberculosis
Henry Ford HospitalBostanjian, AbrahamM1936-05-2943y-4m-14d (b. 1893-01-15)pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculous meningitis
Children's Free HospitalBoodakian [Boudakian], RosieF1923-06-293m-26d (b. 1923-03-03)tuberculosis
Boyajian, Betty AnnF1922-03-102m-23d (b. 1921-12-17)broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Herman Kiefer HospitalGozigian [Bozigian], GertrudeF1920-02-272y-3m-16d (b. 1918-10-31)tuberculosis meningitis (contributory: bronchial pneumonia)
Bozian [Bozoian], AmsiaF1922-02-241y-2m-22d (b. 1920-12-02)bronchial pneumonia
Bozoian, Mnag MikeM1925-03-016m-5d (b. 1924-08-26)lobar pneumonia
Beyekian [Buyukian], SamuelM1921-05-141m-26d (b. 1921-03-18)strangulated hernia
Shamigian [Chamakian], VaskinM1920-12-2742y carcinomatoses of stomach, spleen, omentum of liver
394 5th St.Shamlaian [Chamalian], CharlesM1916-05-276y-1m-24d (b. 1910-03-03)mitral insufficiency, endocarditis (contributory: rheumatism)
2064 W. Jefferson Ave.Cherkoian, HampartzM1917-09-0242y mitral insufficiency
Chavoor [Chevourian], ElizabethF1931-12-0826y phenol poisoning (Lysol) (suicide - despondent over ill health)
14918 Parkside Ave.Chavoor [Chevourian], GeorgeM1926-12-0468y-3m-24d (b. 1858-08-10)chronic myocarditis
Detroit Tuberculosis SanatoriumShishajian [Chichakian], ArmangM1925-12-2521y-9m-10d (b. 1904-03-15)pulmonary tuberculosis
Chomkian [Chomaklian], ZakarM1921-12-0768y apoplexy (contributory: chronic nephritis, arteriosclerosis)
Dagavarian [Daghavarian], AgayegM1920-06-1568y-8m-27d (b. 1851-09-19)cerebral hemorrhage (contributory: arterio sclerosis)
Dakhlian [Daghlian], HigouhieF1918-10-3028y-5m-6d (b. 1890-05-24)influenza (contributory: broncho pneumonia)
240 14th Ave.Dakhlian [Daghlian], JohnM1911-02-11(b. 1911-02-11)premature birth
Tanealian [Danielian], GarabedM1922-09-0958y mitral regurgitation (contributory: rheumatism)
Belle IsleTamielian [Danielian], GarabidM1930-04-2438y asphyxia by drowning (suicide)
Davidian, David MuridianM1923-09-1114d (b. 1923-08-29)pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Grace HospitalDavitian [Davidian], PaulM1923-03-2124y-7m-28d (b. 1898-07-24)tuberculosis of kidneys . . . (contributory: chronic adhesive pleuritis)
3rd Ave. & W. Forest Ave.Tavitian [Davidian], RubanM1925-10-0432y-9m (b. 1892-12)hemorrhage following gunshot wound of heart, liver, and intestines (homicide)
Davetian [Davidian], SamuelM1923-10-0452y cerebral apoplexy
St. Mary's HospitalDedeian, MikeM1930-08-2735y auricular fibrillation
Demergian [Demirjian], SetrakM1924-06-2235y acute gastritis
Dabanian [Depanian], LorettaF1939-07-1970y-4m-4d chronic interstitial nephritis due to old age (contributory: uremia, diarrhea)
Derderian, AzniveF1922-08-168m-25d (b. 1921-11-22)acidosis (contributory: faulty feeding)
Derderian, CharlesM1924-04-1415y-9m-7d (b. 1908-07-07)hemorrhage of rectum
Harper HospitalDerderian, HagopM1938-03-2247y-8m-7d (b. 1890-07-15)calculi in py[e]lo uretero junction (contributory: cardiac failure, bronchopneumonia)
Delray Industrial HospitalDederian [Derderian], JohnM1924-12-2165y lobar pneumonia
Darvishian [Dervishian], Henry HamparzM1924-06-211y-6m-20d (b. 1922-12-01)tubercular meningitis
Harper HospitalDoveletian [Deuvletian], ParouzF1939-05-1743y post operative peritonitis (salpingitis, fallopian tube)
Doumanian, KrekorM1922-11-243m-15d (b. 1922-08-09)convulsions following acute indigestion
Children's Hospital of MichiganDourjalian [Douroudjalian], JohnM1936-03-161m-21d (b. 1936-01-24)bronchopneumonia (contributory: cerebral birth injury)
Douroujalian [Douroudjalian], LazarosM1921-10-1267y mitral insufficiency (contributory: gastritis chronic)
191 Post Ave.Dulgarian [Dulgerian], EnockM1911-09-1820y tuberculosis of the mesentery
Grace HospitalEkezian [Ekizian], MartinM1921-02-104m-28d (b. 1920-09-13)lobar pneumonia, acute passive congestion of liver, jaundice (contributory: doublie otitis media)
St. Mary's HospitalEkizian, MgrdichM1924-03-2822y (b. 1924-03-28)appendicitis (contributory: peritonitis)
Receiving HospitalAdmasian [Ekmekjian], CatherineF1936-02-1046y coronary thrombosis
Admasian [Ekmekjian], ManoushagF1931-06-1058y asthma
Delray General HospitalElognerian, ArtinM1930-04-2271y acute cardiac decompensation, chronic urinary retention . . . prostatism (contributory: urinary sepsis)
Tuberculosis SanitoriumEmerzian [Emirzian], BagdasarM1916-12-3030y-6m-6d (b. 1886-06-25)pulmonary tuberculosis
Children's Hospital of MichiganEranosian, BardicM1930-02-087m-28d (b. 1929-06-10)bronchopneumonia (contributory: measles, otitis media)
11408 Yellowstone Ave.Essayan, HagopM1925-05-0873y-19d (b. 1852-04-22)chronic myocarditis
Evrenian, VeskineF1919-01-2525y-9m-10d (b. 1893-04-15)pneumonia lobar (contributory: influenza)
Receiving HospitalFustekian [Fustukian], KhatchigM1937-01-0668y arteriosclerotic heart disease, coronary thrombosis
Providence HospitalGagoian [Gagoyan], AvadosM1922-04-1833y cruel injuries to pelvis due to falling off auto truck
Children's Hospital of MichiganGangian [Ganjoian], HarryM1928-10-096m-24d (b. 1928-03-15)infectious diarrhea, otitis media, anemia, bronchopneumonia (contributory: malnutrition)
Garabedian, M1920-11-06(b. 1920-11-06)still born
Grace HospitalGarabedyan [Garabedian], H. (Dr.)M1937-04-2877y-2m-14d (b. 1860-02-14)coronary arterial disease, chronic myocarditis
Herman Kiefer HospitalGurganian [Garghanian], AlbertM1924-08-223y-1m-8d (b. 1921-07-14)spinal meningitis
Receiving HospitalGertenesian, MikeM1921-08-0755y chronic pancreatitis (contributory: jaundice)
Harper HospitalGougassian [Ghougasian], MargaretF1914-01-1832y toxaemia from infection of lower sigmoid and rectum
Giragosian, F1920-05-25(b. 1920-05-25)still born
Receiving HospitalGirgosian [Giragosian], Dicken [?]M1925-11-2548y advanced pulmonary tuberculosis
Herman Kiefer HospitalJoragozian [Giragosian], MaryF1917-08-222m-13d (b. 1917-06-09)erysipelas (contributory: broncho pneumonia)
Children's Hospital of MichiganGodoshian, AliceF1924-07-302m-5d (b. 1924-05-25)pyloric stenosis
Godoshian, SatrageM1924-09-156m-6d (b. 1924-03-21)acute intestinal intoxication
198 Harrington Ave.Goshgarian, MardirosM1910-12-07(b. 1910-12-07)still born
Grace HospitalGoshgarian, SahagM1912-11-0934y cerebral meningitis
75 Harrington Ave.Goshgarian, ZavanM1909-03-23(b. 1909-03-23)premature birth
179 John R St.Grounkian, M1916-11-08(b. 1916-11-08)still born, premature, 4.5 months
Boulevard SanitoriumGoulserian [Guleserian], KasperM1912-10-2227y typhoid fever
Samaritan HospitalGulian, M1918-08-14(b. 1898-08-14)still born
1584 La Belle Ave.Gulian, AliceF1923-02-1117d (b. 1923-01-25)inanition
Herman Kiefer HospitalGullian [Gulian], MissakM1921-10-0149y-3m-16d (b. 1872-06-15)general tuberculosis (contributory: tuberculous hip disease)
Herman Kiefer HospitalGultemirian, MargaretF1923-04-1619y pulmonary tuberculosis
242 St. Antoine St.Hogaupian [Hagopian], PeterM1907-03-0245y (b. 1832)pleuro pneumonia (contributory: general debility)
Hagopian, Thomas D.M1926-08-0558y tuberculosis, pulmonary, acute, pneumonic type (contracted at Geneva, WI)
18681 Northlawn St.Yagoobian [Hagopian], TorosM1939-05-1566y-2m-10d (b. 1873-03-05)hypertension, secondary anemia
Herman Kiefer HospitalHalepian [Haleplian], Geo.M1918-09-1224y-6m-16d (b. 1894-02-26)pulmonary tuberculosis
Children's Free HospitalHalebian [Haleplian], MaryF1923-04-051y-3m double pneumonia
St. Mary's HospitalHamparsomian [Hampartsoumian], SarrahF1919-03-1620y (b. 1899)lobular pneumonia following influenza
Children's Hospital of MichiganHoplamagian [Hoplamazian], ArchieM1923-09-309m-10d (b. 1922-12-20)lobar pneumonia (contributory: malnutrition, rickets)
Delray Industrial HospitalHovsepian, F1924-11-211d (b. 1924-11-20)premature birth
Children's Free HospitalYashilian [Ichmelian], AliceF1918-12-221y-5m-12d (b. 1917-07-10)3rd degree burns to limb & abdomen, clothing catching fire when another child threw burning paper at her
Harper HospitalYeshilian [Ichmelian], BederosM1917-12-0530y-7m-11d (b. 1887-03-24)hepatic and biliary cirrhosis (contributory: septic infection - cause unknown)
Esgandarian [Iskenderian], AroucyakF1925-03-078m-24d (b. 1924-06-09)lobar pneumonia
Ford HospitalEzmirlian [Izmirlian], KazarM1935-02-2432y strepticocci infection following wound of neck (shot in Beer Garden - Dearborn)
Delray Industrial HospitalEzmirlian [Izmirlian], TakouhieF1928-05-2124y-5m-6d (b. 1903-12-15)septicaemia from abortion (self-induced)
Harper HospitalJaffarian [Jafarian], William BedraM1923-10-1465y (b. 1858)aortic regurgitation (contributory: chronic myocarditis)
Delray General HospitalJantamrian [Jantemerian], BadrosM1937-07-0632y-5m-6d (b. 1904-02-01)lobar pneumonia (contributory: suffered acute dilation of heart)
Delray Industrial HospitalJavezian, VartgesM1925-05-271y-9m-23d (b. 1923-08-04)cerebro spinal meningitis (contributory: exposure)
Jevahirian [Jevahirjian], PaulM1939-09-0780y-23d (b. 1859-08-15)chronic valvular endocarditis, hypertension, arteriosclerosis
Receiving HospitalJorgian [Jouharigian], MikeM1937-03-3041y-6m-16d (b. 1895-09-14)right upper and lower lobar pneumonia, toxic hepatitis with jaundice . . .
Kabeayian [Kabakdjian], MaryF1922-03-2217y acidosis following pernicious vomity of pregnancy
Samaritan HospitalKajabakian, MikeM1922-02-0245y valvular heart disease, chronic parenchymatosis, nephritis, endocarditis (contributory: chronic passive congestion)
Children's Free HospitalKludjian [Kalajian], AramM1918-12-081y-6m-10d (b. 1917-05-28)influenza (contributory: broncho pneumonia)
Kalajian, MaryF1923-05-0225d (b. 1923-04-07)broncho pneumonia
Harper HospitalKalajian, OsgianM1919-01-1532y-2m-20d (b. 1886-10-27)broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Kellarian [Kallerian], HarryM1919-10-0333y (b. 1886)endocarditis (contributory: anaemia)
Grace HospitalKalousdian [Kaloustian], RoupenM1923-01-1310m-19d (b. 1922-02-25)bilateral otitis media and right lobar pneumonia
Koprielian [Kaprielian], OhannasM1921-08-1812d (b. 1921-08-06)hemorrhage [of] naval [navel]
611 S. Cottrell Ave.Kasparian, ArshalouseF1921-09-2116y-7m-9d (b. 1905-01-22)internal hemorrhage following gunshot wound of lung & heart (homicide)
Herman Kiefer HospitalKasbarian [Kasparian], KassickF1925-03-248m-24d (b. 1924-06-30)lobar pneumonia (contributory: chicken pox)
796 Wilde St.Kasparian, SiranoushF1937-03-2158y-3m-11d (b. 1878-12-10)cerebral hemorrhage
Harper HospitalKoshabian [Kassabian], VahanM1919-09-1334y lobar pneumonia (contributory: pneumothorax)
Children's Hospital of MichiganKayabalian, BarguheF1923-10-203m-10d (b. 1923-07-10)infective diarrhea (contributory: broncho pneumonia)
1901 Hazelwood Ave.Kayabalian, HohanesM1923-02-2611m-5d (b. 1922-03-21)bronchial pneumonia
Kefsizian, HighroheF1919-03-222y-6m (b. 1916-11-22)influenza
Kepthian [Keptian], HaroutuneM1921-12-2940y-4m-5d (b. 1881-08-15)pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: pulmonary hemorrhage)
St. Mary's HospitalKeshishian, PaulM1920-03-0232y haemorrhage from extraction of teeth (contributory: chronic hemophilia)
Kestekian [Kestigian], AnnigF1936-10-0660y-10m-16d (b. 1875-11-20)gastric carcinoma
Delray Gen. HospitalKestigian, GarabedM1936-08-0660y myocarditis (contributory: urinary suppression)
Kastagian [Kestigian], Vartaym [?]F1922-03-1220y-9m-20d (b. 1901-05-20)pulmonary tuberculosis of both lungs
Children's HospitalKestigian, VictoriaF1929-03-017m-29d (b. 1928-06-30)suppurative arthritis, r[igh]t hip joint (contributory: septicemia)
Receiving HospitalKevorkian, AlmaF1934-10-2240y left bronchopneumonia, mitral insufficiency
Kevorkian, SatenigF1929-09-2136y cardiac failure due to asthma (contributory: terrific headache)
118 Solvay Ave.Kachadoorian [Khachadourian], TakourM1911-07-0221y drowning, accidental
500 S. Solvay Ave.Kachadourian [Khachadourian], VartanM1924-06-1150y hemorrhage following gunshot wound of neck (homicide)
Receiving HospitalKachadourian [Khachadourian], YepramM1919-10-0440y tuberculosis of the kidney (contributory: pulmonary tuberculosis)
St. Mary's HospitalHachigian [Khachigian], M1918-05-26(b. 1918-05-26)still born
Kashigian [Khachigian], GarabedM1923-05-0744y-10m-19d (b. 1878-06-18)lobar pneumonia (contributory: cold)
Delray Industrial HospitalKeshageain [Khachigian], MargasM1925-05-0648y (b. 1877-05-06)lobar pneumonia
Kuchukian [Khachigian], MelikF1925-01-1313d (b. 1924-12-31)cerebral hemorrhage
Ganigian [Khanigian], AntraniaM1925-01-2146y-1d (b. 1879-01-20)aortic insufficiency
Herman Kiefer HospitalKehetian [Khteian], GraceF1931-06-013y-2m-11d (b. 1928-03-20)diphtheria
Keteyian [Khteian], HounghosM1938-09-0263y myocarditis, coronary disease
Keteian [Khteian], Kashern [?]M1920-11-302y-9m-29d (b. 1929-02-09)burns to body general, fell in boiler of hot water, accidental
Katian [Khteian], LousintenF1922-08-111m-3d (b. 1922-07-08)malnutrition and probably syphilitic infection
Children's Free HospitalKeteyian [Khteian], LucyF1915-06-271y-4m-5d (b. 1913-02-22)tubercular meningitis (contributory: otitis media)
41 Solvay Ave.Kheteyan [Khteian], PapgannM1909-03-167m-27d (b. 1908-07-19)broncho pneumonia
195 Solvay Ave.Keteyian [Khteian], SisagM1918-03-026m-8d (b. 1917-08-22)colitis (contributory: microcephalus)
Delray Industrial HospitalKourtjian [Kiradjian], AzniveF1928-06-2823y-5m-6d (b. 1905-01-22)lobar pneumonia (left), septic (contributory: abscess of neck following extraction of teeth)
