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Bartholomeus "Bartle" Bach (b. ca. 1684, Germany; d. 1738; m. Margretha Ebert)
Hans Adam Bach|Baugh (b. 1719, Eggenstein, Baden, Germany; d. 1792-1804, (Wythe Co., VA)?; m. Barbara Flohr)
Jacob Baugh (b. 1756, (Lancaster Co., PA)?; m. Barbara -----)
Jacob Baugh (b. 1779-1780, VA; d. after 1850, (Lincoln Co., KY)?; m. Ellenda|Eleanor Ware)
Godfrey Baugh (b. 1812, KY; d. 1883, KY; m. Susannah Lay)
Ansel Baugh (b. 1834, Lincoln Co., KY; d. 1916, Lincoln Co., KY; m. Mary Ann Wall)
William Craig Baugh (b. 1854, Pulaski Co., KY; d. 1926, Lincoln Co., KY; m. Mary J. Atherton)
William A. Baugh (b. 1886, KY; d. 1965; m. Anna Irene Butt) (FTDNA 304249)
Henry Baugh (b. 1762, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 1836, Pulaski Co., KY; m. Maria Margaretta Phillippi)
Adam Baugh (b. (1775-1794)|(1795-1796), KY?; d. 1854, (Pulaski Co., KY)?; m. Christena "Jenny" Young)
John Baugh (b. 1814, KY; d. 1894, Juniata, Adams Co., NE; m. Sarah Burk)
Joseph Baugh (b. 1851, Pulaski Co., KY; d. 1936, Hastings, Adams Co., NE; m. Mary Ann Minton)
Edward Lincoln Baugh (b. 1891, Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY; d. 1970, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH; m. Margaret A Carrick) (FTDNA 338930)
? Jacob Baugh (b. 1776, PA; d. 1845, Jones Co., IA; m. Nancy (Ann?) Justus|Justice)
James Madison Baugh (b. 1833, Warren Co., IN; d. 1905, Iowa Co, IA; m. Angeline Rudolph)
James Jacob Baugh (b. 1866, Iowa Co., IA; d. 1918, Iowa Co., IA; m. Lillian Anna Wannamaugher|Wanamaker)
Clell William Baugh (b. 1891, Iowa Co., IA; d. 1917, Council Bluffs, IA; m. Lucille May Boles|Van Dyke) (FTDNA 507965)
Israel Baugh (b. 1820-1821, KY; d. 1850-1860, KY?; m. Sarah Isabelle Reybourne)
Eli Baugh (b. 1841, Pulaski Co., KY; d. 1931, Boyle Co., KY; m. Elizabeth Ellen Hafley)
Samuel Hawkins Baugh (b. 1873, KY; d. 1958, Boyle Co., KY; m. Anna Fernandes Allen)
Eligah Harrison Baugh (b. 1894|1895, Penick ,Marion Co., KY; d. 1934, Jefferson Co., KY; m. Mattie Zena Girtley) (FTDNA 84815)
William Baugh (b. 1826-1827, KY; m. Mary Ann Cline)
William Lincoln Baugh (b. 1862, Clark Co., IN; m. Delilah Rees) (SMGF 1)
Josiah Hatcher Baugh (b. 1750, (Brunswick Co., VA)?; d. 1822, (Jackson Co., GA)?; m. Milly Shepherd)
Henry Major Mumford Baugh (b. 1794, VA?; d. 1840-1850; m. Sarah Dull)
Samuel Alexander "Sandy" Baugh (b. 1829-1830, NC; d. 1857-1860, (Lincoln Co., MO)?; m. Armilda Tucker)
William Henry Baugh (b. 1854, (Lincoln Co.)?, MO; d. 1925, (Calhoun Co., IL)?; m. Gertrude Freezmeyer) ( 1)
Robert Mitchell Baugh (b. 1828-1829, AL; m. Nancy Ussery)
Franklin Pierce Baugh (b. 1857, Jefferson Co., AR; d. 1946, (Lincoln Co., AR)?; m. Sallie J. Tuttle)
Edd P. Baugh (b. 1897, Jefferson Co., AR; d. 1980, (Lincoln Co., AR)?; m. Linnie M. Smith) (FTDNA 265244)
. . . (FTDNA 288505)
John Green Baugh (b. 1860, Lincoln Co., KY; d. 1914, Lincoln Co., KY; m. Phama Elizabeth Aker)
Bright Farrell Baugh (b. 1893|1894, Lincoln Co., KY; d. 1930, Lincoln Co., KY; m. Clee C. May) (FTDNA 140697)
[Note: John Green Baugh is supposed to be a son of John Baugh and Sarah A. Williams, whose lineage goes back to Bartholomeus
"Bartle" Bach, but his y-DNA does not match this family (kits 304249 and 338930). Was there a "non-paternal event" in this line?]
