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Abstracts of Primary Source Material for the Study of
Armenian Immigration to North America through 1930

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Search Deaths - By Decedent Last Name

This page allows you to search on a decedent's last name (exactly as it appears in the original record) to find death entries relating to Armenians in North America. Death records are particulary important because they often provide the names of the parents of the decedent.

This database table currently represents just a few of the communities in North America where Armenian immigrants can be found. The records abstracted are those where the images of the death registers or the certificates themselves are available online. As more of these images become available, and as time permits, I will continue to expand the scope of this coverage. Volunteers are graciously providing assistance in transcribing records from other Armenian settlement communities.

To see what scope of records have been searched (or are currently being searched) for inclusion into this database table, press the button below.

Names on the death certificates were sometimes variable in spelling. Many are phonetic equivalents to the original Armenian names. You should also view the query "By Decedent Last Name (Std.)" to look up a decedent by all spelling variations for a last name.

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ActionDecedent NameSexDeath LocationDeath DateAge (Birth Date)Death Cause
Arakelian, MDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1924-12-05(b. 1924-12-05)premature birth
Arakelian, AbrahamMDearborn, Wayne Co., MI, USA1935-02-1640y-23d (b. 1895-01-24)traumatic hemorrhage following gun shot wound of chest penetrating lungs & heart
Arakelian, CorenMBrantford, Brant Co., ON, Canada1912-12-0725y tuberculosis
Arakelian, GadarFHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA1929-02-2077y-11m-5d (b. 1851-03-15)myocarditis, old age
Arakelian, KrikorMDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1924-07-2843y advanced pulmonary tuberculosis
Arakelian, MargaretFHamilton, Wentworth Co., ON, Canada1907-07-259y meningitis
Arakelian, MerdigMSt. Louis, St. Louis (city) Co., MO, USA1963-12-0167y (b. 1896-03-17)acute bronchopneumonia due to carcinoma of the stomach
Arakelian, NeshanMCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1920-10-0835y (b. 1885)gunshot wound, abdomen perforating, revolver (contributory: accidental)
Arakelian, NishanMHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA1922-02-2736y-3m-12d (b. 1885-11-15)acute alcoholism
Arakelian, QueenieFDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1932-03-1710m-26d (b. 1931-04-20)unfluenzal pneumonia
Arakelian, SamuelMNewburyport, Essex Co., MA, USA1905-10-061m-7d inanition
Arakelian, TavrigFDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1926-10-0978y appoplexy [apoplexy]
Arakelian, VeronicaFCleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA1928-03-2841y (b. 1887)acute fibrinous pericarditis, cardiac hypertrophy, chronic glomerulonephritis (arteriosclerosis)

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