Kirazian [Kiradjian], Lillian ElizabethF1920-10-142y-4m-14d (b. 1918-05-30)cerebro spinal meningitis (contributory: pharyngitis & acute gastritis)
Kirazian [Kiradjian], ZabellF1920-02-1429y-4m-5d (b. 1890-10-09)lobar pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Kooyoomjian [Kouyoumjian], AlmastF1918-10-2452y pulmonary tuberculosis
2080 W. Jefferson Ave.Kurkorian [Krikorian], AndrewM1917-08-194y-18d (b. 1913-07-01)lobar pneumonia, double (contributory: infectious diarrhea)
Harper Hospital - Delray BranchKrecorian [Krikorian], FrankM1917-06-0628d (b. 1917-05-09)intestinal auto-intoxication, failure of closure of foramen ovale
Delray Industrial HospitalKrekorian [Krikorian], KrekorM1919-01-1745y broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Krekorian [Krikorian], MaryF1919-05-1613y-4m-16d (b. 1906-01-01)auto intoxication, seemed suffering from absorption, some ptomaine originating in intestine (contributory: convulsions)
Children's Hospital of MichiganKrikorian, MaryF1924-10-197m-10d (b. 1924-03-09)intestinal intoxication (contributory: probably pneumonia)
Grace HospitalKrikorian, MichaelM1914-01-3034y lobar pneumonia
256 Butternut St.Korkjian [Kurkjian], LillianF1909-04-058y-20d (b. 1901-03-13)meningitis, simple
St. Mary's HospitalKurkjian, MikeM1923-07-1250y cardiac insufficiency
Henry Ford HospitalLefian, AzneveF1927-12-2424y lung abscess
Delray General HospitalLaktzian [Lektzian], EsgouhiF1937-09-3048y intestinal obstruct[io]n
Detroit Tuberculosis SanatoriumLorkian, MikeM1917-02-2430y pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: tubercular laryngitis, pharyngitis)
34 W. High St.Magarian, M1909-09-04(b. 1909-09-04)premature birth
Mugurian [Magarian], ManuelM1939-09-2263y-9m-7d (b. 1875-12-15)coronary thrombosis
Magerian [Magarian], RosieF1921-04-157m-21d (b. 1920-08-25)ileo colitis
Receiving HospitalMugurian [Magarian], VictoriaF1925-12-0817y (b. 1908)dimentia [dementia] praecox (contributory: cachexia)
Mugurian [Magarian], ZaroohiF1939-10-1051y adenocarcinoma of left breast & metastasis of r[igh]t breast & general glands, terminal cardiac failure (amputation of left breast)
Delray Industrial HospitalMaloyian [Maloian], F1923-11-17(b. 1923-11-17)premature [birth]
Receiving HospitalMaloian, HarryM1933-01-1262y traumatic cerebral hemorrhage following skull fracture (struck by auto - auto accident)
Manavian, AubrinigM1918-10-258y-8m-19d (b. 1910-01-06)bronchial pneumonia following influenza
Delray Industrial HospitalManavian, VaskeF1918-10-2932y influenzal pneumonia
Harvey [Manoian], HarryM1936-01-1618y-1m-10d (b. 1917-12-06)septic sore throat, cervical adenitis (contributory: general weakness)
Belle IsleManoopian [Manougian], AtcheM1925-08-0950y asphyxiation by drowning
Savoy HotelMannoogian [Manougian], HugazM1920-11-2021y fracture of skull due to jumping from 3rd story window due to hotel burning
60 Solvay Ave.Dermananelian [Manuelian], HashigF1908-02-2968y insufficiency of the mitral valve
Ford HospitalMerasian [Marashlian], SahagM1923-06-1746y lobar pneumonia
Mardigian, MalcolmM1923-05-0128y (b. 1895)lobar pneumonia (contributory: hemorrhage from the lungs)
Mardrosian [Mardirosian], MartinM1923-06-089y-11m-11d (b. 1913-06-28)typhoid fever (contributory: TB meningitis)
Margosian, JacobM1924-09-253y-3m-30d (b. 1921-05-30)acute anterior poliomyelitis
Markarian, NoyemzerF1924-04-148m-9d (b. 1923-08-05)malnutrition (contributory: improper feeding)
Herman Kiefer HospitalMaskasian, MikeM1919-03-0745y tubercular meningitis and pulmonary tuberculosis
Delray General HospitalMatosian [Mateosian], GarabedM1936-11-0379y perforate duodenal ulcer (contributory: chronic myocarditis)
Mathosian [Mateosian], MosesM1923-11-0155y broncho pneumonia (contributory: tonsilitis)
Delray General HospitalMedzigian, SarahF1934-01-1935y-18d (b. 1899-01-01)ectopic pregnancy (left tube), bronchial pneumonia
Children's Hospital of MichiganMedzigian, Sophie IreneF1928-05-161y-7m-10d (b. 1926-10-06)broncho-pneumonia (contributory: naso-pharyngitis, adenitis, measles)
Herman Kiefer HospitalNekhitarian [Mekhitarian], KarekianM1924-01-2144y pulmonary tuberculosis
Matigian [Melikian], MikeM1925-06-2038y-5m-17d (b. 1887-01-03)endocarditis acute (contributory: rheumatic fever)
St. Mary's HospitalMalikian [Melikian], SusanF1920-09-28(b. 1920-09-28)premature baby
Harper HospitalMalkanian [Melkonian], Ajrch [?]M1916-11-0833y bronchial pneumonia
Receiving HospitalMelkonian, M.M1924-01-2840y meningitis
Room 552 David Whitney Bldg.Merrnendian [Menendian], HagopM1920-07-2622y arsenical idiosyncrasy, arsphanimine [arsphenamine] medication injection
Delray Industrial HospitalMeshgoian, VahramM1923-04-2332y-2m-13d (b. 1891-02-10)lobar pneu[monia] (contributory: para typhoid)
St. Mary's HospitalMostichian [Mestjian], MardickM1918-03-12(b. 1918-03-11)prematurity
Mugardichian [Mgrdichian], AgavineF1939-04-3053y-11m-10d (b. 1885-05-20)coronary thrombosis (contributory: hypertension)
Delray Industrial HospitalMegerdichian [Mgrdichian], SteveM1931-02-111y-1m-10d (b. 1930-01-06)broncho pneumonia (cold)
Samaritan HospitalMiranian [Mihranian], M1917-04-02(b. 1917-04-02)stillborn
Delray Industrial HospitalDermanetian [Minadian], SofiaF1919-04-0837y-11m-24d (b. 1881-04-15)exhaustion following abdominal hysterectomy (contributory: uterine fibrosis & hemorrhage)
Receiving HospitalMerigion [Mirakian], GarabedM1923-04-2162y acute dilatation of heart, aortic stenosis (fell on sidewalk)
Receiving HospitalMesserlian [Missirlian], ErvantM1929-06-2133y-3m-11d (b. 1896-03-10)general paralysis of insane
Henry Ford HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], AramM1920-01-2925y acute bronch pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Harper HospitalMouradian, ArthichF1923-01-251y-4m-1d (b. 1921-09-24)shock following operation for intestinal obstruction
Grace HospitalMahshigian [Mousheghian], GeorgeM1939-05-3046y-2m-27d (b. 1893-03-03)empymea [?], mitral insufficiency
Moushagian [Mousheghian], SarkisM1923-10-2148y fractured skull due to fall downstairs
Children's Hospital of MichiganMassaian [Moushoian], ManupM1925-01-125m-10d (b. 1924-08-02)broncho pneumonia
Herman Kiefer HospitalMovsesian, RuebenM1932-05-313y-11m-1d (b. 1928-06-29)T. B., meningitis
Harper HospitalMukbivian, KatoosM1915-09-2830y fractured skull, hit by auto, accidental
Women's HospitalNahabedian, ElmasF1919-12-02(b. 1919-12-02)premature birth
1279 E. Lafayette Ave.Nahikian [Nahigian], Margaret M.F1919-01-1457y-2m-22d (b. 1861-10-22)asthenia following chronic nephritis (contributory: terminal pneu[monia])
448 South St.Najarian, HarryM1912-04-1345y (b. 1867)cerebral meningitis (simple)
Harper HospitalNajorian [Najarian], Kuchadoor AghavarF1917-10-1625y-1m-28d (b. 1892-08-19)empymia gall bladder (contributory: septicemia)
520 South St.Najarian, TroyF1910-02-284m-13d (b. 1909-10-15)broncho pneumonia (contributory: meningitis)
Harper HospitalNalbandian, HelenF1921-05-1325y-4m-12d (b. 1895-08-03)general peritonitis (contributory: acute choleceptitis)
Noroian [Naroian], ArshagM1925-03-2845y lobar pneumonia
Receiving HospitalNoorian [Naroian], HarryM1930-12-1944y-8m-14d (b. 1886-04-05)traumatic cerebral hemorrhage following fractured skull (contributory: struck by auto, accident)
Harper HospitalNersesian, AvedisM1915-12-1627y-11m-15d (b. 1888-01-01)general peritonitis (contributory: appendicitis)
Delray Industrial HospitalNarsian [Nersesian], EdgarM1926-02-0835y lobar pneumonia
Delray Industrial HospitalNarsesian [Nersesian], HagopM1932-11-1344y-9m-2d (b. 1887-02-10)cardiac failure, hypertension, chr[onic] nephritis, pericarditis (contributory: asthma)
Narsasian [Nersesian], HarryM1918-08-2873y phthisis pulmonalis
Detroit Tuberculosis SanatoriumNarcisian [Nersesian], RosiaF1920-09-0237y-1m-26d (b. 1883-07-07)pulmonary tuberculosis
Shurly HospitalNersesian, VartigF1937-04-0663y apoplexy (contributory: chr[onic] myocarditis)
Delray Industrial HospitalNegoghorian [Nigoghosian], AskianM1922-09-0737y lobar pneumonia
Shurly HospitalNighoghosian [Nigoghosian], DickranM1939-01-2366y-11m-8d (b. 1872-02-15)broncho-pneumonia
Grace HospitalNishanian, HarryM1915-11-0123y-3m (b. 1882-07-10)spinal tuberculosis due to injury, accidental fall of[f] wagon
Norenzeian [Norundjian], F1920-06-25(b. 1920-06-25)still born (contributory: breech presentation)
Detroit Tuberculosis SanatoriumNorundzaian [Norundjian], GarbisM1925-11-2617y-8m-28d (b. 1908-02-28)pulmonary tuberculosis
Nourhanian [Nourikhanian], DickM1923-04-2422y bilateral lobar pneumonia (contributory: parotid abscess left)
Ohanian, Parise LucilleF1926-03-103m-2d (b. 1925-12-08)enteritis
Ohanesian [Ohannesian], F1922-05-022d (b. 1922-04-30)prematurity birth (6 mos.)
Ohanesian [Ohannesian], ArakelM1922-12-0144y-8m-21d (b. 1878-03-10)aortic insufficiency
Delray Industrial HospitalOhannasian [Ohannesian], HamartzoonM1925-09-1238y-2m-8d (b. 1887-07-04)traumatic cerebral hemorrhage following fractured skull (contributory: injured in automobile collission [collision])
Children's Free HospitalOuzoonian [Ouzounian], EstherF1920-02-029m (b. 1919-05-02)broncho pneumonia (contributory: pyelonephritis)
Solvay Ave. & W. Jefferson Ave.Papjian [Papazian], AgabalM1910-10-0755y heart disease
Parmeian, NarsasM1920-05-2534y lobar pneumonia
Samaritan HospitalParsckian [Parseghian], MalkonM1922-10-252d (b. 1922-10-23)paralytic hemiplegia
Phillipian [Pilibosian], F1919-02-08(b. 1919-02-08)still born
Receiving HospitalDe Pilibosian [Pilibosian], SetrakM1921-07-1637y general peritonitis following rupture[d] ulcer, small intestine, 5 feet from stomach
Children's Free HospitalDer Pilibosian [Pilibosian], SetrakM1922-01-232m-22d (b. 1921-10-31)malnutrition (intoxication)
Providence HospitalBoloyan [Piloyan], M1920-10-09(b. 1920-10-09)still born
Herman Kiefer HospitalPoladian, SamuelM1931-05-0757y pulmonary tuberculosis
Solvay HospitalPostean [Postoian], NuhemzerF1914-02-0111y-10m-8d (b. 1904-03-24)acute nephritis following scarlet fever
Herman Kiefer HospitalRaphalian [Rafaelian], RaphaelM1914-11-0821y pulmonary tuberculosis
Children's Hospital of MichiganRahanian, KegnanM1923-09-181m-15d (b. 1923-08-04)broncho pneu[monia], septic peritonitis (contributory: malnutrition)
191 Baldwin Ave.Russian [Reisian], ArmenbyM1917-05-262y-2m-15d (b. 1915-03-11)acute gastritis (contributory: convulsions)
40 Crossley Ave.Risian [Reisian], OsgkienM1909-04-1630y (b. 1879)gunshot wound through suicide (contributory: despondency)
Grace HospitalSodoian [Sadoian], OhanasM1918-11-1827y broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Delray General HospitalSagatelian [Saghatelian], ElizabethF1931-08-223y-2m (b. 1928-06-22)traumatic internal hemorrhage following crushing injuries to chest (contributory: struck by auto, accident)
Receiving HospitalSagatelian [Saghatelian], KrekorM1931-05-0450y left broncho pneumonia, right hypostatic pneumonia (contributory: chronic myocarditis, bilateral hydronephrosis [?], cerebral edema)
Detroit Tuberculosis SanatoriumSagatalian [Saghatelian], MisakM1925-03-0324y pulmonary tuberculosis
Sagatlian [Saghatelian], OhannesM1925-09-136m-15d (b. 1925-02-28)acute indigestion
Delray Industrial HospitalSahagian, HarryM1922-09-1833y myelitis transverse, acute level, 5th dorsal vertebra
Solvay HospitalSahgian [Sahagian], KazarM1910-01-3043y fracture of skull, fall down stairs - accidental
Sahagian, KhzarM1920-05-1948y lobar pneumonia
Henry Ford HospitalSarafian, AntranigM1937-04-2063y-1m-5d bilateral lobar pneumonia
Herman Kiefer HospitalZaratzion [Sarajian], AsakM1921-01-2642y scarlatina [scarletina] . . . began the day following a r[igh]t inquinal hermotomy
Grace HospitalSarchian [Sarajian], TheodoreM1923-03-118m-24d (b. 1922-06-17)spina bifida (contributory: shock following operation)
Zaratzian [Sarajian], YervantM1920-01-3125y broncho pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
St. Mary's HospitalSaskisian [Sarkisian], HogopM1924-08-3034y neoplasm of liver (contributory: post operations shock)
Sarkis [Sarkisian], JosephM1923-09-2038y gunshot wound of chest and abdomen (homicide)
1710 Concord Ave.Sarkissian [Sarkisian], KhachadourM1926-11-0949y-6m-19d (b. 1877-05-10)lobar pneumonia
2078 W. Jefferson Ave.Safarian [Seferian], GeorgeM1913-01-25(b. 1913-01-25)still born
Semijian [Semerjian], MenshnM1928-07-1145y pulmonary tuberculosis
Shaghoian, KhachadoorM1935-02-1058y-7m-15d (b. 1876-06-25)apoplexy
Shahbazian, F1918-09-10(b. 1918-09-10)still born
2564 Highland Ave.Shahinian, NishanM1930-12-0638y-4m-16d (b. 1892-07-20)cerebral apoplexy
Delray Industrial HospitalJourigian [Shahrigian], HagopM1927-06-3049y-1m-20d (b. 1878-05-10)brain abscess (contributory: chronic nephritis)
Receiving HospitalCherakian [Shahrigian], YervantM1921-03-2225y-9m-21d (b. 1895-03-31)laceration of throat, self inflicted with razor (suicide)
Grace HospitalSharnazian, ArtinM1922-04-0446y asthma
Shavatean [Shavatian], HarryM1918-09-2240y chronic myocarditis
Julloian [Sholoian], F1924-06-062d (b. 1924-06-04)prematurely [born] (7 mos.)
St. Mary's HospitalJelloian [Sholoian], AlmastF1927-05-1828y pelvic peritonitis following self-induced abortion
Children's Hospital of MichiganSchooshanian [Shoushanian], AznifF1925-05-312m-6d (b. 1925-03-25)pyloric stenosis
Children's Free HospitalShushamian [Shoushanian], MikeM1923-04-021y-4m-16d (b. 1921-03-17)broncho pneumonia
Samigian [Simigian], Lena MayF1919-11-0212d (b. 1919-10-20)acute gastro enteritus
Simonian, ArpineaF1923-03-182d (b. 1923-03-16)premature birth (8 mos.)