Henry Baugh (b. 1808, TN; d. 1893, Pulaski Co., KY; d. Delila Ann Cline)
Hezekiah Baugh (b. 1829, Pulaski Co., KY; d. 1900, Pulaski Co., KY; m. Amanda Baugh)
Joseph S. "Josiah" Baugh (b. 1857, Pulaski Co., KY; d. ca. 1910, Pulaski Co., KY; m. Amanda Jane Young)
Everett Nelson Baugh (b. 1879, Lincoln Co., KY; d. 1937, Rapides P., LA; m. Eva Quarles West) (FTDNA 292044)
[Note: Henry Baugh is supposed to be a son of Henry Baugh and Maria Margaretta Phillippi (married 1786 in Montgomery Co., VA), 
whose lineage goes back to Bartholomeus "Bartle" Bach, but his y-DNA does not match this family (kits 304249 and 338930). Was there a
"non-paternal event" in this line?]
William Baugh (b. ca. 1612, England?; d. ca. 1687, (Henrico Co., VA)?)
James Baugh (b. before 1657; d. ca. 1724, (Henrico Co., VA)?; m. (?) Elizabeth Ashbrook)
James Baugh (m. Elizabeth Moore)
John Baugh (d. 1766-1770, (Lunenburg Co., VA)?)
James Baugh (d. 1799, (Mecklenburg Co., VA)?; m. Agness Batte)
Richard Baugh (b. 1778; d. 1842, (Lauderdale Co., AL)?; m. Elizabeth Pepper Harwell)
John Aldridge Baugh (b. 1806, (Mecklenburg Co.)?, VA; d. 1870, (Rutherford Co., TN)?; m. Mary Ann Marable)
Joseph Lawrence Baugh (b. 1833, Lauderdale Co., AL; d. 1901, Franklin Co., TN; m. Anna Butterworth)
John Aldridge Baugh (b. 1869, Rutherford Co., TN; d. 1957, Knox Co., IN; m. Esther Baker) (FTDNA 215192)
[Note: His closest match is to FTDNA 311586, below. How do they connect?]
Thomas Baugh (d. ca. 1763, (Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., VA)?; m. Sarah Ashbrook)
Abraham Baugh (b. ca. 1732, (Henrico Co., VA)?; d. 1794-1797, (Powhatan Co., VA)?; m. Judith Coleman)
Abraham Baugh (b. 1773, Cumberland [Powhatan] Co., VA; d. 1833, Garrard Co., KY; m. Martha Johnson)
Abraham G. Baugh (b. 1805, (Powhatan Co.)?, VA; d. after 1870, (Logan Co., KY)?; m. Rebecca Moore)
John S. Baugh (b. 1826-1828, (Russell Co.)?, KY; d. after 1900, (Johnson Co., TX)?; m. Lucy J. Gillum)
Verner I. Baugh (b. 1879, (Johnson Co.)?, TX; d. 1971, Harris Co., TX; m. Sarah -----) (FTDNA 136802)
Abraham Green Baugh (b. 1833, (Logan Co.)?, KY; d. 1919, (Wise Co., TX)?; m. Mary Anthroline Johns)
Ernest Monroe Baugh (b. 1881, (Denton Co.)?, TX; d. 1973, Bridgeport, Wise Co., TX; m. Virginia Dayton Cox) (FTDNA 191421)
John Baugh (b. 1784-1785, (Chesterfield Co., VA)?; m. Frances Robertson)
James Baugh (d. 1810, Chesterfield Co., VA; m. ?)
John Baugh (b. 1774, VA; d. 1855, (Logan Co., KY)?; m. Elizabeth Taylor)
Bartlett Baugh (b. 1809, (Edgefield District)?, SC; d. 1875, (Linn Co., KS)?; m. Elizabeth Dillon)
Quincy Adams Baugh (b. 1854-1856, (Logan Co.)?, KY; m. Hulda A. Abbot)
Eugene Augustus Baugh (b. 1877-1878, (Linn Co.)?, KS) (FTDNA 311586)
[Note: His closest match is to FTDNA 215192, above. How do they connect?]