Children's Hospital of MichiganSayronian [Sirounian], SarahF1923-09-065m-29d (b. 1923-03-08)diarrhea (fermentation) & intestinal intoxication (contributory: broncho pneumonia)
Delray General HospitalSohigian [Soghigian], SourenM1934-11-2040y-11m-11d (b. 1893-12-10)post operation shock following radical antrum operation (condition: abscess of antrum)
Sogoian [Soghoian], HatchigM1927-01-247m (b. 1926-06-24)acute ileo colitis (contributory: ileus)
Sogoian [Soghoian], SultanF1919-05-091d (b. 1919-05-07)convulsions (contributory: compression of brain from forceps)
Sogoian [Soghoian], SultanF1919-05-0738y postpartum hemorrhage (contributory: placenta praevia, margualis, eclampsia)
28 Granville St.Stamboulian, M1916-08-05(b. 1916-08-05)stillborn
Talesian [Talaslian], HarryM1922-02-117m-10d (b. 1921-07-01)broncho pneumonia
Harper HospitalTanderjian [Tanderdjian], OscarM1930-03-0527y acute nephritis (contributory: chronic nephritis)
Solvay HospitalTashjian, AramM1925-12-0430y-4m-19d (b. 1895-07-15)mastoiditis (contributory: brain abscess)
Women's HospitalTashjian, ArmanagM1922-01-2028y external hemorrhage following incised wound of right neck, stabbed with bayonet (homicide)
Grace HospitalTashijian [Tashjian], JakeM1921-08-0656y intestinal obstruction, acute toxemia (contributory: cholecystitis, chronic)
St. Mary's HospitalTatosian [Tateosian], SarkasM1928-06-0338y (b. 1890)post operative shock (contributory: duodenal ulcer)
Henry Ford HospitalTavtigian, DickM1935-10-0248y-4m-27d (b. 1887-05-15)carcinoma of stomach, metastatic to glands, liver, & lungs, broncho-pneumonia, hemorrhage gastric from tumor
Harper HospitalTavatigian [Tavtigian], OhannasM1924-01-1648y lobar pneumonia
Delray Industrial HospitalToorigian [Torigian], EgishaM1920-03-1645y (b. 1874-05)lobar pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Tourigian [Torigian], MaryF1925-12-165d (b. 1925-12-11)defective organs (contributory: malnutrition)
168 Harrington Ave.Torossian [Torosian], F1919-01-131d (b. 1919-01-12)premature birth
168 Harrington Ave.Torossian [Torosian], M1919-09-10(b. 1919-09-10)premature (5 months)
Delray Industrial HospitalTorossian [Torosian], CharlesM1919-02-0125y-5m-22d (b. 1893-08-10)lobar pneumonia (contributory: influenza)
Harper HospitalTorsian [Torosian], DickM1916-05-3027y (b. 1889)rheumatic endocarditis
Delray Industrial HospitalTorosian, KalustM1919-02-1726y influenzal pneumonia, lobar
Receiving HospitalTorossian [Torosian], MaryF1938-05-1362y generalized arteriosclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage
Toundaian [Toundayan], JackM1924-04-0133y-4m-22d (b. 1890-11-10)lobar pneumonia
4055 Ida Ave.Tufenkjian, ManaseM1941-12-0562y-7m-20d (b. 1879-03-15)coronary disease (contributory: cardio-vascular renal disease)
Harper HospitalVahanian, TorosM1924-10-2835y-10m-15d (b. 1888-12-15)brain abscess, chronic mastoiditis, right side (contributory: staphylococcus meningitis)
Varjabedian, MardickM1924-09-2739y (b. 1885)gunshot wound of chest (suicide)
Delray Industrial HospitalVartgabedian [Varjabedian], VartanM1919-02-1525y broncho pneumonia (influenza)
Dervantanian [Vartanian], GayanedF1926-03-115d (b. 1926-03-06)premature labor
Harper HospitalVartonian [Vartanian], MooshagM1923-11-0835y-11m-18d (b. 1887-11-20)acute yellow atrophy (contributory: alcoholism)
Varterasian [Varteresian], BeatriceF1923-07-235m-6d (b. 1923-02-18)gastro enteritis
Vartoogian [Vartigian], GeorgeM1924-11-0327y-3m-1d (b. 1897-08-02)pulmonary tuberculosis
Children's Hospital of MichiganVosgerchian [Vosgerichian], AdamM1939-04-253m (b. 1939-01-25)broncho pneumonia
Children's Hospital of MichiganVasgershian [Vosgerichian], ZabelF1925-04-042y-6m-25d (b. 1922-09-09)2nd degree burns to back side & buttocks due to falling in pan of hot water
Aramian [Yeramian], OniaM1930-04-1734y-3m-22d (b. 1885-12-25)cancer of the large intestine
Women's HospitalAramian [Yeramian], RoseF1922-09-273d (b. 1922-09-24)inanition due to inability to swallow, probably caused [by] paralysis due to hard labor
St. Mary's HospitalArozian [Yeretzian], OscarM1931-05-0559y-5m-10d (b. 1871-11-25)strangulation of bowel (ileum) & general peritonitis (contributory: hernia, chr. cholycistitis)
Yarejian [Yeretzian], Stephan G.M1925-12-269m-28d (b. 1925-02-28)lobar pneumonia
948 W. Philadelphia Ave.Arozian [Yeretzian], ZartarF1931-03-1076y chronic myocarditis, senility
Harper HospitalArozian [Yeretzian], ZavenM1916-04-1011y-11m (b. 1905-02-23)fractured skull, him by auto (accidental)
Argenian [Yerganian], AbrahamM1924-01-2760y myocarditis
Delray Industrial HospitalArgenian [Yerganian], KhattonF1924-12-1135y double lobar pneumonia
1133 Farmer St.Zakarian, GeorgeM1925-05-1739y hemorrhage following gun shot wound of lungs and heart (homicide)
Harper HospitalZartarian, EgheshM1923-04-1330y-13d (b. 1892-08-01)septic meningitis (contributory: bilateral hyperplastic ethmorditis)
Receiving HospitalZoornajian [Zournajian], MighirditchM1930-11-1545y (b. 1885-01-15)toxic adenoma of thyroid
Detroit Tuberculosis SanatoriumTzoovigian [Zovigian], AharonM1917-04-1829y pulmonary tuberculosis
Grace HospitalZumrutian, MugerdichM1913-01-1065y pyothorax (contributory: pleurisy)
Eloise, Wayne Co., MI, USA
Eloise InfirmaryAlashian [Ahlijanian], RoseF1933-12-2745y-11m-10d (b. 1888-01-17)rheumatic heart disease (contributory: cardiac decompensation)
Eloise HospitalArtinian, ArtinM1919-03-1929y pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: dementia praecox)
Eloise Hospital InfirmaryArtinian, NastianM1936-06-1458y internal hemorrhage following ruptured spleen & liver, struck by auto
Eloise SanitoriumBogosian [Boghosian], KrekorM1915-10-1234y pulmonary tuberculosis
Eloise SanitoriumBogassian [Boghosian], VahnM1915-04-1732y-9m-22d (b. 1882-06-25)pulmonary tuberculosis
Eloise InfirmaryDagavorian [Daghavarian], ElizabethF1924-03-2168y cerebral hemorrhage (contributory: arterio sclerosis)
Eloise InfirmaryDanielian, MugerditchM1932-05-0452y carcinoma of stomach, metastasis of liver
SanitoriumGarabidean [Garabedian], MichaelM1920-07-1328y-1m-5d (b. 1892-06-09)pul[monary] tuberculosis
Wm. J. Seymour HospitalGashgarian [Goshgarian], KaloostM1935-09-1979y chronic myocarditis
Eloise HospitalHavsepian [Hovsepian], TorosM1920-04-0248y general paralysis of insane
Eloise HospitalKevorkian, HampartM1938-05-2255y general paresis (contributory: therapeutic malaria fever)
Eloise SanitoriumKurkjean [Kurkjian], JohnM1917-01-1728y-6m (b. 1888-06)pulmonary tuberculosis
Eloise SanitoriumMakshigian [Mahshijian], DavidM1917-08-1037y pulmonary tuberculosis
Eloise InfirmaryMalkasian, MusakM1913-06-20erysipelas of face
Wm. J. Seymour HospitalMesrobian, DavidM1935-02-0147y-11m-16d (b. 1887-02-15)bronchopneumonia (contributory: hypertension)
Wm. J. Seymour HospitalMurmurian, MaryF1940-03-2151y-2m-20d (b. 1889-01-01)broncho-pneumonia, post-encephalitic Parkinsonia
Eloise InfirmaryNersesian, Ed AvedisM1925-01-2635y cerebral hemorrhage (contributory: mitral stenosis)
Eloise SanitoriumNigoghossian [Nigoghosian], GarabedM1915-11-0328y pulmonary tuberculosis
Eloise SanitoriumPariasigian [Parseghian], KhadorM1918-02-0830y pulmonary tuberculosis
Wm. J. Seymour HospitalDersahag [Sahagian], ArthurM1940-09-1977y-10m (b. 1863-09-09)bronchopneumonia (contributory: benign prostatic hypertrophy, arteriosclerotic heart disease)
Eloise InfirmarySalidijian, LevonM1922-03-3027y acute pericarditis (contributory: rheumatism)
Eloise InfirmarySarkisian, AsadoorM1927-08-0653y aortic aneurysm (contributory: senility)
Eloise SanitoriumVazhabedian [Varjabedian], SempadM1917-07-2628y pulmonary tuberculosis
Eloise SanitoriumVartabian [Vartabedian], HagopM1916-05-1837y-4m-15d (b. 1879-01-03)pulminary [pulmonary] tuberculosis
Eloise SanitoriumSaharian [Zakarian], HogapM1918-11-0737y-7m-23d pulmonary tuberculosis
Hamtramck, Wayne Co., MI, USA
Briggs Mfg. Co.Ajamian [Ajemian], NazarM1924-02-2155y-7m-11d (b. 1868-07-10)acute dilatation of heart
2375 Faber St.Arslanian, ArdavastM1924-02-167m-9d (b. 1924-07-06)gastro enteritis (contributory: bronchitis - sub-acute)
3505 Leuschner Ave.Kozerian [Ghazarian], HarryM1923-03-192y-4m-12d (b. 1920-11-07)cerebral hemorrhage with convulsions
Dodge Brothers HospitalPilosian, EgesheM1923-05-2931y fractured skull - caught in belt of machine
Highland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA
Highland Park General HospitalAbajian, NazarethM1934-08-2650y-3m-16d (b. 1884-05-10)report pending
Detroit Osteopathic HospitalAprahamian [Abrahamian], ElizabethF1939-06-1175y gast[r]ic carcinoma (contributory: gen. metastatis, gastric obstruction)
181 W. Buena Vista Ave.Aharonian, GraceF1921-03-2617y-1m (b. 1904-02-26)pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: infection of tubercle)
181 W. Buena Vista Ave.Aharonian, YagsaF1935-11-0648y-2d (b. 1887-11-04)cerebral hemorrhage (contributory: hypertension)
Highland Park General HospitalAlatchanian [Ahlijanian], AbrahamM1939-11-2163y-1m-7d (b. 1876-10-14)ulcerative aortitis, mesenteric thrombosis
Ajemian, Charles H.M1939-11-0142y-8m-23d (b. 1897-02-08)carcinoma of rectum
Detroit Osteopathic HospitalApigian, AndrewM1928-03-0945y lobar pneumonia
Highland Park General HospitalArpajian [Arabajian], ShirlyF1938-03-164m-21d (b. 1927-10-25)pneumonia, whole r[igh]t lung & part of left
Arabian, TakouhyF1939-03-1867y-7m-2d (b. 1869-08-16)cardiac collapse due to nephritis, arterial hypertension, intestinal influenza
79 (Apt. 5) Midland Ave.Arakelian, GadarF1929-02-2077y-11m-5d (b. 1851-03-15)myocarditis, old age
13918 Brush St.Arakelian, NishanM1922-02-2736y-3m-12d (b. 1885-11-15)acute alcoholism
246 Hawthorne Ave.Arakebian [Arakelian], RosieF1920-01-302m-11d (b. 1919-11-19)malnutrition, enteritis
Armoudlian, NazelyF1925-09-29(b. 1925-09-28)prematurity and under weight (mother severe nephritic)
Highland Park HospitalArzoomanian [Arzoumanian], JakeM1924-02-2849y lobar pneumonia
106 Cottage Grove Ave.Arzoomanian [Arzoumanian], Ruth M.F1921-08-0737y (b. 1884)chronic nephritis with dropsy (contributory: valvular heart disease)
Highland Park General HospitalAtanasian [Athanasian], GulkatirF1925-07-1735y erysipelas (contributory: mitral regurgitation . . . acute nephritis)
139 Ford Ave.Bagdigian [Baghdigian], Dick P.M1918-07-154y-2m-28d (b. 1914-04-17)tubercular meningitis
2504 Hamilton Blvd.Bagedigian [Baghdigian], Elmas B.F1918-12-2829y-4m-3d (b. 1889-08-25)lobar pneumonia
16951 Hamilton Ave.Bekmegian [Bakmazian], MikeM1921-07-012y-8m-16d (b. 1918-10-15)acute gastro enteritis (contributory: poorly nourished & [under]developed)
229 Windemere Ave.Baylarian [Baylerian], DorothyF1922-10-142y-6m-23d (b. 1920-03-21)1st & 2nd degree burns to body due to pulling pail of hot water from stove on self acc[i]d[entally]
108 Cottage Grove Ave.Bedrosian, SamuelM1919-02-222y-8m-29d (b. 1916-05-24)tubercular meningitis
Bestegian [Bezdigian], TervandaF1925-12-0627y-7m-14d (b. 1898-04-25)pulmonary tuberculosis
Highland Park General HospitalBogosian [Boghosian], DavidM1938-09-1961y-7m-15d (b. 1877-07-04)spontaneous rupture of heart following old infarction of left ventrical [ventricle]
230 La Belle Ave.Boyajian, Edward OhaneasM1919-12-0530y-7m-20d (b. 1889-04-15)uremia due to acute nephritis (contributory: terminal pneumonia)
Highland Park General HospitalBozegian [Bozigian], GertrudeF1923-11-243y-3m-18d (b. 1920-08-06)tubercular meningitis
Highland Park General HospitalDeranian [Diranian], AnnigF1928-12-3127y-2m-3d (b. 1901-10-26)cardio renal
Highland Park General HospitalDertadian [Dirtadian], SiranF1924-10-2523y-3m-15d (b. 1901-07-10)puerperal septicemia (contributory: dystocia from contracted pelvis)
148 E. Grand Ave.Ekezian [Ekizian], MaryF1923-03-291y (b. 1923-03-28)bronchial pneumonia
Highland Park General HospitalElesigian, EsayM1938-02-2861y pulmonary tuberculosis
83 Victor Ave.Garabedian, HagopM1918-01-2952y-2m-14d (b. 1866-11-15)hemorrhage due to pulmonary tuberculosis
Garabedian, SarkisM1922-06-0958y-3m-15d (b. 1864-02-22)chronic nephritis (contributory: high blood pressure)
Highland Park General HospitalGoujanian [Gaujanian], VahanM1931-02-2542y lobar pneumonia (contributory: asthma)
Highland Park General HospitalGrounkian, SeranoushF1924-04-1741y-10m-22d (b. 1892-05-25)lobar pneumonia (both lungs)
Keulian [Gulian], ManougM1927-02-2546y-2m-7d (b. 1880-12-18)inquest pending (contributory: med[ication?])
2702 John R St.Keuragian [Gureghian], MarazeyF1915-08-1824y (b. 1891-11)pulmonary tuberculosis
146 La Belle Ave.Hagopian, YertwartM1918-07-222d (b. 1918-07-20)heat stroke
153 Victor Ave.Hairabedian, AliceF1924-11-3047y carcinoma of uterus
Highland Park General HospitalKorasanian [Horasanian], Norma H.F1921-12-183m-12d (b. 1921-09-06)meningitis, pneumococcic type
Highland Park General HospitalJohariaian [Jouharigian], Sabon [?]M1925-05-074m-5d (b. 1925-01-03)influenza - intestinal type
Kabakjian [Kabakdjian], SouzanF1928-03-311y-20d (b. 1927-03-11)broncho pneumonia
229 Windemere Ave.Kaloostian [Kaloustian], JohnM1921-10-2335y laryngeal obstruction from goitre
Highland Park General HospitalKaloostian [Kaloustian], MaryF1920-10-212y-9m-20d (b. 1918-01-01)diphtheria
194 Windemere Ave.Kaloustian, VartanouchF1921-12-1752y-5m-29d (b. 1869-06-18)acute renal congestion (contributory: uraemia)
Osteopathic HospitalKamboorian [Kambourian], AnnaF1923-05-06(b. 1923-05-06)meconium in amniotic fluid (contributory: prolapse of cord)
Highland Park General HospitalKefsizian, PepronF1925-12-0826y-7m-23d (b. 1899-04-15)acute uraemic poisoning (contributory: one kidney removed [in] 1922, remaining kidney infected)
68 La Belle Ave.Hachadourian [Khachadourian], HarryM1918-04-142m (b. 1918-02-14)congestion of the lungs, influenzal pneumonia (contributory: low vitality)
12925 Hamilton Blvd.Kurejian [Kiradjian], ArsenM1922-03-099m-10d (b. 1921-05-31)lobar pneumonia
142 Victor Ave.Kralian, M1917-11-24(b. 1917-11-24)still born
21 Moss Ave.Malejan [Maledjian], Harry M.M1932-09-1243y-9m-27d (b. 1888-11-16)uremia, hypertension, coronary sclerosis (contributory: congestive heart failure)
Malejan [Maledjian], MaryF1929-12-3073y-3m-29d (b. 1856-09-01)coronary embolism
62 Ford Ave.Malejan [Maledjian], Migerdich GarabedM1927-10-0871y-8m-26d (b. 1856-01-12)carcinoma of the stomach
151 E. Grand Ave.Marirosian [Mardirosian], Dick M.M1918-10-124m-16d (b. 1918-05-26)convultions [convulsions] (contributory: intestinal intoxication)
322 La Belle Ave.Mghitarian [Mekhitarian], CharlesM1920-02-0628y lobar pneumonia
226 La Belle Ave.Mehtrian [Mekhitarian], FrancesF1921-06-071d (b. 1921-06-06)premature birth (7 months)
Nahabedian, Mouses S.M1939-10-0754y-4m-26d (b. 1885-05-11)valvular insufficiency, cardiac collapse (contributory: chronic nephritis)
Highland Park General HospitalPilibbossian [Pilibosian], MaryF1925-09-219m-8d (b. 1924-12-14)toxaemia, acute infective colitis
Postoian, MikM1928-03-0652y-2m-21d (b. 1875-12-15)lobar pneumonia, bilateral (contributory: chr[onic] bronchitis, colds)
238 La Belle Ave.Sagian [Sahagian], SetrakM1918-10-2320y-4m-7d (b. 1898-06-15)suicide by gunshot wound
Highland Park General HospitalZaratzian [Sarajian], M1925-08-061d (b. 1925-08-05)dystacea (contributory: subdural haemorrhage)
Zaratzian [Sarajian], M1925-09-013d (b. 1925-08-29)inanition
Highland Park General HospitalZaratzian [Sarajian], MadelineF1925-08-1823y puerperal sepsis (contributory: dystacea of fetus)
13625 Lincoln Ave.Zaratzian [Sarajian], MarianF1925-06-1373y-3m-9d (b. 1853-03-03)myocarditis & nephritis with hypertension
Sarkisian, AliceF1918-04-0111y-3m (b. 1906-01)injuries resulting from burns to entire body, accidental
126 Kendall Ave.Sarkissian [Sarkisian], AliceF1924-02-152m-10d (b. 1923-12-05)convulsions
154 La Belle Ave.Sarkisian, AshopM1923-06-164m-26d (b. 1923-01-23)broncho pneumonia
72 La Belle Ave.Sarkasian [Sarkisian], GasperM1922-09-0534y pulmonary tuberculosis
Highland Park General HospitalSarkisian, HighgouhieF1936-07-1755y cardiac chr[onic] myocarditis, hypertension, chr[onic] nephritis, diabetes
Sarkisian, SarkosM1924-02-1524d (b. 1924-01-22)premature birth (7.5 months)
144 La Belle Ave.Semerjian, M1919-01-21(b. 1919-01-21)stillborn due to chronic nephritis of mother
242 La Belle Ave.Shirinian, MakronhyF1921-05-2950y broncho pneumonia (contributory: acute nephritis) (disease contracted en route to Detroit from NY)
Highland Park General HospitalShrinian [Shirinian], OhanigM1924-06-1725y-3m-12d (b. 1899-03-05)broncho-pneumonia & septicemia (contributory: septic endocarditis)
195 Ford Ave.Stepanian, ArmenouhiF1922-06-211m-21d (b. 1922-04-30)acute endocarditis
257 La Belle Ave.Labibian [Tabibian], ScranouchF1924-04-0224y cerebral apoplexy
Highland Park General HospitalTarpinian, MaryF1921-07-06(b. 1921-07-06)premature birth (6 months, 10 days)
Highland Park General HospitalTationian [Tateosian], ColosM1924-01-131y-7m-14d (b. 1922-05-31)enteritis (contributory: streptococcic emp[h]ysema & septicaemia)
Highland Park General HospitalTatossian [Tateosian], DickranM1922-03-0427y broncho pneumonia
212 La Belle Ave.Tarzian [Terzian], ArdashM1916-09-0342y pernicious anemia
97 Kendall Ave.Toomajanian [Toumadjian], AntranekM1917-08-202m (b. 1917-06-20)whooping cough and intestinal indigestion
280 Glendale Ave.Turadian [Touradian], TakhouiF1923-10-1063y sitial insuffiency
Highland Park General HospitalTutelian [Toutalian], AliceF1925-12-265d (b. 1925-12-21)congenital obstruction of pylorus and of stomach and duodenum
2832 Herman Ave.Vartanian, AzadF1919-03-233m-23d (b. 1918-11-30)bronch[i]al pneumonia
2264 Lincoln Ave.Zakarian, AntranigM1920-02-172y-17d (b. 1918-02-01)broncho pneumonia (parent said baby had measles weeks ago)
Nankin Twp., Wayne Co., MI, USA
Wm. J. Seymour HospitalBligian [Piligian], VartonM1936-01-2070y-5m (b. 1865-08-20)cerebral accident (contributory: diabetes mellitus)
Northville Twp., Wayne Co., MI, USA
Detroit Municipal Tuberculosis SanatoriumMahakian [Maghakian], MaryF1924-07-2328y-3m-12d (b. 1896-04-11)pulmonary tuberculosis
Detroit Municipal Tuberculosis SanatoriumMalkonian [Melkonian], HarryM1924-11-1241y advanced pulmonary tuberculosis
Detroit Municipal Tuberculosis SanatoriumShiryetian, VaghinagM1922-06-2636y-11d (b. 1886-06-15)advanced pulmonary tuberculosis (contributory: tuberculous peritonitis)
Springwells, Wayne Co., MI, USA
Mikitarian [Mekhitarian], MisakM1925-01-036m-15d (b. 1924-06-18)bronchial pneumonia (contributory: bronchitis)
Wyandotte, Wayne Co., MI, USA
Detroit RiverGodashian [Godoshian], ElmasF192323y accidental drowning
Detroit RiverGodashian [Godoshian], HaigM1923-10-1440y accidental drowning
St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO, USA
St. Joseph's HospitalAnnigian, HarryM1953-02-1464y (b. 1888-04-05)laceration of the right cerebrum due to fracture of the right frontal bone (fatally injured when knocked down by an automobile, accident)
5218 King Hill Ave.Annigian, Mary SatenigF1956-12-1754y (b. 1902-01-01)cerebral apoplexy (massive)
Terzian, MgardicM1929-03-0960y (b. 1868)cerebral haemorrhage (contributory: arterio schlerosis)
Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO, USA
Apkarian, JackM1942-05-1447y-10m-13d (b. 1894-07-01)coronary occlusion due to coronary atherosclerosis
Mercy HospitalArmaghanian, MarthaF1927-03-013m (b. 1926-12-01)broncho pneumonia (contributory: retropharyngeal abscess)
521 E. 5th St.Armanian [Armenian], JackM1941-01-2371y-10m-22d (b. 1869-03-11)chronic myocarditis
Eolia, Pike Co., MO, USA
Booloodian [Bouloudian], JohnM1950-12-0667y (b. 1883-10)coronary occlusion
Carondelet Twp., St. Louis Co., MO, USA
Mt. St. Rose HospitalOhanasian [Ohannesian], EngyazarM1913-04-1240y phthisis pulmonalis
Mt. St. Rose HospitalSarkisian, MekailM1914-02-0123y (b. 1891)phthisis pulmonalis
Mt. St. Rose HospitalVorsigian, Bedros M1914-06-1332y (b. 1882)phthisis pulmonalis
Clayton, St. Louis Co., MO, USA
St. Louis County HospitalManuelian, Jack M1934-12-1045y-4m-23d (b. 1888-07-17)cardiac decomposition (contributory: Leutic heart disease
Florissant, St. Louis Co., MO, USA
Box 801 Route AHantzian [Khandjian], NapoleonM1956-05-0679y (b. 1877-04-12)myocardial infarction due to arteriosclerotic heart disease
Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis Co., MO, USA
Veterans Administration FacilityGederian [Khederian], ManasM1941-05-0253y-5m-11d (b. 1887-11-21)pyonephrosis and nephrolithiasis, right
Kirkwood, St. Louis Co., MO, USA
304 E. Adams Ave.Norehad [Norhadian], PaulM1940-04-1750y-7d (b. 1890-04-10)coronary embolism (contributory: coronary thrombosis, arteriosclerosis)
Koch, St. Louis Co., MO, USA
Robert Koch HospitalAloian, OhannesM1964-04-1471y (b. 1892-12-17)bronchopneumonia due to fracture of left hip with surgical reduction & nailing
Robert Koch HospitalArsenian, PeterM1917-12-0945y-6m-29d (b. 1872-05-10)pulmonary tuberculosis
Robert Koch HospitalCherkoian, NashM1933-07-0125y-5m-8d (b. 1907-08-04)pul[monary] hemorrage
Robert Koch HospitalCherkoian, VahanM1912-08-3125y tuberculosis of lungs
Manchester, St. Louis Co., MO, USA
Manchester Nursing HomeAvadisian [Avedisian], SahogM1961-05-0275y (b. 1885-12-08)cardio vascular renal disease
Normandy, St. Louis Co., MO, USA
Normandy Osteopathic HospitalKassabian, SetrakM1962-02-1072y (b. 1889-07-23)cerebral embolus, due to aricular filbrillation due to aortic sclerotic changes
Webster Groves, St. Louis Co., MO, USA
Glenwood Home & HospitalAslanian [Arslanian], AbrahamM1961-07-1551y (b. 1910-05-28)hypostatic pneumonia due to acute brain tumor (contributory: duodenal ulcer, psychosis)
519 Fairview Ave.Erganian [Yerganian], Mgrdich EphremM1963-04-1277y (b. 1885-05-14)acute coronary thrombosis due to arterioscleratic heart disease
St. Louis, St. Louis (city) Co., MO, USA
Ahronian [Aharonian], SolomonM1939-09-1667y-9m-29d (b. 1871-11-17)traumatic hemorrhage due to laceration of lung and spleen by fractured ribs, when he walked from between two parked cars into the path of a car (accident)
Missouri Baptist HospitalAyvazian [Aivazian], M1930-09-14(b. 1930-09-14)premature birth (anacephalic deformity)
St. Louis City HospitalAyvazian [Aivazian], Armenouhe AnnF1965-06-2559y (b. 1906-01-13)congestive heart failure
St. Louis Chronic HospitalIwazian [Aivazian], KolozatM1956-04-1583y hypertensive cardiovascular disease, pulmonary tuberculosis
Barnes HospitalAyvazian [Aivazian], Lee BargM1964-11-1027y (b. 1937-01-24)post-necrotic cirrhosis of liver
St. Louis Chronic HospitalAyvazian [Aivazian], MesrobM1963-03-3073y (b. 1889-10-15)carcinoma of prostate, metastatic
St. Louis City HospitalAloian, AlexM1953-02-1464y (b. 1888-08-14)infectious hepatitis due to subacute yellow atrophy of the liver
St. Louis Children's HospitalAoian [Aloian], MaryF1918-05-274m-5d (b. 1917-12-22)nephritis suppurative (contributory: rickets)
St. Louis Children's HospitalAloian, RoseF1916-09-093m (b. 1916-06-18)de composition
Firmin Desloge HospitalOnanian [Ananian], JamesM1956-03-0661y (b. 1894-08-05)carcinoma of lung
Deaconess HospitalOnanian [Ananian], MaryF1943-04-2338y-7m-30d (b. 1904-12-24)malignancy pancreas due to diabetes
St. Anthony's HospitalOnanian [Ananian], SimonM1953-05-1258y (b. 1894-08-01)neurogenic heart disease, acute
Barnes HospitalHanoian [Anoyan], AramM1965-03-1073y (b. 1891-09-15)carcinoma of lung, type unknown
Barnes HospitalEnnian [Anoyan], GeorgeM1935-06-0460y hypertension, pulmonary edema, broncho pneumonia (bilateral) chornic glanecular nephritis, arteriosclerosis, arteriosclerotic heart disease)
St. Louis City HospitalEnnian [Anoyan], OscarM1947-02-1460y cerebral apoplexy
Missouri Baptist SantiariumOpoian [Apoian], Donig H.M1925-07-0365y-1m-23d (b. 1860-05-10)chronic interstitial nephritis
Veterans Administration HospitalArakelian, MerdigM1963-12-0167y (b. 1896-03-17)acute bronchopneumonia due to carcinoma of the stomach
908 Christian Ave.Haroian [Aroyan], JohnM1921-11-2050y chronic endocarditis
8560 N. BroadwayHaroian [Aroyan], LeoseiaF1947-01-2952y-5m-14d (b. 1894-08-15)pulmonary edema dut to myocarditis chronic
St. Louis City HospitalHaroian [Aroyan], NashanM1957-10-0972y (b. 1885-03-15)bronchogenic carcinoma with metastasis
5187 Enright Ave.Aslanian [Arslanian], VahanM1938-12-0457y-3m-19d (b. 1881-08-15)1st, 2nd, 3rd degree burns of entire body, suffered when deceased was found in flames in back yard of his house
St. John's HospitalAsadorian [Asadourian], AlexanderM1957-07-2186y-1m-6d (b. 1871-06-15)infarction of myocardium due to arteriosclerotic coronary thrombosis (contributory: duodenal ulcer)
St. John's HospitalAsadorian [Asadourian], Margaret G.M1951-07-1565y (b. 1886)uremia due to hypertensive cardiovascular renal disease
St. Luke's HospitalAsturian [Asadourian], MikeM1964-06-1072y (b. 1892-04-03)metastatic cancer to lungs due to adeno carcinoma of cecum
Jewish HospitalAsadorian [Asadourian], StephenM1961-08-0465y (b. 1896-01-16)bronchopneumonia due to pulmonary fibrosis
Park Lane Memorial HospitalAsadorian [Asadourian], TorosM1938-10-0559y-2m-4d (b. 1879-08-01)carcinoma of gall bladder (contributory: carcinoma of liver & chronic nephritis)
St. Louis City HospitalAthanassian [Athanasian], Bedros H.M1946-02-1465y-1m-9d (b. 1881-01-05)coronary thrombosis due to arteriosclerosis
Bethesda HospitalAvadisian [Avedisian], MaryF1925-01-295m-23d (b. 1924-08-06)lobar pneumonia
St. John's HospitalBughdoian [Baghdoian], PaniamiaM1920-06-1745y (b. 1875)carcinoma of pancreas
Barnes HospitalBarsanian [Barsamian], John CharleyM1945-08-0864y-1m-7d (b. 1881-07-01)heart failure due to myocardial infarct[ion]
Bedrosian, JimM1935-12-2950y-8m-9d (b. 1885-04-20)fatty degeneration of myocardium, chr[onic] interstitial nephritis
De Paul HospitalBedrosian, MargaretF1949-11-2857y (b. 1892-01-01)carcinoma of thyroid gland
Broadway & President St.Bedrosian, MaryF1926-05-114y-8m-21d (b. 1921-08-20)shock & injuries, fracture[d] skull, struck by auto (criminal carelessness)
Missouri Baptist SanitariumPetrosian [Bedrosian], SahagM1924-07-2626y (b. 1898)septicemia (contributory: appendicitis cholecystectomy)
St. Louis City HospitalBedrosian, VirginiaF1931-07-1319y-2m-14d (b. 1912-04-29)pulmonary tuberculosis
St. Louis City Hospital (en route)Buzdigian [Bezdigian], JohnM1955-04-1370y (b. 1885-04-10)coronary thrombosis
City SanitoriumBoharian [Bogharian], ArtenM1947-08-1059y-11m-3d (b. 1887-09-07)brain tumor (pituitary), malignant
St. Louis City HospitalBoharian [Bogharian], SatnickF1958-05-3162y (b. 1895-08-15)cerebral hemorrhage due to hypertensive vascular disease
Boghosian, F1920-10-19(b. 1920-10-19)patrus [?] foramen ovale (contributory: W. M. A.)