Joseph Baugh (b. 1821-1822, VA; m. Sarah Janet Holloway)
Joseph Augustus Baugh (b. 1850, FL; d. 1938, White Co., AR; m. Elizabeth Ann Hart)
Otho M. Baugh (b. 1881-1883, (White Co.)?, AR; m. Lula B. -----) (FTDNA ?)
William Baugh (b. 1803-1805, VA; m. Martha A. -----)
Lewis Calvin Baw (b. 1857, (Fayette Co.)?, TN; d. 1930, Upshur Co., TX; m. Ida Elizabeth Owen)
Benjamin Owen Baw (b. 1896, Pittsburg, Camp Co., TX; d. (Shreveport, Caddo P., LA)?; m. Flora D. Reeves) (FTDNA 154882)
George Baff (d. 1841, Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland; m. Jean Burt)
George Baff (b. 1806, Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland; d. 1887, Slamannan, Stirlingshire, Scotland; m. Janet Shaw)
Thomas Baff (b. 1849, Slamannan, Stirlingshire, Scotland; d. 1927, Muiravonside, Stirlingshire, Scotland; m. Isabella Marshall)
Thomas Baff (b. 1879, Slamannan, Stirlingshire, Scotland; d. 1941, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland; m. Mary McKay) ( 3) (FTDNA 401656)
John William Baugh (b. ca. 1861, England; d. 1893; m. Annetta Scharnhorst)
Fred E. Baugh (b. 1887, St. Louis, MO; d. 1968, Douglas Co., WA; m. Luella Lydia) (FTDNA B89612)
Benjamin Baugh (b. 1805, Madely|Dawley, Shropshire, England; d. 1846)
John Baugh (b. 1840, Madely|Dawley, Shropshire, England; d. 1916)
Albert Baugh (b. 1865, Madely|Dawley, Shropshire, England; d. 1904)
Albert Baugh (b. 1892, Madely|Dawley, Shropshire, England; d. 1986) (FTDNA 769543)
John W. Baugh (b. 1829-1831, GA; d. 1880-1900, (Fannin Co., GA)?; m. Catherine M. -----)
John Oscar Baugh (b. 1875|1876, (Fannin Co.)?, GA; d. 1965, Fannin Co., GA; m. Lula Ledford) (FTDNA 112067)
John Baugh (b. 1802, VA; d. 1859, Randolph Co., IN; m. Mary "Polly" Manis)
John Riley Baugh (b. 1838, Randolph Co., IN; d. 1915, Pulaski Co., IN; m. Eleanor Ellen Cain)
Charles Christopher Baugh (b. 1867, Jay Co., IN; d. 1950, Pulaski Co., IN; m. Sarah Estella Franks)
Harvey Elmer Baugh (b. 1890, Jay Co., IN; d. 1971, Fulton Co., IN; m. Florence Elizabeth Woodcock) (FTDNA 939166)
Ephraim Daniel Baugh (b. 1845, Randolph Co., IN; d. 1900, Randolph Co., MO; m.Drucilla Ann Houk)
Charles Newton Baugh (b. 1873, St. Clair Co., MO; d. 1933, Cerro Gordo Co., IA; m. Lizzie Lee Hall) (FTDNA 917430) (FTDNA 914165)
[Note: FTDNA kit 939166 does not share a direct paternal ancestor with FTDNA kits 917430 & 914165.]
John David Baugh (b. 1877, Butler Co, KY; d. 1931, Jefferson Co., KY; m. ?) (FTDNA 188191)
[Note: John David Baugh's mother Alice Rosella Kelly married William G. Baugh in 1880. Who was John David Baugh's biological father?]
Thomas Baugh (b. 1777, Birmingham, Warwichshire, England; d. 1829, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; m. Ann Austin)
George Thomas Baugh (b. 1821, near Gibraltar, Spain; d. 1909, Logan, Cache Co., UT; m. Elizabeth Ferney Hough)
Francis Heber Baugh (b. 1866, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; d. 1945, Logan, Cache Co., UT; m. Alice Summerhill)
Francis Heber Baugh (b. 1889, Logan, Cache Co., UT; d. 1980, Logan, Cache Co., UT; m. Mae Lewis) (SMGF 2)
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