Firmin Desloge HospitalBogosian [Boghosian], AlmasdF1937-10-1745y-6m-10d (b. 1892-04-07)metastatic carcinoma, probably arising in gall bladder
627 N. Sarah St.Boghosian, ArmanochyF1913-08-184m-10d (b. 1913-04-08)acute enteritis
2100 Bremen Ave.Boghosian, BoghosM1947-09-1257y-5m-27d (b. 1890-03-15)coronary thrombosis
Jewish HospitalBogosian [Boghosian], CharlesM1953-03-2057y (b. 1895-08-20)coronary thrombosis due to arteriosclerotic heart disease
3115A Pestalozzi St.Boghosian, GarabedM1945-02-2462y-6m-1d (b. 1882-08-23)chronic myocarditis due to chronic int[erstitial] nephr[itis]
St. Louis City HospitalBogosian [Boghosian], SakerM1945-05-0152y-17d (b. 1893-04-15)carcinoma of the adrenal gland with metastases
Lewright & Whitener SanitoriumBoghosian, SultanF1921-01-0867y (b. 1854)lobar pneumonia
St. Louis Chronic HospitalBogoian [Boghoyan], GeorgeM1959-08-0475y (b. 1884-07-15)bronchopneumonia (contributory: passive congestion of the heart)
St. Louis City HospitalBogian [Boghoyan], SamM1964-10-0271y (b. 1893-03-10)gunshot wound of the head with cerebral laceration and hemorrhage, self-inflicted in his home (suicide)
Missouri Baptist HospitalBoyajian, CasparM1964-10-0586y (b. 1878-01-04)peritonitis due to perforation of duodenum & peptic ulcer of duodenum (contributory: pneumonia and advanced age)
6124 Oakland Ave.Boyajian, GoldieF1955-07-0865y (b. 1890-03-29)adenocarcinoma [of] colon (contributory: malignant growth [of] descending colon)
Veterans Administration HospitalBozoian, BogosM1955-03-1863y (b. 1891-07-05)meningioma, left temporal lobe
St. Louis Chronic HospitalBozoian, CharlesM1961-12-2773y (b. 1888-03-01)generalized arteriosclerosis
8417 N. BroadwayBozoian, Karl KaloostM1962-07-2772y (b. 1890-04-15)carcinoma of liver
St. Louis City HospitalBozoian, SamM1942-10-0650y-10m-21d (b. 1891-11-15)aspiration pneumonia, peritonitis, perforated ulcer of duodenum (other: history of asthma)
Missouri Baptist HospitalBozoian, SarkesM1929-11-2635y-7m-16d (b. 1894-04-10)gastric ulcer (hemorrhage of stomach)
3682A Lafayette Ave.Bozoian, SolomonM1945-09-1042y-5m-6d (b. 1903-04-04)coronary occlusion due to arteriosclerosis
Lutheran HospitalCarpensian, GeorgeM1950-01-0258y (b. 1891-07-26)coronary artery occlusion
4974 Wise Ave.Cherkoian, AltonF1950-12-2268y congestive heart failure due to cardiovascular renal disease nephritis
Homer G. Phillips HospitalCherkoian, AramM1963-01-2861y (b. 1901-11-07)coronary occlusion, arteriosclerosis
St. Louis City HospitalCherkoian, HashM1928-09-0355y-2m-3d (b. 1873-06-30)shock & injuries fractured skull (contributory: struck by auto in city)
Barnes HospitalCherkoian, LoreneF1948-03-2827y (b. 1921-09-28)carcinoma of breast, right
St. Louis City HospitalChuchian [Chitjian], BegerF1939-01-1259y-10m-14d (b. 1879-02-28)chronic glomerulonephritis with uremia
St. Luke's HospitalChuchian [Chitjian], Jacob M.M1959-11-1978y (b. 1880-12-15)cerebrovascular accident
St. Louis City HospitalChuchian [Chitjian], KhrosrofM1940-03-1453y-2m-16d (b. 1888-01-06)hypernephroma primary site in kidneys due to peritonitis
Barnes HospitalChuchian [Chitjian], MehranM1954-05-1961y (b. 1892-09-15)acute hepatic failure
Missouri Baptist HospitalTakmajian [Deukmejian], DortatM1954-11-1170y (b. 1884-10-15)coronary thrombosis, coronary sclerosis, arteriosclerosis
Barnes HospitalTakmajian [Deukmejian], HarryM1962-04-0457y (b. 1905-01-25)severe bronchopneumonia, multiple myeloma
St. Louis Children's HospitalDonjoian, GeorgeM1937-01-196m-14d (b. 1936-07-06)broncho pneumonia, marasmus, common cold
8401 N. BroadwayOsoian [Essayan], GarabedM1926-09-1251y-8m-7d (b. 1875-01-07)chronic bronchitis non tubercular
402 Blase Ave.Ossian [Essayan], GeorgeM1950-11-2064y (b. 1886-04-15)myocardial infarction due to coronary vascular disease, myocardial damage
8401 N. BroadwayOssian [Essayan], Jack NeshanM1964-10-0675y (b. 1889-01-10)arteriosclerotic heart disease
Missouri Baptist HospitalOssian [Essayan], ParantsF1950-09-2246y (b. 1904-12-21)mesenteric thrombosis due to bowel obstruction and carcinoma of omentum
414 Christian Ave.Ossian [Essayan], RoseF1962-03-0438y (b. 1924-02-04)metastasis C.A. with pleural effusion, left
St. Luke's HospitalOssian [Essayan], SatragM1961-01-0260y (b. 1900-08-05)recurrent hypernephroma, right kidney
Hamilton Medical CenterGarabadian [Garabedian], SophiaF1962-07-3035y (b. 1927-01-22)carcinoma of colon with metastasis
Barnes HospitalGaroian [Garoyan], AdamM1941-10-2551y-10m-10d (b. 1890-10-15)bliateral bronchial pneumonia due to metastatic carcinoma to spine
Missouri Baptist HospitalGaroian [Garoyan], JosephineF1919-07-1259y-11m-27d (b. 1859-07-07)hemiplegia (contributory: chronic interstitial nephritis)
Jewish HospitalGaroian [Garoyan], LucigF1953-08-2260y (b. 1893-05-12)carcinoma of the liver due to carcinoma of the breast
St. Louis City HospitalGaroian [Garoyan], MaryF1951-04-1280y (b. 1870-07-04)cerebro-vascular accident, probably thrombosis (other: arteriosclerotic heart disease)
4159 Lafayette Ave.Garoian [Garoyan], Mesrop M.M1928-10-0468y-1m-1d (b. 1860-09-03)myocarditis ch[ronic] (contributory: mitral regurgitation)
1929 N. Sarah St.Garoian [Garoyan], Sahog M.M1915-12-2156y-3m-4d (b. 1859-09-17)mitrol [and] aortic insufficiency
7007A S. BroadwayKaribian [Gharibian], George K.M1949-08-3047y-5m-15d (b. 1902-03-15)pulmonary tuberculosis with chronic peri hepatitis
Veterans Administration HospitalKaribian [Gharibian], HarbotunM1955-07-1860y (b. 1895-04-13)chronic renal disease
Missouri Pacific HospitalGeragosian [Giragosian], ArmenagM1954-06-1471y (b. 1882-07-01)carcinoma of prostate
Lewright & Whitener HospitalGoshgarian, LatvanM1916-08-1242y (b. 1874)peritonitis (contributory: appendicitis)
St. John's HospitalGrggegian [Grjigian], HarryM1939-10-2760y (b. 1879)sarcoma
Barnes HospitalHarbian [Harboian], LuciaF1937-09-2545y rheumatic heart disease emnolus to aorta (contributory: post operative wound infection)
Firmin Desloge HospitalHarbian [Harboian], SarkisM1963-03-1684y (b. 1878-09-15)infarction of brain, subdural hematomas, accidental skull fractures (other: bronchopneumonia) (fall in hospital)
Bethesda HospitalHovespian [Hovsepian], AdleF1926-09-0655y-13m-23d (b. 1871-05-13)faecal obstruction of intestine
Jewish HospitalIzmirlian, PepronF1939-10-2441y cerebral embolism (due to: rheumatic heart disease with mitral stenosis & inefficic.)
DePaul HospitalJamgochian, AsdrigF1933-06-2628y-6m-12d (b. 1905-01-14)auricular fibrillation myocarditis
Jewish HospitalKakligian, PilegF1965-06-0674y (b. 1890-07-15)multiple pulmonary emboli, arteriosclerotic heart disease and congestive heart failure
8560 N. BroadwayKalajian, AroosiagF1948-03-2449y-6m-9d (b. 1897-09-15)sarcoma of stomach
8560 N. BroadwayKalajian, HumpartzM1949-08-2537y (b. 1911-10-15)cirrhosis of liver
Mullanphy HospitalKloian [Kaloian], SarkisM1925-02-0460y (b. 1865)carcinoma (primary) lover lip. metastasis in neck, [?] osarditis
St. Louis Children's HospitalKalousdian [Kaloustian], LindaF1960-02-25(b. 1960-02-02)respiratory arrest, aspiration of a foreign substance
St. Louis City HospitalKarian, Mardiros MartinM1964-11-1760y (b. 1904-03-25)acute congestive failure resulting from myocardial degeneration and coronary sclerosis
St. Louis City HospitalKasparian, EdwardM1963-05-2666y (b. 1897-01-01)cerebral hemorrhage
Barnes HospitalKasparian, PomoM1951-08-1559y (b. 1892-03-29)pulmonary edema, due to urinary retention (other: mixed hepatoma)
Lutheran HospitalKayarian, F1937-09-13(b. 1937-09-13)stillborn
3345A Illinois Ave.Kayarian, ElizaF1922-05-107y-5m-12d (b. 1914-11-22)acute endocarditis (contributory: pharyngeal diphtheria)
Lutheran HospitalKayarian, KrekorM1960-02-0677y (b. 1882-04-12)arteriosclerotic heart disease, myocardial degeneration
St. Louis Children's HospitalKhaligian [Kelikian], BerthaF1924-06-224m-8d (b. 1924-02-14)dysentery bacillary (contributory: syphilis hereditary)
St. Louis Children's HospitalKachadoorian [Khachadourian], MaryF1925-08-127m-24d (b. 1925-01-19)otis media- acute bilateral pyelitis (contributory: diarrhea and enteritis)
St. Louis City HospitalKachigian [Khachigian], CharlesM1949-02-2475y (b. 1873-03-15)pulmonary edema due to arterio-sclerotic heart disease
DePaul HospitalHantzian [Khandjian], ManuelM1952-10-2970y (b. 1882)apoplexy, cerebral hemmorhage
St. Louis City HospitalCochmanian [Khashmanian], JohnF1913-09-0534y-11m-29d (b. 1878-09-06)insolation
2611 Natural Bridge Ave.Gederian [Khederian], TakuheF1943-10-3174y coronary occlusion due to arteriosclerosis
St. Louis Children's HospitalKirtoghian [Kirtogian], EmilyF1918-02-213m-19d (b. 1917-11-02)decomposition
Missouri Baptist HospitalKirtogian, MichaelM1963-03-3088y (b. 1874-12-18)arteriosclerotic heart disease, general arteriosclerosis
St. Mary's InfirmaryKirtoghian [Kirtogian], VirginiaF1916-12-3113y-9m-24d (b. 1903-03-07)general peritonitis (contributory: acute appendicitis)
1038 Hornsby Ave.Korkoian, ApreyF1932-09-2540y-11m-10d (b. 1891-10-15)carcinoma of cervix
Halls Ferry Nursing HomeKorkorian [Korkoian], AslanM1964-09-1880y (b. 1884-06-19)cardiac arrest (myocardial) due to insufficiency, coronary type
Barnes HospitalKorkorian [Korkoian], GerogosM1958-10-0576y (b. 1882-03-01)bronchogenic carcinoma of left main stem bronchus
Christian HospitalKorkoian, KaloustM1931-09-2337y-28d (b. 1894-08-24)adeno-epithelioma of the pylorus of the liver malignant
St. Louis City HospitalKorkoian, Mike KazarM1956-02-0370y (b. 1885-05-15)cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral arterio sclerosis
909 Walton Ave.De Krekorian [Krikorian], Andre K.M1931-01-0669y-3m-18d (b. 1861-09-24)arteriosclerosis and chronic nephritis
St. Louis City HospitalGrigorian [Krikorian], GarabedM1928-07-0249y (b. 1879)chronic cardiac valvular disease - mitral insufficiency (contributory: chronic nephritis)
St. Louis City Hospital (en route)Gregorian [Krikorian], JacobM1935-06-1625y-8m-5d (b. 1909-10-11)subarachnoid hemmorhage of brain received in a collision between two autos in Crystal City, MO
St. Louis City HospitalKirkorlian [Krikorian], MartilusM1913-09-1230y (b. 1883-11)general septicaemia (secondary to cellulitis of face, cause of cellulitis unknown)
Barnes HospitalKurkjian, ArmenagM1957-09-1048y (b. 1908-11-03)cardiac decompensation, myocardial infarction
Missouri Baptist HospitalLektzian, BedrosM1954-05-1557y (b. 1896-06-15)hepatic insufficiency, cirrhosis of liver
4974 Wise Ave.Magarian, Harry P.M1953-08-0868y coronary heart disease due to hypertension
4608 Page Blvd.Derr Magarian [Magarian], JohnM1947-06-1947y gunshot wound at skull and brain inflicted with gun in the hand of party or parties unknown in his cleaning establishment
Jewish HospitalMalmoolian [Malmoulian], DickM1953-06-1160y (b. 1893-04-03)chronic nephritis
Deaconess HospitalMaloian, LenaF1965-05-1771y (b. 1894-02-24)cerebral thrombosis
St. Louis City HospitalMillian [Maloian], PeterM1952-10-2666y (b. 1886)pneumococcal meningitis
St. Louis City HospitalMomigonian [Mamigonian], Paul BoghosM1955-04-1068y carcinoma of the stomach, perforation of stomach
St. Louis City HospitalManoian, MardirosM1930-01-2945y-1m-29d (b. 1884-11-30)chronic myocarditis
Park Lane HospitalManoogian [Manougian], HagopM1958-08-2861y (b. 1896-12-17)congestive heart failure, bronchial pneumonia
Barnes HospitalDer-manuelian [Manuelian], SiranoushF1961-02-2848y (b. 1912-12-29)medullary decompensation, traumatic injuries to brain suffered in auto accident
St. Louis City HospitalMelkonian, David BogasM1954-05-1461y cerebral vascular accident, r[igh]t (contributory: cerebral arteriosclerosis)
St. Louis State HospitalMalconian [Melkonian], KaranaF1950-05-0454y (b. 1895-12-25)hypertensive cardio vascular disease due to diabetes mellitus
St. Louis City HospitalMilkonian [Melkonian], MikeM1943-04-1570y pulmonary tuberculosis
3707 Grandel Sq.Merzian [Mirzoian], PeterM1960-01-0668y (b. 1891-03-15)myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis, coronary artero thrombosis
Jewish HospitalMooshegian [Mousheghian], LucyF1955-03-2354y (b. 1901-01-10)carcinomatosis of abdomen, carcinoma of the ovary
St. Louis City HospitalMooshian [Moushoian], ErvantM1911-08-1418y-1m (b. 1893-07-01)lobar pneumonia
St. Louis City HospitalNahabtian [Nahabedian], ArmanakM1955-04-2870y (b. 1884-10-15)chronic lung disease, obstructive emphysema
St. Louis City HospitalNahigian, AvedisM1941-09-2072y-8m-25d (b. 1868-12-25)carcinoma of pancreas
Isolation HospitalNahigian, EmmaF1945-03-1672y-2m-5d (b. 1873-01-11)hypertensive cardio-vascular disease
418 Christian Ave.Nalbandian, AnnigF1925-07-0450y (b. 1875-07-04)acute aryacordibis (contributory: fatty degeneration of heart & liver)
Missouri Pacific HospitalNourkanian [Nourikhanian], Ovagim O.M1953-12-1561y (b. 1892-05-15)cardiac decompensation due to arteriosclerotic heart disease
St. John's HospitalOhanasian [Ohannesian], VartaneF1916-08-1234y-2d (b. 1881-11-10)pelvic thrombo phlebitis (following operation for fibroid of uterus)
St. Louis Children's HospitalOvian [Ovoian], M1941-10-05(b. 1941-10-05)respiratory failure due to prematurity
1024 Park Ave.Ovoian, ArtenM1960-10-1671y (b. 1889-09-04)cancer of liver
City SanitariumOveian [Ovoian], MarsoupM1918-02-1726y pulmonary tuberculosis
728 E. Carrie Ave.Ovian [Ovoian], SimonM1963-03-0468y (b. 1894-06-01)carcinomatosis due to carcinoma of ascending colon (other: cirrhosis of liver)
221 S. BroadwayParegian [Parigian], EdwardM1950-05-2070y (b. 1880)peritonitis
Jewish HospitalParsaghian [Parseghian], AnkinF1953-04-1462y (b. 1890-12-31)hemiplegia cerebrovascular thrombosis
Enright Ave.Peroomian [Piranian], BedrosM1929-01-268m-1d (b. 1928-05-25)broncho pneumonia primary
St. Louis City HospitalRehanian [Rahanian], PeterM1919-12-2252y chr[onic] intestinal nephritis, chr[onic] cardiac valvular disease
Alexian Brothers HospitalSahagian, MichaelM1959-05-2279y (b. 1879-11-01)myocardial infarction, silicosis
Jewish HospitalSanasarian, AbrahamM1959-03-2563y (b. 1895-06-10)coronary occlusion
Jewish HospitalSanasarian, HelenF1961-02-2050y-9m-10d (b. 1910-05-10)pericarditis due to chronic nephritis
St. John's HospitalSarkesian [Sarkisian], ArshagM1920-10-1138y-11m-14d (b. 1881-10-29)cardio nephritis (contributory: pulmonary tuberculosis)
Faith HospitalSarkissian [Sarkisian], HagopM1944-01-2259y-1m-7d (b. 1884-12-15)chronic mycarditis due to coronary sclerosis
St. Louis Chronic HospitalSarkessian [Sarkisian], SurmaF1963-06-1276y (b. 1886-09-09)arteriosclerotic heart disease
908 Christian Ave.Safarian [Seferian], SartisM1925-04-0955y (b. 1870)asphyxiation carbon monoxide (fuel gas)
Parkside West Nursing HomeSerabian, AnnegF1965-06-2876y (b. 1889-01-08)acute pulmonary edema due to arteriosclerotic heart disease
Isolation HospitalSerahian [Serabian], DeranM1925-11-0125y-2m-5d (b. 1900-09-25)simple meningitis (pneumococcic) (contributory: cellulitis of face caused from a pimple on upper lip)
Barnes HospitalServerian, SteveM1936-03-1559y-2m-18d (b. 1876-12-27)diabetes (contributory: diabetes, gangrene of foot, arteriosclerosis)
Jewish HospitalSimonian, AnnigF1960-01-2564y (b. 1895-03-09)cerebral thrombosis
St. Louis City HospitalSirounian, SahagM1954-01-2366y (b. 1887-11-25)carcinoma of lung
Missouri Baptist HospitalTabibian, Albert HenryM1955-05-2456y (b. 1898-10-08)terminal bronchial pneumonia, carcinoma prostate & bladder
Incarnate Word HospitalTatosian [Tateosian], CharlesM1962-07-2365y (b. 1896-11-15)undifferentiated carcinoma of mediastinum with metastases to aorta and pleura
Barnes HospitalTatosian [Tateosian], FlorenceF1953-04-2045y (b. 1907-11-18)sub endocardial and myocardial fibrosis pulmonary embolism
St. Louis Chronic HospitalTatosian [Tateosian], SatrakM1955-06-2362y (b. 1893-05-15)carcinoma of bronchus with cerebral metastasis
Park Lane HospitalTatoian, SatragM1944-03-0552y-11m-16d (b. 1891-03-17)cerebral hemorrhage due to arteriosclerosis & chronic parenchymatous nephritis
St. Louis City HospitalTatoian, SolomonM1930-05-3027y-4m-15d (b. 1903-01-15)pulmonary tuberculosis
Barnes HospitalTatoian, SourmaF1964-04-0967y (b. 1896-05-26)hepatic failure due to probable hemochromatosis
St. Louis City HospitalTarzian [Terzian], SahagM1926-03-1882y carcinoma of rectum (colostomy done 11-Mar-1926)
Topolian [Topalian], AnnaF1934-03-2742y-6m-6d (b. 1891-09-21)cerebral embolus (contributory: rheumatic endocarditis auricular fibrillation)
St. Louis City Hospital (en route)Topolian [Topalian], GeorgeM1943-08-2362y-3m-3d (b. 1881-05-20)chronic myocarditis
3814A Blair Ave.Topolian [Topalian], MinnieF1940-08-2668y-8m-4d (b. 1871-12-22)cerebral hemorrhage due to artero sclerosis and high blood pressure
DePaul HospitalToorigian [Torigian], MisakM1950-12-15(b. 1891-10-27)metastatic carcinoma
Barnes HospitalTourikian [Torigian], ParnakM1962-06-0760y (b. 1902-02-05)acute myocardial infarction, coronary artery thrombosis, diabetes mellitus
748 Ponce Ave.Toroian, HovsepM1964-06-1275y (b. 1888-06-15)hypertensive heart disease
St. Louis City HospitalTourjigian [Touradjikian], NazumF1936-03-1750y broncho pneumonia
St. Louis State HospitalToutloian [Toutalian], FloraF1961-06-1968y (b. 1893-01-01)massive hemorrhage from duodenal ulcer, cerebral hemorrhage, generalized arteriosclerosis
Jewish HospitalVartanian, AranasM1959-03-0178y (b. 1880-04-16)generalized septicemia, necrotizing papiuitis, diabetes mellitis
St. Louis City HospitalVartanian, BogasM1924-08-0231y-6m-21d (b. 1893-01-12)tuberculosis of lungs
St. Louis City HospitalYazijian, MegerdichM1915-04-0724y-7m-26d (b. 1890-08-12)tuberculosis chronic pulmonary
St. Luke's HospitalEghazarian [Yeghiazarian], AbrahamM1912-03-2035y (b. 1877)general peritonitis (contributory: perforative appendicitis)
Barnes HospitalErganian [Yerganian], Sarkis DaltzarM1950-02-0776y (b. 1874-06-06)myocardial infarction due to arteriosclerotic heart disease
St. Luke's HospitalZakarian, Hagop ZakarM1954-09-1559y (b. 1894-12-23)thrombosis basilar artery
Nashua, Hillsborough Co., NH, USA
138 Ash St.Hovagimian, BaryM1907-01-072m (b. 1906-11-08)diarrhea infantile
Berea, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
Manor SanitoriumAjemia [Ajemian], KrikorM1936-06-3061y broncho pneumonia, gangrene of lung following a sore throat, pulmonary emphysema chronic (contributory: hypertensive heart disease, generalized arterioscloerosis, senile psychosis)
Bratenahl, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
9920 Foster Ave.Hovivian, NectarF1944-03-0865y-6m-23d (b. 1878-08-15)coronary embolism, arterio sclerosis
Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
Broadway & E. 55th St.Eroanian [Aharonian], Garbardine A.M1935-08-2160y unknown natural causes, collapsed in street car
6120 BroadwayElloian [Aloian], JosephM1944-01-1553y-7m-5d (b. 1890-06-10)probable arteriosclorotic heart disease, with acute cardiac failure
Arpajian [Arabajian], RaphaelM1943-06-2975y-5m (b. 1868-01)probable arteriosclorotic heart disease, with acute cardiac failure
Lakeside HospitalArakelian, NeshanM1920-10-0835y (b. 1885)gunshot wound, abdomen perforating, revolver (contributory: accidental)
Cleveland Clinic HospitalArakelian, VeronicaF1928-03-2841y (b. 1887)acute fibrinous pericarditis, cardiac hypertrophy, chronic glomerulonephritis (arteriosclerosis)
Cleveland City HospitalArslanian, MikeM1939-03-0554y-8m-20d (b. 1884-06-15)lobar pneumonia
Arslanian, NazarethM1934-10-1748y (b. 1886)sudden death, history simulates coronary thrombosis (contributory: probable hypertension)
Otis Steel Co.Oslamine [Arslanian], SamuelM1924-02-2929y-1m-11d (b. 1895-01-13)he got caught in large rolls at Otis Steel Co. [?] in oilery rolls, fractures skull and several ribs, lacerations [?] (contributory: hemorrhage shock)
Euclid Level Old ArcadeAsadorian [Asadourian], MehranM1936-07-0645y head and chest crushed, suicide (jumped from 3d floor - Old Arcade) (contributory: violence and shock)
Mount Sinai HospitalAstikian [Astighian], Mary HaroutunF1935-07-1184y-3m-24d (b. 1851-03-18)cerebral hemorrhage
University Hospital (Medical)Astikian [Astighian], StephenM1943-03-2262y-10m-2d (b. 1880-05-20)cirrhosis of the liver
St. Alexis HospitalAzadigian, CharlesM1941-02-2359y-5m-4d (b. 1881-09-19)carcinoma of sigmoid colon, with extension into venis, multiple polyposis of colon (contributory: [?] partial dilatnal[?], paralytic ileus)
Ojoozian [Azasian], MaryF1934-05-011y-8d (b. 1933-04-23)septicemia from ac[ute] sinus trouble
3741 E. 69th St.Bagdasarian [Baghdasarian], M1916-06-1914d (b. 1916-06-05)broncho. pneumonia (contributory: heart failure)
9412 Gaylord Ave.Bagdasarian [Baghdasarian], GabrielM1943-11-1064y-3m-20d (b. 1879-07-20)carcinoma of the rectum
Bagsarian [Baghdasarian], GeorgeM1937-02-1649y-11m-26d (b. 1887-02-20)terminal pneumonia, cardiac failure (contributory: influenza)
University Hospital (Medical)Bagdasarian [Baghdasarian], SamM1940-05-0344y-1m-14d (b. 1896-03-19)rheumatic heart disesase, pneumonia type XVIII, broncho empyema right chest, acute & chronic myocarditis (contributory: chr[onic] pericarditis)
Cleveland City HospitalBagdasarian [Baghdasarian], YegsapetF1930-03-1627y (b. 1902-03-03)peritonitis-post operaive, broncho pneumonia few days, secondary anemia.
Cleveland City HospitalBajaksouzian, AbrahamM1940-11-1472y (b. 1868)arteriosclerotic heart disease (conributory: chronic pulmonary emphysema, generalized arteriosclerosis, basal cell carcinoma of nose)
Babies & Children's HospitalBardosian [Bardassian], EdwardM1930-03-207m-11d (b. 1929-08-09)broncho. pneumonia, emphysema, no tbc [tuberculosis]
Barsamian, AlexM1943-07-1952y-6m-15d (b. 1891-01-04)carcinoma head of pancreas, metastasis
Glenville HospitalBarsamian, KazerM1932-09-1849y fracture of skull, auto accident (contributory: violence and shock)
Cleveland City HospitalBarsanian [Barsamian], SarkisM1938-04-1650y-2m-28d (b. 1888-01-19)hypertensive cardio-vascular disease, cerebral hemorrhage, general paresis, syphilis
Cleveland City HospitalBarsirian [Barserian], ArmenakM1935-03-1346y lobar pneumonia (contributory: toxic hepatitis)
Basmagy [Basmajian], NaunM1932-07-2562y (b. 1870)cause unknown, probable cause cerebral hemorrhage
E. 9th St. (river)Buchakian [Bechakjian], KosrofM1916-11-1036y (b. 1880)asphyxiation by drowning (suicide)
University Hospital (Medical)Bedrosian, KhachadorM1940-07-2873y arteriosclerosis heart disease, non-specific (contributory: acute ulceration of colon, broncho pneumonia)
University Hospital (Medical)Berejik [Beredjiklian], MalcolmM1941-05-1370y-3m-28d (b. 1871-01-15)coronary artery occlusion with myocardial infarction (contributory: generalized arteriosclerosis, hypertension)
10707 Detroit Ave.Bosnoian, Diana A.F1944-10-1441y-7m-7d (b. 1903-03-07)bronchial asthma, acute cardiac dilatation
2023 Prospect Ave.Boydjian [Boyajian], CharlesM1936-01-2550y-2m-17d (b. 1886-11-20)unknown natural causes, collapsed and died
Charity HospitalBoyajian, JosephM1923-11-117y-6m-8d (b. 1916-05-03)struck by auto, fractures vault base of skull, concussion brain (contributory: hemorrhage brain, shock)
1791 E. 31st St.Boyan [Boyian], AgnesF1929-04-2045y-13d (b. 1884-04-07)sudden death at residence, ac[ute] dilitation (contributory: myocarditis)
Boyan [Boyian], ArmonM1935-03-1861y (b. 1873-10-07)heart disease (coronary thrombosis)
Mount Sinai HospitalTonilian [Danielian], JohnM1919-03-1125y (b. 1893-08-15)influenza, brochial peneumonia (contributory: pulmonary edemia)
Charity HospitalDavidian, QueenF1939-10-2471y (b. 1868)bilateral bronchopneumonia
6404 Lorain Ave.Davidian, StephenM1933-06-2453y-2m-18d (b. 1880-04-07)chronic myocarditis
Cleveland City HospitalDadaian [Dedeian], HarutuneM1932-07-1841y-3m-3d (b. 1891-04-15)ulcer of stomach, operation-resection of pyloric end of stomach with end to side gastroenterostomy (contributory: bronchopneumonia)
Demirjian, FelorF1937-09-1087y-1m-9d (b. 1850-08-01)old age
Charity HospitalEkmekjian, Joseph H.M1928-12-2938y influenza
St. Luke's HospitalEminian, F1944-12-058d (b. 1944-11-28)respiratory failure, fetal atelectasis (contributory: premature birth, 7 mon[ths])
Eminian, AlexanderM1928-01-1865y-4m-20d (b. 1871-08-19)ouriculor fibrillation, cardiac failure (contributory: coronary thrombosis, cardiac failure complete)
St. Luke's HospitalEminian, JohnM1924-11-2945y (b. 1879)shot at 20 E. 66th [St.] 25-Nov-1924 in holdup, bullet [?] . . . kidney, hemorrhage in abdomen (contributory: acute general peritonitis)
St. Alexis HospitalEminian, SarkisM1925-03-2558y acute myocarditis (contributory: inflamation of the gall bladder and gall stones)
Lakeside HospitalKeljik [Geljikian], RichardM1935-03-0854y-10m-4d (b. 1880-05-04)coronary arteriosclerosis with myocardial fibrosis, coronary thrombosis, cardiac failure
Lakeside HospitalKazarian [Ghazarian], AvedisM1930-09-3027y pneumonia, broncho (contributory: peptic ulcer with adeno carcinoma, prob[able] stomach primary)
Cleveland City HospitalGizigian [Ghazigian], MaryF1933-06-1037y-11m-28d (b. 1895-06-12)generalized miliary pulm[onary] tuberculosis, onset 2 wks. prior to admission
Mount Sinai HospitalGoshgarian, Henry G.M1919-05-0150y-8m-6d (b. 1868-08-25)chronic bronchitis, asthma (contributory: exhaustion and asphyxia)
4368 Warner Rd.Krekian [Gureghian], HarryM1941-01-3046y (b. 1895)unknown natural causes
7028 Quimby Ave.Der Hagopian [Hagopian], Hosanna ManookF1933-01-0584y-5d (b. 1848-12-31)chr[onic] cardiac valvular disease and chr[onic] nephritis (contributory: senility)
2227 BroadwayJacobian [Hagopian], Leon A.M1909-05-1430y (b. 1879)dalatation of stomach, myocarditis
4083 E. 78th St.Der Hagopian [Hagopian], MissiaM1943-10-0558y-10m-20d (b. 1884-11-15)arterio sclerostic, cardio vascular disease
Cleveland State HospitalHarrison, CarlM1936-12-1044y diffuse bilateral tuberculosis with cavitation (contributory: Huntington's chorea with psychosis)
Mount Sinai HospitalHeryian, Geo.M1943-08-09108y (b. 1835)cong[estive] heart failure, arteriosclerosis, myocardial damage
Ezmerlian [Izmirlian], MarisoF1942-10-1154y-5m-4d (b. 1888-05-07)hypertensive heart disease
Jamgochian, MaryF1933-05-0260y chronic myocarditis (contributory: arteriosclerosis, blindness)
Cleveland City HospitalKilarjian [Kalajian], GeorgeM1933-04-2935y-10m-9d (b. 1898-06-20)acute appendicitis, localized peritonitis, recent appendectomy, onset: 2 days prior to admission
St. Alexis HospitalKulhanjian [Kalandjian], HarryM1931-06-1138y (b. 1893)cerebral hemorrhage (contributory: herniorrhaphy)
Cleveland City HospitalKananian [Kanamian], MaryF1939-01-1737y-11m-23d (b. 1901-12-25)cerebro-vascular hemorrhage, hypertensive and arteriosclerosis, heart disease, generalized arterial and arteriolar sclerosis
Karoglanian [Karaoglanian], ArakelM1936-06-0375y (b. 1861)history of apoplexy (contributory: senility)
St. Alexis HospitalKaroglanian [Karaoglanian], HarryM1922-12-2240y (b. 1882)found in rear of 7541 Broadway unconscious, fracture [?] temporal and loss of skull locuatra[?] brain (contributory: hemorrhage, brain shock)
3580 E. 117th St.Karoglanian [Karaoglanian], JuliaF1933-03-1925y-8m-18d (b. 1907-07-01)unknown natural causes, found dead in bed (nothing suspicious or criminal)
St. Alexis HospitalKashishian [Keshishian], TurvanF1943-08-0352y probable hypertensive heart disease with acute failure
Cleveland City HospitalKavorkian [Kevorkian], JohnM1935-09-1456y (b. 1879-01)thyroid crisis following thyroidectomy, exophthalmic goiter (contributory: Parkinson's disease)
Mount Sinai HospitalHatchadourian [Khachadourian], AnnaF1936-07-14(b. 1861)spontanious sub-arachnoid hemorrage (contributory: terminal bronchopneumonia)
St. Alexis HospitalKinosian, TorosM1933-02-2760y (b. 1870)chronic myocarditis, failure (contributory: chronic emphysema, asthmatic bronchitis)
Kodjabash [Kojabashian], SarkisM1931-10-0844y (b. 1887)carcinoma of throat, unable to state primary location
2155 Payne Ave.Kerkonian [Krikorian], Chas.M1920-12-2333y (b. 1888)septicemia, following tooth extraction (contributory: undetermined)
St. Alexis HospitalLullejian [Loulejian], StephanM1938-03-206y (b. 1938-03-20)fracture of skull, violence and shock, auto accident
Cleveland City HospitalMillian [Maloian], AvisM1916-04-2823y pulmonary tuberculosis
St. Alexis HospitalMellian [Maloian], ZakarM1932-09-2426y (b. 1906)uremia, pyelonephritis (contributory: urinary bladder stone)
Cleveland City HospitalMardigian, MardorasM1938-04-2645y-5m-16d (b. 1889-11-10)hypertensive cardio vascular disease (clinical), cardiac hypertrophy & dilatation, nephrosolerosis, confluent bronchopneumonia
Cleveland City HospitalMardigian, SamM1942-11-2449y-4m-6d (b. 1893-07-18)arterial and arteriolar nephrosclerosis with hypertension & myocardial insufficiency, uremia, nephrosclerotic in origin (contributory: malnutrition)
3805 E. 72nd St.Markarian, ManualM1913-06-0332y-2d (b. 1881-06-01)was shot through body (homicide)
St. Alexis HospitalMeledonian [Meldonian], MaryF1936-12-0965y 2 & 3 degree burns of abdomen, back, and thighs (contributory: toxemia)
St. Luke's HospitalMelkisetekian [Melkesetian], ElizabethF1943-08-0864y-11m-23d (b. 1878-08-15)hypertensive cardiovascu[lar] heart disease (contriutory: uremia)
St. Alexis HospitalMelkestehian [Melkesetian], MarieF1930-02-0121y-6m-11d (b. 1908-07-20)brain tumor (contributory: glioma (malignant))
Cleveland City HospitalMelkisetekian [Melkesetian], MisakM1936-10-2249y-10m-6d (b. 1886-12-16)myocardial insufficiency, cardiac hypertrophy and dilation (contributor: gen[eral] arterio-arteriole sclerosis)
3686 E. 71st St.Melksethian [Melkesetian], NazarethM1928-02-2655y-11m-11d (b. 1872-03-15)sudden death following attack rheumatism at 3686 E. 71 St., myocarditis (contributory: rheumatic infection)
Cleveland City HospitalMesrobian, NigoM1936-02-0864y bronchopneumonia, generalized arteriosclerosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis
Cedar Ave. & E. 25th Pl.Masrobian [Mesrobian], RichardM1943-06-285y-8m-8d (b. 1937-10-20)internal thoracic and abdominal injuries, fracture of skull, hemorrhage of brain, truck accident
Mount Sinai HospitalMikaelian, ImasdouhiF1932-01-1825y myocardial degeneration and failure, pulmonary edema (contributory: allergic asthma, peripheral neuritis)
Minasian, M1921-08-28(b. 1921-08-28)stillborn (macerated fetus)
Maternity HospitalMinasian, MeushguenazF1921-09-0234y-7m-17d (b. 1887-01-15)puerperal septicemia, streptococci (contributory: macerated foetus)
Minasian, RahanF1943-02-2365y-8m-3d (b. 1877-06-20)mitral insufficiency, myocarditis (contributory: arterio-sclerosis)
Central HotelMenasian [Minasian], SamM1940-02-2844y-6m-12d (b. 1895-08-16)undetermined natural causes
3938 E. 93rd St.Mauserlian [Missirlian], SeropM1943-08-0155y-5m-10d (b. 1888-02-21)chronic myocarditis, chronic par[enchymatous] nephritis, pernicious anemia (contributory: chronic bronchitis)
6306 BroadwayMolanian, CharlesM1918-06-2123y reported he ran into a bus, fr[acture] base of skull, cerebral hemorrhage (motocycle acci[dent])
765 Central Ave.Mooradian [Mouradian], GeorgeM1932-08-2256y acute dilatation of heart, found dead on bed (contributory: chronic myocarditis)
Cleveland City HospitalMooradian [Mouradian], GoldieF1931-09-3032y (b. 1899-07-01)ruptured post-partum uterus, hematoma of broad ligaments, hematoma of retroperitoneal tissue
St. Luke's HospitalMoradian [Mouradian], KatherineF1918-10-0527y (b. 1891)broncho pneumonia, primary (contributory: anesthestic for major operation on 26-Sep-1918, gastroenterostomy, carcinoma of pylorus)
3682 E. 71st St.Mooradin [Mouradian], NapoleonM1919-01-1545y pulmonary tuberculosis
Lakeside HospitalMovsesian, DiranM1935-12-0446y-3m-19d (b. 1889-08-15)bronchia-pneumonia, bilateral, ruptured gastric ulcer (contributory: peritonitis, intestinal adhesions)
St. Alexis HospitalNazarian [Najarian], M. (Rev.)M1934-08-11renal insufficiency (contributory: hypertrophied prostate, urinary bladder calculus)
University Hospitals of ClevelandNakshian [Nakashian], MaryF1944-03-2945y-5m-25d (b. 1898-10-05)pulmonary edema, diffuse carcinomatosis, metastasis of si--- adeno carcinoma of right breast
Cleveland Clinic HospitalNigolian, GarabedM1922-09-3066y fracture ribs (7 & 8) left (contributory: pneumonia, lobar)
St. Alexis HospitalOdean [Odian], JohnM1943-05-1058y (b. 1885)lobar pneumonia
Cleveland State HospitalJohnson [Ohanian], HarryM1944-12-0964y-5m-1d (b. 1880-07-08)bronchopneumonia, carcinoma of larynx (contributory: diabetes)
Johnson [Ohanian], Harry K.M1935-03-1652y-11m-24d (b. 1882-03-22)Hodgkin's disease, anemia, secondary jaundice
1404 E. 9th St.Pashalian, JohnM1943-01-2573y (b. 1870)multiple bilateral fractures of the ribs with considerable left-sided hemothorax / multiple lacerations of the liver with moderate hemoperitoneum. (contributory: truck accident 25-Jan-1943)
Cleveland City HospitalProodian [Proudian], CharlesM1934-08-2444y-4m-3d (b. 1890-04-21)pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculous enteritis, tuberculosis of kidneys
Cleveland City HospitalRahanian, MikeM1935-11-2267y-7d (b. 1868-11-15)perinephritic abscess (contributory: I & D [incision and drain] of abdominal abscess)
5912 Central Ave.Samourian, Abraham SamuelM1933-10-2451y-8m-18d (b. 1882-02-06)natural cause, type unknown (cardiac case), sudden death, history of previous attack
Cleveland Clinic HospitalZoratsian [Sarajian], HarryM1933-01-2946y pituitary tumor, brain (contributory: bronchopneumonia)
Cleveland Clinic HospitalSarkisian, MarsopM1940-12-0452y vascular nephritis, renal insufficiency and terminal uremia
Mount Sinai HospitalSarkisian, MoulkihanF1936-08-1256y internal injuries, auto and street car accident (contributory: violence and shock)
2553 E. 14th St.Sarkissian [Sarkisian], RoseF1942-08-0935y-9m-26d (b. 1906-11-13)carcinoma of cervix of uterus
Cleveland City HospitalSeferian, AramM1926-02-182m (b. 1925-12-19)pertussis (contributory: diarrhea & enteritis)
Cleveland City HospitalSefarian [Seferian], JohnM1930-03-033y anterior poliomyeloencephalitis, bulbar palsey
St. John's HospitalSharigian [Shahrigian], TurfandaF1916-07-3160y chronic myocarditis, chronic nephritis
Shooshanian [Shoushanian], CharlesM1929-01-2670y chronic nephritis
Simonian, MarianF1925-09-1148y-5m-15d (b. 1877-03-27)abdominal carcinoma, upper front
St. Luke's HospitalSimonian, PeterM1941-10-2570y carcinoma of lung
Cleveland City HospitalSesian [Sislian], PeterM1926-07-2915y-1m-14d (b. )streptococcus meningitis, septicemia, cause unknown
Provident HospitalTarkanian, M1929-02-231d (b. 1929-02-22)cerebral hemorrhage (contributory: large head)
Cleveland Clinic HospitalTarkanian, Geo.M1941-02-1544y-9m-12d (b. 1896-05-03)pulmonary tuberculosis, cor pulmonale
Cleveland City HospitalTrkanian [Tarkanian], MaryF1933-12-096y-5m-21d (b. 1927-01-18)scarlet fever, diptheria
St. Alexis HospitalTashjian, SarkisM1928-01-2439y cirrhosis of liver, malignant ?, splenomegalia (contributory: splenomegaly)
2629 W. 30th St.Tatigian, ArontinM1934-06-1042y-7m-22d (b. 1891-08-18)accidental electrocution (contributory: cardiac paralysis, shock)
Evangelical Deaconess HospitalTillian [Teloyan], JosephM1938-07-2767y pulmonary tuberculosis
Tookman [Toukhmanian], ElizaF1934-04-2358y-9m-5d (b. 1875-07-18)myocardial failure, chronic myocarditis (contibutory: enphysema, asthma)
Tootalian [Toutalian], ElmasF1930-09-1740y-10m-2d (b. 1889-11-15)lobar pneumonia (contributory: malarial splenomegaly)
12513 St. Clair Ave.Tootoolian [Toutalian], TootalM1941-11-0657y carcinoma of larynx
4089 E. 123rd St.Yranian [Yeramian], ApkarM1944-07-1149y-4m-21d (b. 1895-02-20)unknown, natural causes
Zahigian [Zaghigian], F1924-01-10(b. 1924-01-10)premature birth at 6½ mo[nths]
Cleveland State HospitalZamanian, CharlesM1917-08-1637y pulmonary tuberculosis
Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
2228 St. James Pkwy.Asadorian [Asadourian], DickranM1940-02-1363y-5m-9d (b. 1876-09-04)pulmonary edema, heart failure, hypertension heart disease
2666 Shaker Rd.Bohosian [Boghosian], ZumrutF1940-07-2955y-10m-25d (b. 1884-09-04)heat prostration, coronary thrombosis
2001 Goodnor Rd.Dikran [Dikranian], Kupelian Markra M1938-09-2460y-10m-8d (b. 1877-11-16)angina pectoris (contributory: myocardial degeneration, indigestion)
Cassabian [Kassabian], ElizabethF1933-03-0872y-7d (b. 1861-03-01)chronic nephritis (contributory: anemia)
Kupelian, DikranouhieF1932-11-0540y-8m-16d (b. 1892-02-22)coronary thrombosis, hypertension, arteriosclerosis general
3211 Bradford Rd.Narinian, StephenM1920-12-1958y (b. 1870)carcinoma of rectum
E. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
Cleveland ClinicBagdasarian [Baghdasarian], MaryF1929-06-2215y-29d (b. 1914-05-23)chronic rheumatic pericarditis with decompensation (contributory: myocardial failure)
Buluckian [Baloukian], HachigM1941-10-2261y-8m-8d (b. 1880-02-14)coronary arteriosclerosis, therosclerotic h[ear]t disease, cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation, generalized arteriosclerosis
16007 Huntsmere Ave.Hachadoorian [Khachadourian], GarabedM1943-07-0262y probably arteriosclerotic heart disease, with cardiac failure
Nigosian [Nigoghosian], AdrienneF1939-05-2534y-6m-26d (b. 1904-10-28)metastatic carcinoma
Post SanitariumNigosian [Nigoghosian], AronsiagF1936-01-0867y-9m-1d (b. 1868-03-01)carcinoma of right breast with general metastis
Burdock Nursing HomeNigolian, AnoukF1942-01-0678y myocarditis, chronic
1238 Hayden Ave.Semerjian, EstherF1944-01-1162y-4m-1d (b. 1892-09-10)broncho pneumonia, pleural effusion
Tookman [Toukhmanian], MergerM1941-08-1775y coronary thrombosis, general arteriosclerosis
Euclid, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
Chardon Rd. & Nickel Plate R. R.Pete [Bedrosian], ThomasM1941-02-1542y-10m-23d (b. 1898-03-22)compound comminuted fractures of skull with laceration of the brain, multiple fractures of the ribs, left side, with internal injuries (contributory: railroad accident industrial)
Lakewood, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
14764 Athens Ave.Bedrosian, JoannaF1943-05-2449y carcinoma of stomach with metastasis of brain (contributory: secondary anemia)
Maire SanitariumHagopian, GarabedM1944-01-1852y-8m (b. 1892-09-18)chronic nephritis, hypertension, cirrhosis liver
N. Royalton, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
Mount Royal SanitariumYacobian [Hagopian], EmanuelM1941-07-1853y-3m-16d (b. 1888-04-02)pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis laryngitis
Tashjian, ArmenagM1932-04-2251y-8m-29d (b. 1880-07-23)conflagration, inhaling flames of burning grass fire
Shaker Heights, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
Davidian, SarkisM1934-07-0675y (b. 1859)pneumonia (broncho), tertiary luts [lower urinary tract syndrome?]
Warrensville Twp., Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA
City InfirmaryOurlian, ManuelM1941-08-0358y (b. 1888)carcinoma of liver, with generalized arteriosclerosis
City InfirmaryVarjabedian, JacobM1925-11-0660y pyelocystitis (contributory: hemiplegia, l[ef]t)
Oberlin, Lorain Co., OH, USA
Chatoian, GeorgeM1936-08-0765y (b. 1871)coronary thrombosis (contributory: diabetes)
Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA, USA
5948 Baum Blvd.Geragocian [Giragosian], Peter R.M1960-08-0584y (b. 1876-05-31)coronary occlusion due to arteriosclerosis (contributory: senility)
Meadville, Crawford Co., PA, USA
207 Willow St.Aloian, BadegM1950-11-2878y (b. 1872)coronary thrombosis
Spencer HospitalAloyan [Aloian], ParuzF1947-01-2252y-10m-6d (b. 1894-03-16)apoplexy due to chronic hypertensive heart disease
1157 Water St.Nordoogian [Noradounghian], MgrdichM1953-09-0961y (b. 1891-05-17)carcinoma of lung (left)
Bethlehem, Lehigh Co., PA, USA
St. Luke's HospitalBabasinian, Vahan S.M1939-05-2463y (b. 1876-11-28)dilatation heart, acute, infectional (contributory: upper resp. infection)
Norristown, Montgomery Co., PA, USA
Montgomery HospitalBakmezian [Bakmazian], SteveM1958-12-2375y (b. 1883-01-15)arteriosclerotic heart disease, congestive heart disease . . . due to peptic ulcer
Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, USA
1721 Fairmount Ave.Aghijanian [Aghajanian], PeterM1903-03-186m typhoid fever
152 S. 60th St.Arzomanian [Arzoumanian], AricnazarF1930-02-1765y chronic myocarditis
Arzoomanian [Arzoumanian], StepanM1932-07-0787y chronic myocarditis (contributory: arteriosclerosis)
Philadelphia HospitalAyjian, KarnigM1903-03-2322y-10m-8d phthisis
St. Joseph's HospitalChopoorian [Chopourian], ElsieF1939-06-0432y hypertension malignant phase cardio renal disease (contributory: myocardial exhaustion, uremic (renal) complication)
1921 N. Mutter St.Janijian [Djandjian], MargariteF1901-08-2416y-9m-4d acute meningitis
N. 18th St. & W. Lehigh Ave.Yegavnian [Egavian], MisakM1925-06-0526y (b. 1899-09)electrocution from a shock rec'd from a grinding machine at the American Motor Co. (18th & Lehigh Ave.), where he was employed
Woman's HospitalElmasian, ElmasF1901-11-2624y lobar pneumonia
Garabatian [Garabedian], EstherF1900-07-1612y typhoid fever (intestinal hemorrhage)
Garabedean [Garabedian], H. P.M1881-08-25phthisis pulmonalis
Goorgian [Giorgian], SophiaF1902-09-2915y tuberculosis
Karageuzian [Giragosian], HaigM1905-07-0825y tuberculosis of lungs (contributing: amyloid -----, spleen, kidneys)
672 N. 41st St.Gulezian, Viola E.F1904-06-1510m-5d marasmus (contributing: exhaustion)
Philadelphia HospitalHovsepian, HaroutunM1900-02-0734y phthisis pulmonalis
2059 Catharine St.Ilvanian [?] [Ilvanian], LeoM1903-04-1630d marasmus
1231 Vine St.Izmirlian, CharlesM1903-10-186m-18d cholera infantum
1231 Vine St.Ezmirlian [Izmirlian], Charles E.M1905-06-05asphyxia caused by prolonged labor [apparently a newborn]
Jenis [?] HospitalJamjian, AgavneF1933-03-0865y (b. 1867-09-14)carcinoma of colon (contributory: cardiac thrombosis)
1933 N. Mutter St.Jamjian, HamperstoonM1910-01-0961y-7m-19d (b. 1848-05-20)heart disease
Der Hachadoorian [Khachadourian], SurpoohyF1898-11-1473y chronic nephritis
1648 N. Franklin St.Kheristian, AnnaF1912-08-1972y-9m-29d (b. 1839-10-20)cerebral hemorrhage
19th St.Mangigian, ArikelM1904-07-188m bronchopneumonia (contributing: acute ile colitis)
468 N. 5th St.Mangigian, BirdieF1903-07-1618m emphysema
2021 South St.Mooshigian [Mousheghian], HovanesM1901-10-224y meningitis
Philadelphia HospitalPapasian [Papazian], NishanM1904-12-0431y dementia paretica (contributing: phthisis pulmonalis)
Parcell, ArvedisM1901-11-2157y valvular heart disease
5216 Addison St.Paregian [Parigian], AraksyF1925-01-263d (b. 1925-01-23)inanition (poor health of mother, hygienic surroundings not very good) (contributory: malnutrition, underdeveloped)
5492 Belmar Terr.Paregian [Parigian], HripsimeF1953-03-1860y (b. 1892-04-17)cerebral vascular accident due to hypertensive c[ardio] v[ascular] disease (other: diabetes mellitis)
1331 N. 17th St.Paregian [Parigian], JohnM1941-06-0769y (b. 1872-04)coronary thrombosis
5405 Market St.Paregian [Parigian], Krikor PhillipM1940-04-2652y (b. 1888)myocarditis & volerants [?] of coronary arter[y] (contributory: influenza)
5429 Belmar Terr.Paregian [Parigian], NshanM1951-10-2870y (b. 1881-02-15)coronary occlusion due to arteriosclerosis (other: postero lateral scleroris)
Misericordia HospitalParegian [Parigian], PhilipM1924-02-262y-5m (b. 1921-09-09)broncho pneumonia
Temple HospitalParoonagian [Parounagian], ManoogM1947-10-1264y-4m-2d (b. 1883-06-10)coronary occlusion
521 S. Conestoga St.Sachaklian, GeorgeM1938-03-0354y coronary thrombosis
Sarkissian [Sarkisian], LazarusM1893-09-1023y debility following continous suppuration
Philadelphia Almshouse & HospitalSephiso, AbrahamM1901-10-1842y nephritis, uraemia, phthisis pulmonalis
N. 18th St. & W. Lehigh Ave.Serabian, JosephM1925-06-0537y (b. 1888-08)electrocution from a shock rec'd from a grinding machine at the American Motor Co. (1800 W. Lehigh Ave.), where he was employed
2617 N. 24th St.Serabian, MaryF1961-03-0565y (b. 1895-08-15)hypertensive arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease (contributory: obesity)
21 N. Lindenwood St.Shashoian, Kaler [?]F1904-12-1035y-2m-5d phthisis pulmonalis (contributing: pleuro-pneumonia)
Presbyterian HospitalSiraganian, SiraganM1893-10-2622y tuberculosis of meninges & of lungs
5033 Market St.Tabibian, NahabitM1908-10-2570y (b. 1838)apoplexy (contributory: arterial degeneration)
5033 Market St.Tabibian, RebeccaF1913-12-0963y pulm[onary] edema
Philadelphia HospitalTashzlan [Tashjian], HarryM1905-10-1637y ascites from cirrhosis of the liver
1240 Ridge Ave.Tashjian, JacobM1903-10-3111m convulsions
Philadelphia HospitalTurzwood, MinasM1894-12-0923y prolonged suppuration from hip joint abscess
240 W. Allegheny Ave.Tyler, DerooheeF1956-05-0560y (b. 1895-10-23)malignant arteriolar nephrosclerosis due to arteriosclerotic cardiovascular renal disease
Philadelphia HospitalYazedgian [Yazijian], GeorgeM1905-07-1742y uremia (contributory: spinal syphilis)
Municipal HospitalZakeossian [Zakeosian], Chas.M1899-11-194y diphtheria
Jourdanton, Atascosa Co., TX, USA
Mercy HospitalBaronian, Anna D.F1957-10-2587y-7m-2d (b. 1870-03-23)cerebral hemorrhage
Sealy, Austin Co., TX, USA
Sealy HospitalBeyler [Baylerian], Zaven KeropeM1972-12-2779y (b. 1893-02-18)coronary infarct[ion] (contributory: diabetes, arteriosclerosis)
Sealy HospitalHarrison, GeorgeM1958-04-2382y-7m-17d (b. 1875-09-06)cerebral thrombosis
Sealy HospitalHarrison, Karnig GeorgeM1969-08-0456y (b. 1913-02-06)carcinoma of right lung
Fort Sam Houston, Bexar Co., TX, USA
Station HospitalManasian [Manaserian], Pete G.M1928-11-1933y tuberculosis, generalized
College Station, Brazos Co., TX, USA
Agopian [Hagopian], P. H.M1918-10-1319y pneumonia (contributory: pneumonia)
Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, USA
Baylor HospitalBabasin [Babasinian], F1931-02-12(b. 1931-02-12)premature (contributory: prefura [purpura] hemorrhagic)
Baylor HospitalBeyler [Baylerian], Ruth IreneF1937-05-1136y-11m-3d (b. 1900-06-08)diabetic acidosis with depression of vegetative center in mid brain (contributory: persistent vomiting from hysteria)
Donigan [Donigian], SophiaF1920-10-2825y-6m-24d (b. 1895-04-04)pulmonary tuberculosis
Texas City, Galveston Co., TX, USA
Galveston County Memorial HospitalGregory [Krikorian], Kegham SolomanM1971-06-2766y (b. 1904-08-01)myocardial infarction - massive due to coronary artery sclerosis & atherosclerosis - generalized
Houston, Harris Co., TX, USA
2233 South Blvd.Bakalian, D.F1944-06-0564y-29d (b. 1880-05-06)cancer of gal[l] bladder & liver (metastases)
The Methodist HospitalBarakian, Isabel VictoriaF1973-04-1477y (b. 1895-07-18)respiratory failure due to emphysema (contributory: bronchiectasis)
610 Avondale St.Barakian, Rosa DoniganF1952-01-3083y-6m-4d (b. 1868-07-26)carcinoma of stomach
Jefferson Davis HospitalBijbijian [Bezbezian], Charlie BenM1940-03-1547y-5m-5d (b. 1892-10-10)diabetes mellitus, diabetic coma (contributory: diabetic gangrene)
Park Plaza HospitalDonigan [Donigian], Genevieve EarlineF1979-05-2365y (b. 1913-09-24)oat cell carcinoma, lung due to metastic to brain
St. Luke's HospitalDonigan [Donigian], Margie NellF1960-05-1361y (b. 1898-09-21)cerebral vascular accident
Turner HospitalDonigan [Donigian], P. M. (Dr.)M1930-12-2771y carcinoma of urinary bladder (contributory: uremia)
610 Avondale St.Donigan [Donigian], Peter H.M1956-01-0896y-5m-21d (b. 1859-07-17)acute cardiac failure due to arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease & senility (contributory: benign prostatic hypertrophy)
St. Anthony CenterDonigan [Donigian], Zareh VartanM1969-01-2377y (b. 1891-10-28)shock due to pancytopenia, pre-leukemic state
Memorial City HospitalAgopian [Hagopian], Nicholas HagopM1981-08-2585y (b. 1896-02-17)cardiac arrest due to respiratory failure & emphysema (other: cachexia)
Memorial City HospitalAgopian [Hagopian], Yeran TakouhyF1946-12-1480y-1m-16d (b. 1866-10-18)chronic myocarditis (contributory: fracture, right femur)
Turner Urological InstituteHighrabedian [Hairabedian], Anania M.M1934-10-2877y-7m-27d (b. 1857-03-01)congestive heart failure & hypostatic pneumonia (contributory: hepotic cirrhosis)
Twelve Oaks HospitalHovas, Edwin AdamM1974-09-2861y (b. 1912-11-18)cardio-pulmonary failure due to hemiplega, metastatic transitional cell carcinoma from bladder with compression fractures
St. Luke's HospitalHovas, Selma AgopianF1963-04-0377y (b. 1885-10-10)cerebral thrombosis due to arteriosclerosis, generalized
Memorial HospitalHovas, Souren NicholasM1957-10-1577y-5m-18d (b. 1880-04-27)massive myocardial infarction due to advance coronary disease, generalized arteriosclerosis
Methodist HospitalHovas, Souren Nicholas (II)M1966-06-2828y (b. 1938-01-18)acute leukemia, myelogenous
Bayou Manor Nursing HomeKoomey, Helen MiriamF1972-01-2280y (b. 1891-03-22)ventricular fibrillation due to ischemic heart disease (contributory: cerebral degenerative disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm)
Memorial City HospitalMizman [Mazmanian], StephenM1939-03-0685y coronary thrombosis (contributory: arteriosclerotic heart disease with myocardial failure)
Memorial Baptist Northwest HospitalWilkinson, Harriet VirginiaF1971-06-1878y (b. 1892-12-04)cerebrovascular accident
Spring, Harris Co., TX, USA
Highrabedian [Hairabedian], F1918-08-15(b. 1918-08-15)stillborn
Crockett, Houston Co., TX, USA
Crockett ClinicCaprielian [Kaprielian], Edward KrikorM1960-11-2470y-3m-11d (b. 1890-08-13)acute myocardial infarction due to bilateral bronchopneumonia (contributory: diabetes mellitus, Parkinson's disease)
Houston County HospitalCaprielian [Kaprielian], EugeniaF1981-10-0980y (b. 1901-05-30)generalized debility due to diabetes mellitus & popliteal [?] arterial thrombosis
Houston County HospitalCaprielian [Kaprielian], PopkinM1973-04-1084y (b. 1888-11-13)progressive cerebral ischemia due to arteriosclerotic cerebrovascular disease
Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX, USA
St. John SanitariumDonigan [Donigian], M1930-03-17(b. 1930-03-17)stillborn
Spohn HospitalDonigan [Donigian], Bertha M.F1879-11-1077y (b. 1902-09-03)lymphoma - gastric (contributory: hypertension, diabetes mellitus)
Spohn HospitalDonigan [Donigian], HropeF1946-01-1172y-4m-27d (b. 1873-08-15)chronic nephritis
Spohn HospitalDonigan [Donigian], Marilyn RuthF1981-04-0548y (b. 1932-04-27)cardiorespiratory arrest due to upper G-I hemorrhage, abdominal mass, possible abdominal malignancy (contributory: pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus, hepatic cirrhosis, malnutrition)
Spohn HospitalDonigan [Donigian], Mesog V.M1979-08-2480y (b. 1899-06-18)renal failure, acute due to shock & hemorrhage, post operative
Spohn HospitalDonigan [Donigian], Vartan M.M1943-06-0576y-7m-29d (b. 1866-09-06)cerebral hemorrhage (contributory: hypertrophy of prostate gland & hypertensive heart disease)
Brookshire, Waller Co., TX, USA
Bijbijian [Bezbezian], MaryF1932-10-2775y senility
Donigan [Donigian], RebeccaF1954-01-2490y-2m-11d (b. 1863-11-13)cerebral hemorrhage due to arteriosclerosis
Agopian [Hagopian], ArmenakM1957-04-2970y-2m-28d (b. 1887-02-01)cerebral hemorrhage due to arteriosclerosis (other: diabetes mellitus)
Purdy St.Agopian [Hagopian], DavidM1961-07-0170y-7m-2d (b. 1890-11-29)coronary thrombosis due to arteriosclerosis (other: diabetes)
Highrebadian [Hairabedian], Rose PaulF1935-04-0269y-1m-14d (b. 1866-02-16)squamous cell carcinoma of esophogeal end of stomach (contributory: pyloric hemorrhage, emaciation)
Highrabedian [Hairabedian], SarkisM1940-02-1153y-11m-26d (b. 1886-02-16)uremia & convulsion, arteriosclerotic hypertension (contributory: nephrosclerosis)
Harrison, JohnM1958-02-1977y-9m-4d (b. 1880-05-15)cerebral hemorrhage due to arteriosclerosis (contributory: bronchial asthma)
Harrison, John (Mrs.)F1927-03-2735y cancer of the breast
Brookshire Arms Nursing CenterHarrison, LuciaF1976-05-2386y (b. 1890-05-16)cardiac decompensation due to arteriosclerotic hypertension & Parkinson's disease
Brookshire Arms Nursing CenterHarrison, Zohra NajarianF1972-03-0479y (b. 1892-03-15)cerebral hemorrhage due to arteriosclerotic hypertention (contributory: osteophrosis, left femur, 2 & 3 lumbar)
Kennigian [Kendigian], T. H. (Mrs.)F1929-11-2768y-11m
Kennigian [Kendigian], T. H. (Rev.)M1929-11-2693y
Manasian [Manaserian], Atteamaks [?] (Mrs.)F1905-04-2650y-4m neurasthenia (contributory: kidney stones)
Shearer, Mabel BaronianF1952-08-1853y-8m-7d (b. 1898-12-11)coronary thrombosis due to arter[i]osclerosis & hypertension
4026 5th St.Zahimen [Zahinian], Nvart KendikianF1972-11-0281y (b. 1891-08-28)natural cause
Justice Precinct 5, Waller Co., TX, USA
Highrabedian [Hairabedian], EranikaF1938-06-2357y-16d (b. 1881-06-07)hypertensive heart disease, arteriosclerotic hypertension (contributory: dehydration)
Pattison, Waller Co., TX, USA
Baronian, G. G.M1931-10-0469y-11m-17d (b. 1861-12-18)myocarditis
Donigan [Donigian], Florence BrandtF1961-05-0565y (b. 1895-10-17)auto accident, was run over by her own car while opening a gate (broken left shoulder, left leg above knee, burns from exhaust & muf[f]ler from head completely down left side)
Donigan [Donigian], P. H. (Mrs.)F1937-11-2875y-11m-13d (b. 1861-12-15)coronary thrombosis, arteriosclerosis (contributory: aortic regurgitation)
Wharton, Wharton Co., TX, USA
Caney Valley HospitalHarrison, Arsen GeorgeM1972-02-2972y (b. 1889-09-18)broncho pneumonia due to valvular heart disease & decompensation (contributory: adenocarcinoma of rectum)
Vernon, Wilbarger Co., TX, USA
2703 Yamparika St.Babasin [Babasinian], Yervant H.M1956-02-0570y-6m-11d (b. 1885-07-24)cerebral hemorrage due to hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis
Murray, Salt Lake Co., UT, USA
State St. & Vine St.Kavranjian, SamuelM1945-09-0750y-2m-22d (b. 1895-06-15)dead on arrival at the emergency room, presumably [due] to violence (being struck by moving automobile)
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT, USA
St. Mark's HospitalMarkosian [Margosian], NickM1948-09-1857y congestive [heart] failure due to uremia-anuria & acute nephritis (chemical origin) (other: pneumonia)
Richmond (rural), Henrico Co., VA, USA
St. Mary's HospitalDer Krikorian [Krikorian], Anna MoogalianF1987-08-1589y (b. 1898-02-14)intestinal obstruction due to sepsis
Richmond, Richmond (city) Co., VA, USA
Stuart Circle Hospital / Richmond, VABandoian, Annig ZabelF1986-07-1683y (b. 1903-04-14)carcinoma of sigmoid [colon]
Lloyd Nursing Home / Richmond, VABandoian, David M.M1965-10-2372y (b. 1893)congestive heart failure
Chippenham HospitalBoyajian, HripsimeF1975-08-0170y (b. 1904-10)congestive heart failure due to arteriosclerotic heart disease
Veterans Administration HospitalBoyajian, YessipM1977-03-0285y (b. 1891-06)cardiopulmonary arrest (contributory: urinary tract infection)
3342 Parkwood Ave.Der Krikorian [Krikorian], KrikorM1936-02-2250y (b. 1885-11-05)rheumatic endocarditis
3342 Parkwood Ave.Der Krikorian [Krikorian], VarterF1927-07-1380y myocardial degeneration (contributory: cardiac dilatation)
Medical College of VirginiaMangigian, William BagdassarM1959-02-1665y (b. 1893-08-14)cerebral vascular thrombosis - basilar [?] artery due to cerebral arteriosclerosis (contributory: hypertensive cardio vascular disease)
Retreat Hospital / Richmond, VAMirakian, ElizabethF1986-02-2285y (b. 1900-08-10)cardiorespiratory arrest due to metastatic adenocarcinoma (contributory: chronic congestive heart failure)
Medical College of Virginia / Richmond, VAMirakian, PaulM1949-04-0457y (b. 1891-07-10)cerebral hemorrhage due to hypertensive cardiovascular disease
939 W. Grace St. / Richmond, VAYazugian [Yazijian], GulazerF1949-03-0169y (b. 1879)heart failure due to arteriosclerotic heart disease & auricular [?] fibrillation

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